How Does Gong Seung Yeon Feel About Being Compared To TWICE Jeongyeon In Terms Of Income And Popularity?

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Gong Seung Yeon opened up about a couple of subjects relating to her sister TWICE Jeongyeon recently!

Gong Seung Yeon appeared on “Ask Us Anything” recently and opened up about how she feels being compared to her popular younger sister, TWICE Jeongyeon.

She talked about how people used to recognize her sister before her even before Jeongyeon officially debuted, she says that when Jeongyeon was filming SIXTEEN, someone recognized her,

“I was wearing full makeup and filming for my drama, but they asked for her signature.”

However, she says that she feels extremely proud of her younger sister,

“I am very proud to see her working so hard. It motivates me to work even harder.”

She recalled that people now refer to her parents as ‘Jeongyeon’s mom/dad,’ which is different because usually Korean parents would call the parents by their eldest child name.

“One day it switched to Jeongyeon’s dad, Jeongyeon’s mom.

So I asked my mom one day why did it change, she said to me that parents are a perception so it follows other people’s perception.”

She then jokingly added that she ran away from home because of this. She also touched on the difference in their income; she confessed that she used to make more money but now Jeongyeon does better. She says that her mom has two credit cards from both daughters,

“My mom has both a credit card from me and Jeongyeon. I told my mom that she shouldn’t use mine these days since I haven’t been working but she says that having it makes her feel safe.”

Check out the video clips where she discusses both things below:

What do you think of what she said?

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My Personal Thoughts

She’s cute but she hasn’t peaked yet!

Since I am a kdrama fan before a kpop fan I became aware of Gong Seung Yeon first. She’s a good actress; she started out ok and improved over time. The thing is, she hasn’t chosen that IT project yet.

She was in “Are You Human Too” but unfortunately that drama failed to surpass netizen’s expectations and it failed to score good ratings despite its enormous budget.

I bet that hurt her name because having your name attached to a big failed project will automatically lower your value as an actor. As long as she continues to work hard and choose good projects she’ll grow bigger. As a career choice hers is way more stable because she can still work even after she becomes 30 years old, the same can’t be said for idols who relatively have shorter career span.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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