Big Hit Issues An Official Apology Regarding BTS Suga Using Jim Jones Sermon In His Mixtape + Provides An Explanation

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Big Hit has issued a statement regarding the controversy that aroused froom BTS Suga recent song “What do you think?”

Last night, people raised issues when they found out that Suga included a sermon of cult-leader and mass-murderer Jim Jones in his song. The cult-leader conspired with his inner circle to direct a mass murder-suicide of his followers in his jungle commune at Jonestown, Guyana. Over 900 people were ordered to commit suicide by cyanide-poisoned Flavor Aid. A good portion of those who lost their lives were from the black community and many were young children.

Despite the significance of this, many ARMY jumped to Suga’s defense and claimed that Suga knew who Jim Jones was and he was dissing him in his song, Jim Jones was also a fan of the North Korean leader at the time and criticized the U.S treatment of the country.

On May 31, Big Hit Entertainment issued this statement,

“Hello this is Big Hit Entertainment.

This is our position regarding BTS Suga’s mixtape.

Among the tracks of BTS member Suga’s mix tape ‘D-2’ “What do you think?” had a vocal sample of the introductory speech, it was selected by the producer who worked on the track of the song without any special intention, considering the atmosphere of the entire song.”

They added that the sample was proceeded according to their internal procedure mistakenly without knowing it was inappropriate content,

“Although Big Hit identifies social, cultural, and historical problematic content through its own process of examining various contents targeting the world, we still experience limitations in understanding every situation and responding to it.. In this case, we were not aware of it in advance, and we lacked understanding of the historical and social significance related to it.”

“We apologize to those who were hurt or uncomfortable because of this.

Suga himself is embarrassed and feel big responsibility for the issue he did not realize.

In the future, we will learn from this situation, and take a closer look at the entire production process..”

They also explained that they have checked the track, deleted that particular introduction and re-issued it.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I wanted to share my thoughts but wanted to wait for their statement and my hunch was right.

I know a lot about cults in general and I know of many many cults from all around the world even tho I am not American, I’ve been reading on them for the past 7 years so I know who Jim Jones is and how fucked up he was. It’s one of the first cults anyone who’s interested in such topic would read about.

I don’t assume everyone knows who he is but it is extremely shocking to me that bighit approved a speech sample without checking who the man behind it was. It takes like 2 minutes to figure out who was speaking and to check who he is and what he does/did, it’s not difficult.

What irked me were the fans on twitter bashing anyone who dared find an issue with this, invalidating the way they feel and claiming Suga knew who the man was before waiting for a statement.

I read the lyrics 3 times trying to find what exactly they were claiming and I couldn’t find anything that supported any of their claims.

I am all in for loving your idol but at least have some sense like you want people around you to be. You want people to be nice and compassionate towards your idol because its only right but you’re not compassionate or even understanding of those who were hurt by this..

Don’t let go of your brain for someone you admire for their songs, they’re human and they make mistakes. He’s 27 years old and he should take responsibility for his actions, shielding him and threatening any news outlet that publishes a report about this is not doing him any good.

I am disappointed!

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. We need the rest of the BigHit entertainment and SUGA himself to apologize for what they’ve done. And also those my co-ARMYs who’s claiming that “he” (suga) knew jim jones and made theories and answers that isn’t even proven by the singer himself and the entertainment. I hope this will be the last time they’ll use a controversial sample.

  2. BigHit did the right thing with apologizing. Yoon-gi stans, as myself, were hurt and disappointed that our Yoon-gi’s mixtape would deliberately include an audio sample of a deceased cult leader who was a mass murderer. Rabid stans, so-called ARMY, were vulgar and bullies toward us for expressing our outrage.

  3. Hello,
    I am Army. I too am disappointed about the Suga situation. I am so surprised they didn’t check it.
    Like you said it only takes 2 minutes to search.

    I also don’t think shielding Suga is what we need to do but I also don’t think people should start hating him.

    Here is the facts: He made a mistake and bad one at that. He also acknowledged and apologized for it.

    I hope in the future he will do better.

    I will always love Suga. He is very special to me. But I also recognize that he is human. And humans are not perfect.

  4. After enduring two straight days of bulling from rabid ARMY, this is welcomed. Big Hit, thank for issuing an apology. Please be more careful, and here’s to hoping this is the last time this happens.

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