8 Facts Every Chang Ki Yong Fan Must Know- A Guide To The Rising Star

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Chang Ki Yong is one of the biggest rising stars of 2018; the actor has been making a name for himself with his excellent acting chops.  

The actor recently led the MBC drama “Come and Hug Me,” he is stealing fangirls hearts with his good looks, beautiful smile and great acting.

This 1992 liner has been around for a while. He started acting back in 2014, making his drama debut in SBS’s “Its okay its love.”

With his most recent role in “Come And Hug Me,” he’s been gaining lots of new fans who are curious about him. So today, I thought it would be only appropriate to talk about one of the best rising Korean actors Chang Ki Yong.

He Started Out As A Model


The beloved actor actually started out modeling; he debuted back in 2012 and went on to appear in various MVs, two of which are with the beloved singer IU.

He is a part of YGK+ and YG Entertainment, a part of the growing team of YG models which also includes Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung, along many others as well.

His first project was with Lee Sung Kyung, his fellow label-mate in the popular kdrama “Its Okay, Its Love” and slowly but steadily rose to the top.

He played the second male lead in “Go Back Couple” opposite label-mate Son Ho Joon which gained him the title of the most swoon-worthy second male lead.

His Appearance In “My Ahjussi” Was Controversial


Chang Ki Yong has had a very busy 2018, he started the year with a supporting role in the amazing tvN drama “My Ahjussi” where he played the bad guy role shocking his fans who are used to see his cutie side more often.

In a particular scene at the beginning of the drama he hits IU’s character, netizens weren’t happy with that scene and ended up reporting it to the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

As a result, the drama received a warning for the violent gruesome scene.

His character has a very complicated relationship with IU’s character, she killed his father who used to abuse her and torment her for the debt she was left with.

Despite that, his performance in the drama is considered one of his best so far; he displayed a wide range of emotions that made it hard to believe he started out as a model.

He Used To Date Actress Lee Ye Na


Chang Ki Yong had been in a relationship and ended it earlier this year.

A report from Dong A News claimed that he was dating actress Lee Ye Na for the past year, they were spotted on several dates in many locations such as Thailand.

In response to these rumors, YG Entertainment confirmed that the two used to be a couple indeed but revealed that they had broken up earlier this year (early 2018).

His agency asked fans to cheer the actor’s upcoming project. Her agency also confirmed they used to date but parted ways as well.

He Wants To Be Very Busy This Year


In January 2018, the actor-model graced the cover of ‘Marie Claire.’ when asked about what he wants in 2018, he said that he wants to continue working busily without taking any breaks.

This indeed became true. He took part in tvN’s “My Ahjussi” earlier this year and filmed until the drama ended in May, he was cast in the MBC drama “Come and Hug Me” which also aired its first episode in May, he was busy filming between the two sites at a time.

He has only recently wrapped up filming for “Come and Hug Me,” but fans already miss him and can’t wait to see him in a new production. Who knows, he might even end up taking on another project before 2018 ends.

The more we see his face the better to be honest with y’all, I can’t get enough of him.

“Come And Hug Me” Was His First Leading Role


Chang Ki Yong has been working as an actor for a while now but has only recently been able to snag his first leading role in MBC’s “Come And Hug Me.”

He had played second lead roles and supporting roles so far, this was his first leading role in a public broadcasting channel. This is not an easy thing to come by.

Leading roles in public channels dramas aren’t always so easy to come by, but Chang Ki Yong was up for the challenge; he did so well as Na Moo.

He called it a ‘precious opportunity’ when asked about it during the drama’s press conference. And despite the fact that it was his first leading role, the drama actually came on top of its time slot for a good number of times during its runtime.

He Had A Hard Time Filming Scenes For “Come And Hug Me”


With big opportunities comes a lot of pressure and this was the case for Chang Ki Yong.

Taking on a leading role in a drama isn’t easy to do, it means that you must dedicate the majority of your time to the drama filming, Chang Ki Yong talked about the pressure he endured and how much he relied on Jin Ki Joo during filming, he said,

“I had to act out a lot of emotional scenes in the early hours of the morning which was why I had a hard time. During these moments, Jin Ki Joo and I supported each other and depended on each other. We were tired, but we relied on each other to immerse in our characters fully.”

It seems like it paid well, because a lot of fans believe that he did an amazing job with his first leading role.

Woo Do Hwan Thinks Chang Ki Yong Is Tall And Cool


Woo Do Hwan and Chang Ki Yong were among the rising most talked about actors of 2017, in an interview Woo Do Hwan talked about being mentioned alongside Yang Se Jong and Chang Ki Yong.

About Chang Ki Yong, he said that he thought he was tall and cool, he also added,

“I think we can have fun if we were to meet each other on set.”

Chang Ki Yong also said that he felt thankful and encouraged after hearing that he was mentioned in the same sentence as those talented actors around the same age as him.

He Can Rap


Maybe its because Chang Ki Yong is a part of YG Entertainment, he is a good rapper.

The actor who used to model shocked fans when he made an appearance on Tribe of Hip Hop and even made it to the top 10 finalist list, he rapped to his agency sunbae T.O.P’s Doom Da Da and shocked the audience with his good pronunciation and smooth rap.

In 2017, he joined Choi Woo Shik in “Some Guys” a web drama that aired in 2017, they both sang an OST for that drama together.

It would be great to hear him rap again, don’t you think so?

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