Oh My Girl’s Seunghee had previously talked about her friendship with BTS V And Jimin on a broadcast, since then she received many hate malicious comments from ARMY who told her things like ‘stop using BTS for fame,’ ‘get something else to talk about,’ ‘who does she think she is to use BTS for fame?’

On a recent guest appearance on “Reply Night”, she opened up about those malicious comments. She explained that she never revealed her friendship with BTS V and Jimin fearing it could cause backlash for both BTS and her group.

She said,

“We trained together in high school. They were friends that I had cheered on since before we debuted, but they’ve become such global seniors.

It became harder to approach them since they’re a team not soloists. This is why I never mentioned our friendship before in case it could harm our groups.”

One fancam of BTS V and Jimin cheering on Oh My Girl performance on an award show went viral. The boys had personally revealed they knew her and fans then saw the fancam and found out they were friends.

She said,

“During an award event, a video captured them cheering for me while I performed on stage. This is how people found out that we were really friends.

This worries because I feel like its developed more into an issue. I felt sorry for my friends.”

Seunghee is also friends with TWICE‘s Jihyo and Jeongyeon since their pre-debut as well. People knowing she’s friends with famous idols criticized her and pointed out that why she can’t perform on those big stages like them.

She added,

“I was envious since they debuted before me but I also believe that everyone has their own time to shine. I was able to feel less pressure thinking that way.”

The MCs of the show pointed out how ridiculous it was to receive comments for being friends with other idols, Shin Dong Yeop pointed out that if they hadn’t been famous no one would’ve batted an eye.

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