Industry Experts Pick The Worst Kdramas Of 2023- Check Out The Surprising Picks

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The yearly tradition of Korean media outlet Joy News24 is back again as the year nears its end!

The magazine conducted a survey from September 18th to 25th to celebrate its 19th anniversary, asking about the best dramas, variety shows, movies, actors, singers, etc. that shone or didn’t in 2023. 200 industry professionals, including entertainment and broadcasting company employees, film and broadcasting content producers, and entertainment reporters, participated in the survey. 

In this article, we’ll be going over their picks for the worst kdramas of 2023.

This year, there were many dramas on TV and OTT platforms that received attention for their diverse themes and unique attempts. There were also works with high quality that gained popularity in the global market. The efforts of producers to capture the viewers’ attention amidst the flood of content were also evident.

However, there were also cases where attempts to meet the viewers’ increased stimulation became self-defeating. Some works failed to resonate with viewers due to settings that were too ahead of their time or content that was outdated.

Here is what they picked for the worst Kdramas of 2023.

The worst Kdramas of 2023 In short

1. Durian – 37 votes

2. The Escape Of The Seven – 26 votes

3. The Real Has Come – 23 votes

4. My Lovely Boxer – 13 votes

5. The Uncanny Counter 2 – 10 votes

6. King The Land and “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”- 8 votes

7. Bora Deborah- 6 votes

8. Alchemy Of Souls – 5 votes

9. The Golden Spoon and The First Responders 2 – 4 votes

“Durian” came in 1st place, it received a total of 37 votes. “The Escape Of The Seven” came in 2nd receiving a total of 26 votes. In 3rd place came the KBS drama “The Real Has Come,” which received votes from 23 people.

“My Lovely Boxer” came in 4th place with 13 votes While “The Uncanny Counter 2” ranked 5th with 10 votes. “King the Land” and “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” received 8 votes each, coming in 6th place.

In addition, “Bora! Deborah” received (6 votes), “Alchemy Of Souls 2” received (5 votes), “The Golden Spoon” and “The First Responders 2” received (4 votes).

What are your personal picks for the worst kdramas of 2023?

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