The Saddest Korean Dramas You Could Watch

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Today, we’re here to explore some of the saddest Korean dramas that will tug at your heartstrings like never before.

These heart-wrenching tales beautifully capture the depths of human emotions, weaving stories of love, loss, and personal struggles.

Note: if you think a kdrama we didn’t include belongs on the list below, let us know so we can add it.

Uncontrollably Fond

This drama portrays the tragic love story between a top actor who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and a documentary producer he had a complicated past with. It explores themes of love, regret, and forgiveness. Its considered to be one of the saddest Kdramas ever made and had broken fans’ hearts nearly every episode.

Led by Kim Woo Bin, Suzy and more. The actors are set to reunite for an upcoming drama too.

Youth Of May

Youth of May is set in May of 1980 during the turbulent times of the Gwangju Uprising, Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and Myung-Hee (Go Min Si) fall in love, they’re fated to be together.

The drama was led by Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, Lee Sang Yi, Keum Sae Rok.

The story is quite heartbreaking and reminiscent of similar events that happened during that period. The actors and staff were particularly praised for the portrayal of the happenings during that rocky period.

While the drama starts off on a fine note, it begins to take a tragic turn as the main couple figure out they have a lot of hurdles to get over. Many fans believed the drama was utterly heartbreaking but also, beautiful.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is a remake of a Japanese drama, it tells the story of a detective who chases after a mysterious and troubled man suspected of murder. It delves into themes of fate, redemption, and the fragility of human relationships.

Seo In Guk played the role of Kim Moo Young who works at a microbrewery. Jung So Min played the role of advertisement designer Yoo Jin Kang, she lost her parents at a young age but loves and cares deeply for her older brother. When she meets Kim Moo Young her life changes drastically. The two are connected by a strange heartbreaking fate.

During the course of the drama, you find out that Kim Moo Young and Yoo Jin Kang share a heartbreaking fate together. “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is a dark sad drama that will make you cry and stay with you long after you finish watching it.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Blending historical and fantasy elements, this drama follows a modern-day woman who is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty and finds herself entangled in a tragic love story involving princes and palace politics. She falls in love with one of the princes, but their love is forbidden and ends tragically.

This drama is considered one of the most popular kdramas made in recent memory. Whats interesting is how the drama starts out quite light and becomes darker as time goes by.

It’s a tragic love story about lovers who couldn’t be together due to external forces holding them apart, it will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Hi Bye, Mama!

“Hi Bye Mama!” tells the story of Cha Yoo-Ri (Kim Tae Hee) who has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago. She left behind her husband and their child, to become a human again, she carries out a project for 49 days.

The drama is heartwarming yet bittersweet about a ghost who is given a chance to be reincarnated and reunite with her family.  It highlights themes of loss, grief, and the power of love. Its very heartbreaking as it delves into what a mother would do to reunite with her child shocking her family in the process as she suddenly appears before them a human again, however, since she’s only there for a short period of time, it adds to the tragedy.

Go Back Couple

“Go back couple” is a fantasy comedy-drama about a married couple who travel back in time to their college years. The two main characters are played by Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun.

The drama deals with many themes including motherly love with elements of heartbreak and emotional moments.

“Go Back Couple” includes humor and romance in addition to its fair amount of serious and touching moments, making it a well-rounded and pleasant drama. The characters’ emotional journeys and the examination of their interpersonal issues give the narrative depth and poignancy. Overall, it is a heartbreaking story that will probably touch its audience’s emotions.

Move to heaven

Move To Heaven” focuses on a trio that runs a cleaning service to clean and arrange items left by the deceased. Its led by Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang and Hong Seung Hee.

“Move to Heaven” is known for its emotional and touching storytelling. It deals with heavy and sensitive themes, including death, loss, and various life struggles. As they encounter the possessions left behind by the deceased and return them to their family members who are dealing with their deaths. You’ll surely cry almost every episode watching this drama.

The play masterfully captures the healing of the characters as they overcome their own obstacles and connect with the stories of the deceased. It talks on issues like compassion and the value of appreciating the people and circumstances in our life.

My Mister

“My mister” is a slice-of-life drama about a young woman who is struggling to make ends meet and a middle-aged man who is going through a midlife crisis. The two main characters are played by IU and Lee Sun Kyun. The drama is considered critically acclaimed and gained widespread recognition for its profound and realistic portrayal of human emotions and relationships.

The series is praised for its raw and honest depiction of human emotions, as well as its powerful performances by the cast. It tackles a lot of societal issues and is heartbreaking for the way it look at our society and its flaws.

Mr. Sunshine

This historical drama follows a Korean-American man who returns to Korea in the early 1900s. He falls in love with a woman who is fighting for Korea’s independence. It’s a beautiful and tragic story about love, loss, and national identity.

“Mr. Sunshine” is regarded as a sad drama covering themes of tragedy, self-sacrifice, and emotional depth as well as Love, patriotism, identity, and the difficulties of the Korean people at a turbulent time in history.

It explores the brutal reality of war, colonialism, and the personal sacrifices people make for their nation and ideals. While many fans found the drama to be sad, its also considered a beautiful kdrama.

The Light in Your Eyes

“The Light in Your Eyes” is a fantasy melodrama that explores the story of a young woman who gains the ability to manipulate time and uses it to help others. However, she soon realizes the consequences and sacrifices that come with this power.

“The Light in Your Eyes” is not only considered a sad drama but an emotionally impactful drama too. It looks at issues like love, dreams, and time passing. Viewers observe the characters’ emotional journey as the plot develops and the lasting effects that their decisions and experiences have on their lives.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of Korean dramas for the saddest kdramas ever made. Did we include your favorites or do you have any other hidden gems to recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s continue the K-drama discussion!

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