BIGBANG Seungri Literally Runs Away From Journalists At The Airport, Netizens Criticize Him

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BIGBANG Seungri has had an unpleasant encounter with journalists on his way to the airport on February 22.

On February 22, the BIGBANG member arrived at the airport to depart to Singapore for his solo concert stop there. However, when Newsen journalists reported that he immediately ran away the moment he saw a group of reports at the airport.

He closed his eyes and he started running away as soon as he saw the reporters according to other journalists.

Seungri has been embroiled in controversy over “Burning Sun” club which has closed recently, the investigation into the multiple allegations is still ongoing.

Since the incident happened, journalists tried interviewing him to no avail. He has been avoiding the public eyes as much as possible and was seen traveling overseas for his concerts.

Seungri still has more concerts to perform at; he has two more concerts in Osaka and Jakarta. The media expects to see more of Seungri’s escaping reporters at the airport.

Netizensbuzz had translated some of the comments that were top voted on one of the articles were,

[+20, -0] It’s pretty obvious the police are dragging their feet on this with the way they let Burning Sun close down super fast and how Seungri’s being allowed to leave in and out of the country like this.

[+24, -0] Imagine how embarrassed he must feel ㅋㅋㅋ “This is the club I’ve been running”~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ ugh you thug

[+39, -2] If he’s so confident in his stance, why would he run? ㅋ Isn’t he even embarrassed of himself after exposing his family on TV and everything? tsk tsk

[+3,027, -32] Look at him running as hot as the burning sun

[+2,787, -31] Obviously he knows he committed a sin for him to be running like that, right?

[+80, -0] Pathetic tsk tsk

[+68, -3] The bigger problem is the fangirls who still support him even after his crimes

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