B.I To Be Completely Edited Out Of ALL The Variety Shows He’s Been In Following His Drug Controversy


It’s been about 6 hours since Dispatch released their explosive report showing kakaotalk messages between B.I and a drug dealer, he was negotiating the prices of the illegal drugs. (Read the report here)

Following the report, B.I took to Instagram to announce his departure from iKON. He explained he wanted to use the drugs but he couldn’t do it because he was terrified.

B.I is part of many variety shows and as expected the variety shows released official statements to the press following B.I’s apology, the variety shows announced they will be editing him out as much as possible.

SBS “Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle” told news outlets that even though other cast members might be affected, they will still be editing out B.I as much as possible. The show is scheduled to air on June 15.

JBTC2 “Grand Buda-Guest” also released a similar statement confirming he will be edited out as much as possible. The re-runs of episode 1 and 2 will not show his face as well, he will also be edited out as much as possible.

He will also be edited out of JTBC “Stage K,” he had attended the recording on June 4 on the behalf of his group. However, after the production crew held an emergency meeting following the news, it was decided that B.I will be completely edited out.

The episode was supposed to air on June 16.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment announced that B.I contract has been terminated and that he did, in fact, leave iKON.

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How do you feel about this?

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  1. Well I’m surprised, but with all the things that have been going on in the Korean media these day’s I’m not totally in shock. It’s a shame because of all the ikon members B.I was the one I like the most, is funny and charismatic, he’s young he did a mistake and he will learn is lesson I’m shore of that.


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