BamBam And Former Baseball Player Lee Dae Ho To Join “Master In The House 2”, Filling In For Lee Seung Gi

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Former baseball players Lee Dae Ho and GOT7 BamBam will join “Master in the House 2.”

Joy News 24 reported on December 15th that Lee Dae Ho and BamBam will join as new members of the SBS entertainment program “Master in the House 2.” They will be seen with the existing members Eun Ji Won, Yang Se Hyung, Kim Dong Hyun, and Doyoung. The first shooting is scheduled for next week.

Lee Dae Ho appeared as a master in the 4th and 5th episodes of “Master in the House,” which aired in January 2018. At that time, Lee Dae Ho willingly decided to appear when he heard that it was Lee Seung Gi’s return to entertainment, showing off his loyalty. It also played a role in leading the rise of the “Master in the House.” After retirement, he is active in various entertainment programs such as JTBC’s “The Strongest Baseball” and “Let’s Eat GO.”

BamBam, a member of the group GOT7. He has also shown off his witty sense of entertainment through various programs. Recently, TVing’s “Transfer Love 2.”

“Master in the House 2,” which will return in January after a three-month break, will focus on various trends that will heat up the year of 2023. With the so-called “close trend” concept, the members will have time to intensively dig into the trends with masters suitable for each trend field, which is difficult to determine whether they are superior or inferior, and predict what the true trends will be.

However, it is unsure if Lee Seung Gi, who led the “Master in the House” since season 1, will return. Lee Seung Gi is currently at odds with Hook Entertainment over the settlement of music revenue. In response, Lee Seung Gi conveyed his intention that he would not be able to join the production team of “Master in the House 2” at this moment.”

The production team said, “We will start recording with existing members while waiting for Lee Seung Gi,” adding, “The timing of Lee Seung-gi’s joining is undecided, but the production team and the cast hope that everything will be resolved well and return as soon as possible.”

Attention is on whether Lee Dae Ho and BamBam will be able to fill Lee Seung Gi’s vacancy with the existing members and deliver more powerful fun.

“Master in the House 2” will premiere on January 1.


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