BIGBANG Seungri Apologizes Publicly For The First Time Following Burning Sun Club Controversy

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BIGBANG Seungri has finally broken his silence following the controversy surrounding “Burning Sun” club which he was reportedly the director of.

The controversy broke on January 28 and it is still an ongoing case that’s being investigated by police.

On February 2nd, he wrote a lengthy post to instagram apologizing and explaining his side of the story.

He wrote:

“Hello, this is Seungri.

First of all, to everyone who’s been involved in or has taken offense from the recent controversy, i would like to sincerely apologize.

The incident has caused me unbearable nightmares for the last couple of days, and has left a great deal of confusion on what I should say or where to begin.

I am sorry for the delay in the official explanation and for my overdue apology.

My acquaintances advised me from apologizing right away since it could have a snowball effect that creates even bigger misunderstandings.

I was not present at the scene during the controversial incident, I was told by a staff member about it a couple of days later that there was an assault case between a staff and a customer and that police were investigating it.

Because the nature of this business (club), disagreements arises regularly, so I was hoping that this time around, it will be resolved peacefully without any major problems.

However, when I first saw the footage of the situation through media outlets, I was shocked.

In any case, violence cannot be justified, and I sincerely apologize to the victims who have been hurt by this, and I hope you will heal your physical and mental wounds as soon as possible.

I first time I got involved in the club was when BIGBANG activities were paused and I wanted to do some DJing activities that I wanted to do at places where I could use my time outside of my solo activities, It started as a simple idea.

As I had a good opportunity, I became the executive director of the promotion at a club where I was promoting. As I am an entertainer, I have played the role of promoting the club to the public.

The actual club-running and the business management and operations were not my role; I had not involved myself in it from the start. I sincerely apologize for not being able to show responsibility in the first place because I was not involved from the beginning.

The issue which was sparked by the assault has now led to media reports on drugs and drug usage. I have never seen or heard of it in person before, if I must be questioned during the investigations, I will actively cooperate and hope that anyone who has committed a crime get rightfully punished.

I, who was a company director at the time, will take full responsibility if I have to take responsibility.

As I went through this, I once again looked back on the celebrity’s responsibility and attitude a famous celebrity must carry.

I sincerely apologize to all those who have been worried about this and I look forward to showing more mature and considerate side in the future.”


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