Almost Half A Million Fans Join Hands To Petition For B.I To Return To iKON

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June 12 has been one wild ride for iKON fans who woke up to the terrible news that B.I left his group after Dispatch released a report showing alleged Kakaotalk messages from a drug dealer phone, the drug dealer allegedly negotiated to sell LSD to B.I.

Shortly after the news broke out, B.I released a personal statement in which he apologized for disappointing fans. In his letter, he explains he was in a dark place and tempted to do drugs, however, because he was too terrified he ended up not partaking in it.

Not too long after his apology, YG Entertainment released a statement in which they confirmed his departure from iKON, they also stated his contract with them was also terminated.

To add insult to injury, all the variety shows he recorded released official statements announcing they will be editing him out as much as possible due to his drug controversy.

After that, a source from the police said they would be looking into the matter and there could possibly be a chance to re-investigate the said incident which happened in 2016.

iKONICs were devastated to hear the news. iKON lost its leader and its main producer. B.I had helped iKON become what it is today.

Many fans believe the punishment doesn’t fit the allegations made against him. Some trended the hashtag #suedispatch and expressed their resentment towards the news outlet for releasing the kakaotalk messages, others trended hashtags asking the rest of iKON to leave YG Entertainment.

International fans do not support the decision the agency made to terminate his contract and agree to let him leave iKON.

Due to this, one fan started a petition on titled ‘HANBIN SHOULDN’T HAVE TO LEAVE IKON.’

In the petition, it is explained,

“Ikonics and fans don’t want Hanbin to leave ikon when he did nothing wrong. He doesn’t deserve to.”

The petition also clearly states that its not trying to force B.I to get back to the group and its merely created to show support for the rapper.

As of this writing, the petition has garnered more than 442,797 signatures, it’s been on the website for less than a day and is expected to gain even more in the near future.

The sad news caught the attention of other fandoms as well who also joined hands to sign the petition as well. Many others left encouraging messages to the rapper on his social media accounts.

Here is the link to the petition.

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  1. All the members of iKON should be together
    And if You can’t accept B. I then the whole iKON can sign under other company where they all can come together.
    B. I was a great leader
    Yr will regret for removing a gem

    1. We know the situation that ikon n b.i is facing ….it is dark time for ikon n ikonic ….. But b.i leaving the ikon was not the solution of the problem…million n million fans of ikon wants to see u all together again …. After a thunderstorm there is always a rainbow in sky but to see it we have to keep patient focous ….that’s all hanbin n ikon … Before a sucess it will happen but always stick together …..
      We wants to see u all together again
      Love from international fans …#stay _strong

  2. Well, i think B.I should leave IKON. In the first place, he knows that wrong choices (drugs) will bring consequences. But i think, YG should be blame for all of the ruckus happening.

  3. B.I did nothing wrong all the human does mistake and he is a good leader , good singer , good dancer, good producer etc etc etc ….. IKON is nothing without B.I.

  4. He shouldn’t leave the group i don’t believe he did anything with the drugs b.i is a good kid I can tell he was just curious but he chose not to take the drugs without b.i ikon has no leader and it wouldn’t be the same without him

  5. It’s absurd what korean society is doing to B.I and many other idols. Is absurd that YG Entertainment allowed this to happen. Hanbin doesn’t deserve this, iKON doesn’t deserve this.

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