EXO’s D.O., Zico, And Crush Finally Reveal How They Became Friends

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Zico, Crush, and EXO’s D.O. revealed how they became friends in the new show “No Math School Trip”.

On March 9th, the first episode of SBS’ “No Math School Trip” aired and fans finally learned how the trio became friends.

Zico recalled, “I met Crush through an online community when I was in middle school, and I became close to him at a restaurant by chance,” Crush also said, “He is a friend who is so precious to me now and a friend that I can lean on.”

Then, while the two were talking about the filming location in Sapporo, the third member EXO D.O. arrived. Zico said, “Many people Kyung Soo (D.O) knows also know me. There were days when we ran into each other for a while on the way,” D.O. said, “Jiho (Zico) has been a good speaker since we first met. We have similar tendencies,” he said. “Now, we contact each other comfortably when we are bored, asking what to do when we have nothing to do.”

Zico mentioned the relationship between D.O. and Crush, saying, “The two are close, but they can’t curse at each other,” and D.O. especially said, “I met him at Choi Tae Joon and Park Shin Hye’s wedding.” Crush replied, “We’re getting closer, “We haven’t talked much.”

Among them, Choi Jung Hoon, who everyone waited for, arrived. They were all happy to say, “You look much more handsome in person.” Crush was nervous, saying he was on the air, and politely greeted Choi Jung Hoon at a 90-degree angle. Choi Jung Hoon approached comfortably, saying, “I’m timid only at first, but please be comfortable.”

A few days later, the members gathered in Hokkaido were depicted. The production team introduced that they were going to go to a local restaurant that Korean tourists would never have gone to, and announced the start of their first trip by moving in a car with the members.


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