Big Hit Entertainment Releases A Lengthy Apology For All Of The Recent BTS’s Controversies

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For the past two weeks, BTS has been involved in many controversies, one of them had to do with the abruptly canceled appearance on a Japanese music show which the Japanese source attributed to Jimin’s atomic bomb t-shirt.

They were also recently involved in a controversy surrounding an alleged hat with the symbol of the Nazi party that BTS has worn a couple of years ago during a photo shoot, they were also criticized for waving flags that are eerily similar to the swastika at Seo Taiji concert which took place last year.

For these controversies Big Hit Entertainment released a statement explaining their side of the story and apologizing.

They wrote,

“Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

Recently, various issues concerning our company’s artist BTS have come up. Big Hit’s stance on these issues is as follows.

  1. On what we’ve investigated regarding these recent issues are as follows:

– The issue of our artist wearing an outfit with the image of an atomic bomb

– The issue of an artist wearing a hat with a Nazi symbol on it during a magazine photo shoot that took place in South Korea

– The issue of an artist being said to have been associated with a flag with a symbol resembling that of Nazis

  1. Big Hit’s official position on the above issues are:

-Big Hit staff and artists have no intention of hurting those who were affected by the activities of the atomic bomb. We do not support the war or the atomic bomb, and we are against these things. And it is clearly going to remain like this in the future.

-We’d also like to clarify that all Big Hit staff and artists, including BTS, do not regard the Nazi lightly nor any other organizations who promote such extremist ideals. We oppose these things, we have no intention to hurt anyone who has been hurt/damaged by the past history, and we will continue not to have any such intentions in the future.

  1. Big hit apologizes for the issues mentioned above. About the items worn that contains the atomic bomb imagery, as we have stated above, it was not done with malice intent, and we have confirmed that the shirt itself was not produced with the intention of causing harm to the victims of the atomic bomb.

However, due to lack of review and preparation in advance harm may have been caused unintentionally to the victims by the worn shirt. We sincerely apologize for anyone who has felt discomfort through the appearance of our artists being connected with atomic bomb imagery.”

About the Nazi symbol of the hat worn by RM, they explained in their statement that it was not done with any bad intentions and that the accessories used in the photo-shoot were given by media outlet and the artists wore them without checking the harm it may have caused to the victim of Nazism unintentionally,

“We sincerely apologize for causing discomfort to through the appearance of our artists with Nazi image.

However, we’d like to clarify that the above issues is Big Hit’s responsibility, who was not able to fully support their artists. Our artists have to deal with schedules and other conditions, the responsibility for the above have nothing to do with them.

  1. Big Hit will also clarify the issue regarding the performance.

-the show that has been causing the issue, is a performance with the Korean legendary artist Seo Taiji who had invited BTS to be part of his 2017 concert to perform a song called “Classroom idea” which is about criticizing the reality of standardized education.

The images with the flags are artworks that are not connected to Nazism. The message of the performance was to criticize the educational system.

It is not true that the performance is related to Nazism, in fact it was meant to criticize the totalitarian reality.”

Big Hit entertainment then promised to fix the problems that rose from these issues and added that their message has always been about giving comfort and emotion to the world through music.

They added,

“Big hit and its artists will be more careful considering the details of our promotions so that no one would be hurt by it. Once again, we apologize to anyone who was hurt by our lack in dealing with these issues.”

And they also added one final note that made army even more proud, they explained that in order to resolve these issues they have sent a letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center (the Jewish human rights group that raised the issues of BTS and Nazism) to explain the situation and apologize.

They also revealed that are contacting the atomic bomb victim associations in Japan and Korea to also explain and apologize for the problems causing by the issues.

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  1. Hi. Rabbi Abraham Cooper said in a statement 
    “Wiesenthal Center Welcomes K-Pop Group’s Apology For Incidents Offensive To Jewish And Japanese Victims OF WWII”

  2. and Rabbi Abraham Cooper said in a statement 
    “Wiesenthal Center Welcomes K-Pop Group’s Apology For Incidents Offensive To Jewish And Japanese Victims OF WWII”

  3. Well I agree with you whole heartedly. I am pretty sure the guys wazn’t aware of those things that they were wearing and it is the responsibility of the company for everything they do and wear and be. So for them to be abke to come with an apology is tue best thing yet. Otherwise our boys could have been ruined easily. Just hopefully this time they have better stylist that would advised them on certain political statement clothing that wouldn’t offend anyone else. Because that’s not what BTS is about nor is on. I Love Them.

  4. Yea Bighit and BTS are damn polite,wtf are they to tried demoted our Boys wen they hella struggel their ways up.RIP to all those haters making big news out of nothing plus am an Asian too and dnt know nothing bwt the Flag sign or whateva

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