American DJ Under Fire For Her Racist Slanty Eye Gestures While Dancing To BLACKPINK Song

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An American DJ called Sophia is under fire for the way she acted in a recent video she posted to her Instagram.

On May 19, she posted a video dancing to BLACKPINK “Kill This Love.” She was dancing out of tune and suddenly she started slanting her eyes with her hands and continued to do this while dancing to BLACKPINK song which infuriated fans and people in general.

She captioned her post,

“I love Kpop !! What do you guys think, could I be a new member of @blackpinkofficial?”

The video has attracted lots of views, way more than what her average post would get. People criticized her, commenting,

This is disgusting delete this shit now

Who’s ready to cancel this b that uses a fucking fork to eat ramen

As a korean, the slanted eyes is not ok #shameshameshame I hope people get my reference. And it’s an overused and old joke ffs

Lmao delete yourself

so being racist is apparently cool now huh

her pulling out her “asian” backdrop, cooking her ramen noodles, and pulling her eyes, thinking she did something

sis tagging both bts and blackpink like as if we not just gon all sit here like

this is not cute nor funny girl wyd

you just wish you was as pretty as blackpink

This is gross and racist af

Here is the video:


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I love Kpop !! What do you guys think, could I be a new member of @blackpinkofficial ? 😜 #kpop #blackpink #bts

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