Ailee Criticized For Taking A Photo With Chris Brown, Claims She Didn’t Know About The Abuse

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Guess who attended the 2020 Grammy Awards besides BTS? Ailee!!!

One eagle-eyed fan noticed Ailee in the background of one of the shots at the 2020 Grammy Awards and shared it online. Fans were excited to see the beloved talented singer attend such a prestigious award show.

Later, she shared photos with many stars such as Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, and Chris Brown. She also shared a video of BTS performing at the ceremony and captioned,

“Glad to see you guys here.”

Fans freaked out when they saw her photo with Billie Eilish and requested the two to collab. However, one thing took away from her fans’ excitement and brought criticism, her photo with Chris Brown.


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Congrats @billieeilish!! Its your year!!! 🙌🏼

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Chris Brown is a notorious singer known for his controversies including the highly publicized abuse case with singer Rihanna. After fans saw the photo, many criticized her and expressed disappointment with her for posting a photo with Chris Brown.

Ailee edited the description of the post containing Chris Brown’s photo and said:

“Edit for the last time!! When I said “he WAS one of the artists I enjoyed listening to growing up and thats a fact that will never change. “ i meant the fact that i enjoyed his music when I was younger will never change. “I TOOK THIS PHOTO WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEGE OF WHAT HE DID!!!” the only thing on my mind was literally “oh wow!! CB! I used to love his songs!” I DO NOT and WILL NOT support women, men, pet, animal or any other kinds of abusers and the ONLY reason im keeping this post up is to CLARIFY the reason i took this pic in the first place. I DO NOT THINK LIGHTLY OF ANY ABUSES. Now stop giving me so much shit for something I didnt even know happened and leave  me  alone  DAYUM.”

However, her explanation wasn’t well-received especially since she’s claiming to have never been aware of Chris Brown’s situation with Rihanna. Fans find it hard to believe since Ailee lived in America for a very long time and the news were everywhere when it had happened.

Here are some fans’ comments:

On the other hand, other fans defended Ailee and pointed out that you can like the art but not the artist. Here are some of their tweets:


Following Ailee’s post, various news outlets covered the news including the popular drama website “The Shade Room.” Chris Brown ended up responding to Ailee with a comment on the post of her photo with him, he called her “CORNBALL.”

Many fans didn’t understand the meaning, so here it is: CORNBALL has a couple of definitions according to the Urban dictionary, here are two definitions of the word:

“One who tries to be cool, but doesn’t see just how uncool he really is…”

“A wack person, someone who thinks they’re cool.”

What do you think of Ailee’s explanation and Chris’s response? Do you think she deserves to be criticized?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. U guys should leave Ailee alone. Chris Brown is a talented singer and I don’t think she taking a picture with him warrant this criticism she’s getting. The abuse case happened long ago and what if he’s changed? One should learn how to separate.personal life from professional life.#koreansgrowup#

  2. Young at the time but the most dancing machine and talented beyond any artist out here. Get lives and move on. As long as she just taking a picture without bruises
    …you know she not at any risk.

  3. We have a lot of none Christian, judgemental folks here. The CB and Rihanna is long gone. She’s forgiven him, Christ has forgiven him. Just imagine if you were constantly condemned for your bad decisions and/or behavior. CB has served his time, he’s a better person in a better place. He’s an awesome and loving father and he just like the next person is worthy of forgiveness. Let it go people. One day you will find that you too will be judged but by a higher being and your lack of ability forgive will not work well for you. Let that man live his life without constantly being condemned for errors of his youth.

  4. First off Rihanna forgive him. Who are any of you to judge her ? Secondly he has paid for crimes. And she can pose with whoever she decides. And any of you would do the same. Life is to short to be minding other people business.

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