Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Addresses The Malicious Comment She Received Because Of Her Friendship With BTS V And Jimin

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Oh My Girl’s Seunghee had previously talked about her friendship with BTS V And Jimin on a broadcast, since then she received many hate malicious comments from ARMY who told her things like ‘stop using BTS for fame,’ ‘get something else to talk about,’ ‘who does she think she is to use BTS for fame?’

On a recent guest appearance on “Reply Night”, she opened up about those malicious comments. She explained that she never revealed her friendship with BTS V and Jimin fearing it could cause backlash for both BTS and her group.

She said,

“We trained together in high school. They were friends that I had cheered on since before we debuted, but they’ve become such global seniors.

It became harder to approach them since they’re a team not soloists. This is why I never mentioned our friendship before in case it could harm our groups.”

One fancam of BTS V and Jimin cheering on Oh My Girl performance on an award show went viral. The boys had personally revealed they knew her and fans then saw the fancam and found out they were friends.

She said,

“During an award event, a video captured them cheering for me while I performed on stage. This is how people found out that we were really friends.

This worries because I feel like its developed more into an issue. I felt sorry for my friends.”

Seunghee is also friends with TWICE‘s Jihyo and Jeongyeon since their pre-debut as well. People knowing she’s friends with famous idols criticized her and pointed out that why she can’t perform on those big stages like them.

She added,

“I was envious since they debuted before me but I also believe that everyone has their own time to shine. I was able to feel less pressure thinking that way.”

The MCs of the show pointed out how ridiculous it was to receive comments for being friends with other idols, Shin Dong Yeop pointed out that if they hadn’t been famous no one would’ve batted an eye.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I think that they’re friends and I think that army’s should back off of both groups bc if ur a fan you should support them and not ruin there relationship like a mature person

    1. I think a lot of people (aka: ARMY) become very possessive and as soon as BTS breathe in a females direction they “must be dating”. It’s these overly possessive fans/sasaengs that make ARMY seem less then. They think they are just being protective and doing the best for their BTS but it causes more harm than good. These types of dams push Kpop to be more secret and make simple relationships “scandalous”.

  2. I think that they’re friends and I think that army’s should back off of both groups bc if ur a fan you should support them and not ruin there relationship like a mature person.PERIOD

    1. I literally support their friendship and I’m an army, I’ve seen many armys who are supportive of their friendship too, I hope those armys who commented can just shut up and stop being negative

  3. I am an army and if those “army’s” can’t accept the fact that they’re friends then they aren’t really fans . That’s more of a toxic fan . It isn’t the whole entire fandom that’s leaving all these hate comments, it’s only certain kinds of toxic people . non toxic army’s actually welcomed her. So instead the “fans” should support the both of them and be happy instead of leaving hate comments .

    1. Yes I agree, most armys are so possessive of them, let them do what they want to do, aren’t they humans too, we shouldn’t be treating people like that, let them be human.

  4. Actually 4me it doesnt matter bcz they both sides say they’re friends if they say so its their buss not ours i recomend em not 2 prove to anyone that they are friends and i bcz i believe in BTS there is nothing 2 question i am an ARMY too do i need to prove my self to those who dont believe me bcz i hv met BTS (so this goes to ma fellow ARMY who are jealous of seunghee i tell yall “FRIENDSHIP ISN’T WHETHER UR FAMOUS OR NOT, FRIENDSHIP IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE BTS SAY WE ARMY ARE THEIR FRIENDS FAMILY AND ALL THEY’VE GOT” because they do understand that they too once were not famous and guess who was there besides em its heSEUNGHEE she was there before.now.& will always be there 4 them so HATERS I DONT THINK THEIR FRIENDSHIP NEED YOUR OR MY APPROVAL THEY THEMSELVES KNOW IT .

  5. Nah anyone who is real army dont attack on “their behalf” because its not what we stand for this is kind of embarassing and puts a bad image on the majority of use who just want to give love and support to our idols

  6. As an Army I’m very disappointed with the fandom. BTS are known world wide yes, but they have to have time to socialize at least. Seunghee, V, and Jimin get to be friends if they want to. If you are one of those people who don’t support this then stop waisting your damn time on hating and go on with your life. Hate isn’t going to lead you anywhere. BTS doesn’t pay attention to haters.

  7. I’ll support them bc I can understand that we as fans love both of the groups and when something like this happens we get dramatic or overly shocked after hearing this. But I can understand and I think we should just support them for us fans to see what’s gonna happen in the future.

  8. As an ARMY I know that it wasn’t right for immature ARMYs to come attack her like that they are just jealous because they don’t want BTS members to have female friends. They think that the members are ‘theirs’ I deeply apologize for the rant that they have caused even though most people will not see this.

  9. I don’t understand ‘fans’ who are angry about their idols having friends who are girls.
    They don’t live a vacuum, existing only for the fans and to perform.
    I appreciate these young men’s hard work and what they give to the world.
    I wish them nothing but happiness and love.
    Friendship is a precious part of that.

  10. This is unacceptable, as an ARMY I think that the rest of the fandom should not make such a big deal about BTS being friends with a girl idol even one who ain’t as famous as them. It’s their life, they should be able to be friends just FRIENDS with other people or in this case the opposite gender. We here to give them all the support and love they need. They wouldn’t want us to bash a friend of Chimchims and Taetaes.

  11. I am an army, so I think it’s really sad and disappointing that there are other armys saying such rude things to other idols like this. It really gives the fanbase a bad image. In reality it is so much more than what other “armys” depict it as when doing stuff like this.

  12. I think that BTS should be able to be friends with anyone they want and the person that they are friends with should not get hateful comments

  13. Why are people sticking their damn noses in these idols business? So what if they’re friends don’t be jealous because she’s hangs out with your Oppas and Unnies and you guys can’t. Get a freaking life people and move on.

  14. Jeez why are ppl blaming the whole fandom then, its not our fault some ppl are dumb and, unfortunately, a part of us. Most of us were actually supportive. I hope this girl doesnt take it to heart, she was considerate enough to refrain frm mentioning it. I applaud her for that.

    1. I don’t understand why she should as some of you put it “refrain” from saying shes got friends, no matter who they are. Who are you to say who she can or cant be friends with or talk about. If it was offensive to the people she was talking about then they have a right to say something. But not a fan. She’s a regular person too and entitled to be able to express her friendships as her and HER FRIENDS see fit. Back off people.

  15. I’m really sorry for those “ARMYs” that said such hateful things, we don’t claim them. Taehyung can be friends with whoever he wants and not everyone is using BTS for fame. Some people can’t seem to understand such a basic thing like that. I’m truly sorry.

  16. Okay, at my only act like this because it’s their crush. Bts probably isnt gonna date army but might date another idol and that seems to be the problem.

    FELLOW ARMY, stop acting out like this and embarrassing our fandom , you should respect their decisions if you TRULY cared.

  17. Actually, there are two types of ARMY’s the Real Fan and the Bandwagon. Those Bandwagons are making hateful comments, childish and you can call it as you want. While the Real Fan started to follow BTS since the beginning and knew their stories and respect whatever BTS decides, most specially think professionally.

  18. I don’t get this….why is it a problem for these seven GROWN MEN to have FEMALE FRIENDS? This speaks to maturity level of some people. And as for labeling these obviously toxic and disturbing individuals as “ARMY”…I feel that it is wrong and unfair to TRUE BTS SUPPORTERS…the TRUE ARMY.

    MY GOD! What will happen when these seven ADULT MALES start to date? What are these sad people going to do? Burn the thousands of dollars of merchandise purchased over the years as a form of protest? Stop going going to concerts? If this is true then that is GREAT news for REAL ARMY that can’t ever get seats or merchandise that has been sold out for months. That means more chances for them!

    I honestly HOPE that they ARE dating and are keeping that information to themselves. What will happen if or when they decide to get married and have children? These “fans” claim that they want to see these seven MEN OF LEGAL AGE happy…I call B.S. This whole accusing females of “using BTS for fame” or “protecting them from being used by female “clout chasers”….it is a thinly veiled excuse used to hide insane jealousy and borderline obsession that is harbored by these sad individuals.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is PERFECTLY NATURAL to be sad when the object of one’s fangirling desire is taken “off the market” …every girl in every generation goes through it….but harrassment of their female friends/girlfriends/lovers/fianceés/wives…NOT ACCEPTABLE! These individuals say that they LOVE everything BTS stands for…well their actions tell a completely different story. Do they think these guys would approve of or support their actions? I think not…

    P.S. Before anyone decided to troll me…I have been a BTS fan for quite a long time. I have never called myself ARMY because I never felt like I was on that level of dedication that IS WORTHY of the title. But I LOVE my OT7 HARD!

    1. Iam sorry but some fans are ridiculous you cant tell someone who to be friends with and if they want to date let them who cares as long as they are happy. GET OVER YOURSELF

  19. And the stereotyping of ARMY never ends. Wake up. Not all ARMYs are like that. And you, yes you, writing this article, should’ve used from SOME ARMYs not from ARMYs. Like hey, don’t generalize our fandom. I admit that our fandom isn’t perfect, who has a perfect fandom anyway? But you know exactly how a mistake of one is a mistake of all in the eyes of some close-minded people. And we can’t just stop everyone who thinks like this so better help us. Start referring the ARMYs properly. Lastly, we don’t welcome fans who are toxic in our fandom. We don’t call them ARMY. We call them “delulus”. So better address them as “delulus”.

  20. I’m sorry too hear that about seunghee if V & Jimin are friends since debut that is great cheering each other on is a good thing.im sorry too hear other ARMYS are bashing her it hurts to hear that since I am an ARMY I didn’t know about this until now .ARMYS should not bully other people or stars we don’t want to make BTS unhappy with our behavior towards others .Again Sorry to hear that Seunghee and too V & Jimin friendship is wonderful and it’s not up to us (ARMYS) who that is .

  21. I’ll need to chill tf out! Why do some armys get jealous when one of them has a girl as a friend? like sorry this is reality news flash stop being delusional you aren’t going to ”date them or one them” that’s reality boo it’s so toxic now some armys want to control their lives and no that’s not healthy it’s not healthy for you to be obsessing their every move you sometimes have to focus on you instead of a celebrity all the times yes you can still love them but when it gets to far that’s when you need to back off let them be friends with whoever they want to be friends with also they will date someone one day that’s another thing you need to accept‼️ ‍♀️✌️

  22. I’m an ARMY and I want to say that I support them being friends. In fact, I would be happy if a member were to date her or another (hypothetically! I do not ship anyone.). I only can that they are happy. Please DO NOT say that ALL ARMYs are leaving hate comments on her. Those “ARMYs” are toxic and I don’t even want to consider them ARMYs because they are not true fans. True fans support their idols and don’t leave hate comments. NOT ALL ARMYS ARE HATEFUL AND RUDE! Please words it differently like ‘toxic ARMYs’. I’m sorry on behalf of those toxic fans. Thank you ^.^

  23. I am going to admit that I did got a bit jealous, since she can hang out with V and jimin Lol but I am not going to leave a comment like” she only uses BTS for fame” and stuff like that. A.R.M.Y has to understand that BTS can be friends with who ever they want. If we are true A.R.M.Y we should support their friendship. like, this poor girl didn’t want to say she was friends with them because of what would happen, imagine that you can’t show a friendship just because of what people might say to you, poor seunghee. And by the way A.R.M.Y has to understand that probably BTS is going to get married with other Idols or celebrities and not A.R.M.Y I mean like there are 7 billion people on earth and only 7 are going to marry BTS, SORY IF I BROKE YOUR HEARTS

  24. I’ll tell you why those toxic Army sends hate to her. Because the fear that maybe there might possibly be a romantic attraction. After all, she is pretty. These ugly Army who send hate are usually between the ages of 14 to 18 yrs of age and are female. These Army think they own BTS. Wake up fools! Eventually they will start dating. Go out and get a life.

  25. Yes I agree, most armys are so possessive of them, let them do what they want to do, aren’t they humans too, we shouldn’t be treating people like that, let them be human.

  26. She’s getting HATE because she’s only mentioning BTS after they got FAMOUS-note that she never mentioned them before when they weren’t POPULAR and caught up in all sorts of controversies and getting all of hate, did she even bother sticking up for them then if they were such good friends?

    1. what the hell are you going on about?
      you sound exactly like the hater that sent her the mean comment.
      she explained that during her first year of debut, she wasn’t allowed to talk about being friends with other male idols or even talk to them.
      but she did answer questions regarding what idol friends she was close with and she answered it with jimin and taehyung. and this was BEFORE BTS started becoming massive in South Korea. so if you think she’s mentioning them now just cause they’re super famous, you’re WRONG.
      also, the only reason their friendship became widespread recently was because Jimin and Taehyung were happily cheering for her at an award show and even chanted her name.

      1. I agree 100% with you. I am an Army and a Miracle since 2015. This is sickening to even read and I really couldn’t understand what this person was even going about until the end. People for real these days -_-

  27. This kind of stuff needs to stop. Anyone who would do something so hateful has no right to call themselves Army, because real Army’s are about wanting the members to be happy and have friends & significant other to love and love them. I really hate it that BTS feels like they have to watch themselves so carefully in order not to upset those twisted types of “fans”. It’s really sick if you think about it. They’ve become slaves to their own fandom in a way. Does that make sense?

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