GOT7’s JB Opens Up About His Father’s Bad Drinking Habits And How It Led To His Parents’ Divorce

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GOT7’s JB shocked fans when he opened up about his parents’ divorce on September 17 of KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor.” He was one of the guests along with fellow member Jinyoung, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Sung Eun, and rapper Cheetah.

A teenager named Jung Yoon Seo shared her concerns about her careless father who often drinks. She talked about how he missed some of her most important events growing up due to alcohol, she also said that he turns violent after drinking and often comes home late drunk; he kicks her, her mom and younger sister to wake them up.

She also said that he had signed a contract promising her mom to stop drinking but broke it within a day.

The father says that he doesn’t remember because of how much he drank, the daughters cried talking about how afraid they are that this will lead to their parents divorce. The daughters talked about how scared they are when their parents fight.

GOT7’s JB talked about how alcohol can ruin families and affect the children, he said,

“My parents divorced because of my father’s drinking issues. So I am now living with my stepfather and mom. My parents used to fight often so the tiniest sound got me surprised, when I heard them argue I’d think ‘oh, why are they fighting?’ this made me become more careful. I became also more afraid, this has a large effect on kids.”

Jinyoung told the father,

“I hope that this can become a time where you think about whats most important for you.”

JB added,

“I think that’s a big concern.”

GOT7 fans were shocked to learn about JB’s struggles as a kid.

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