What Happened To Super Junior 2017 Highly Anticipated Comeback?

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Super Junior released their eighth full-length album “PLAY” on November 6 at 6 p.m. KST.

They’ve made a comeback with their lowest number of members performing to date.

Today I thought it would only be appropriate who make a rant video discussing the subject of why I think the entire comeback was messy.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Lets have a discussion in the comment section below.

How do you elfs feel about the this? Does it anger you?

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Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

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  1. Korean fans can be ruthless. Their mentality is the epitome of the word “fanatic”. Korean fans fanaticism is obsession-based. They call their celebrities “idols”, yet they treat them as puppets and the Korean fandom are the puppeteers. There seems to be no thought of the impact of the lives they are toying with. They have no respect for their celebrity’s PERSONAL lives. I sometimes wonder who is at fault…the fans or the idols for kowtowing to the fans every whim. How do you get across to the K-pop fanatics that they are literally messing around with peoples livelihood? I don’t think I’ll ever understand them (Korean fans). They will boycott a celebrity based on a dislike and yet cry their eyes out if something bad ever happened to them. I don’t get it. I can only chalk it up to immaturity on the fans part.

  2. I really don’t what is the problem with k-elfs or netizens!! Why do they think that they own some idol or something!! I mean its the time that I do get married and have kids !! They want a family too but what is this drama abt them being single forever!! This is totally outrageous and getting out of hand!! They can’t control anyone’s life!! I totally support sungmin for getting married!!!

  3. I completely agree and to think that Sm entertainment are scared of the fans and letting them to take over!
    Its appalling that the fans from Korea are reacting like this. I understand about Kang In incident but Sungmin?! He married for love and it does not change the status of the group. Its not fair on the korean fans that ate not extreme as the other ones.
    I am not sure how far it going to go but if this kind of behaviour carries on then we are going to find loads idol groups in this situation and it is going to reck their life!

    1. PLEASE STOP THOSE HATE COMMENTS ABOUT THEM ‘CAUSE WE CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!Reading those hate comments about them really broke my heart.And I’m sure a lot of their fans all over world are also weeping right now just like me..


  4. We are now in the 21st century it’s time for us fans to upgrade our mindset that IDOlS are human too.They have a mind of their own so We can’t programmed nor we can designed thier lives the way wished or hoped to.All our duty is to support,love,and protect whole heartedly!Ofcourse we can criticized them for their mistakes but in a constructive way.Mistakes needs to be corrected not to be insulted.However, we don’t have the right to condemned!to All SuJu fans out their let’s hold each others hands to Protect and Support our beloved Super Junior inorder for them to overcome this hurdle that they are facing right now.SUPER JUNIOR FIGHING!!

  5. I’m an international fan and I totally understand where we’re all coming from…but about the Sungmin thing… I’m not mad or angry about it…but more like upset. And a large reason why K ELF have issues with international ELF is because we didn’t understand them right. Some of them are mad that he got married. But that’s not most of their reasons why they’re so upset. A lot of ELF want Sungmin and the other members to get married. The reason why ELF were so mad is because Sungmin changed his signature to include his wife’s name and it was kind of a hidden code. Cute right? Except think about what that autograph means to the fan…its one of their most prized possessions from someone who they loved and adored only to find out later that it was in the middle of a controversy. Yes you can say Sungmin isn’t obligated to tell us about his marriage which is true…but he also isn’t obligated to sigh his autograph like that without thinking about how they fan feels. The other thing is that presidents of fan clubs knew about Sungmin and his wife before they were even engaged. They constantly told him that he needs to tell ELF before the press does or else it would cause so much drama in the fandom and affect SJ. But Sungmin didn’t listen. He still kept it a secret. And again yes he isn’t obligated to tell us. And he doesn’t owe us anything. But if at least he told us before the press and introduced her instead of the press he could have prevented the drama in the fandom and affecting SJ. Also he did it at such poor timing. The repackaged album and Leeteuk just coming out of the military etc. He could be chosen a better time but not during the promotions of a highly anticipated album. Also he postponed his military duty “to work on a musical” but most people knew he just took advantage of that excuse and helped also plan the wedding. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t plan the wedding. He just Should be planned all of this out. A lot of things just make him look bad. Yes it’s harder for K ELF to forgive him but Sungmin knew. And he was warned. And he still did it. I still support Sungmin. I still want him in the group. I was he was in this comeback. Demanding him out of the group and ruining his career isn’t ok. I know he made a mistake. His mistake WAS NOT falling in love and getting married…it was everything else I mentioned. I’m happy he got married and found his happiness but that was at the cost of so many things. Also I know we forgive him but let’s also not be ignorant of other cultures beliefs and actions. He’s a KPOP idol. They aren’t treated like regular famous people in other countries. They knew what they were signing up for. As veterans in the KPOP industry they know now what to do and what not to do and the consequences of their actions coming from the fans. They make mistakes sometimes yes…but we need to be somewhat understanding of other ELF instead of pointing fingers at them and calling them bad fans. We’d be just as bad as them.

  6. hi there, i am the international fan of suju. SUJU was the first k-idols group that i fall in love. i love all they song. i am really happy when i heard that they will make a comeback this year. at least its worth to wait for them to comeback in this two years. but i’m a little bit disappointed when i heard only 6 of them will make the comeback. and i search for the reason why. and i was stunned when i know the reason. for kang in i can accept it. but for sung min, who are we to boycott him just because he fall in love and get married. he just a normal human like us,want to fall in love, get married and have a family with his love one. we just a fan, we don’t own our idols life. why don’t we just give him our bless and support him. by the way, i am really thankful finally SUJU was comeback, even for only 6 members. i always support them. SUJU the true idol of kpop. SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!!!!

  7. I really like Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. He is an awesome guy who makes me laugh so hard at his jokes and make me smile with his flirty ways. So I feel really sad about how they are treating him. He is really a good guys wanting only to do whats best for SuperJunior. I feel so sorry for how his feeling regarding his low performance because of his injuries from the accident way back then. People shouldn’t ask much of him because they don’t know how to have rods in your leg, how much pain it causes to him physically and mentally. I wish they could understand his situation more especially the Korean fans. I really like this guy.

  8. I am soooooo overwhelmed with all the hatred comments from sujufans or even netizens over each of their situation. Nothing i can do but to cry for them. Yes as a fan we all loves our idol. But that doesn’t mean we can asked them to do what we want, right? They are working their ass day and night to give us good music to listen to, cracking their heads to look for dance steps for those music! I just don’t understand what else those ‘haters’ want! And just because of getting married, dog incident these idols need to quit themselves from Super Junior or even their other talented jobs in hand? I cant get that to the brain…

    I am going to share my point of view in each of the members situation.

    Kang In – He is digging his own grave. Drinking is his choice, but he need to act wisely. If u know u are going to get drunk, call yourself a driver to pick u up, don’t drunk driving! It could kill someone if you are being unconscious. OK. This implies to all of us too.

    Sung Min – Why Why Why?! 너 미쳤 니?!!!! He found the love of his life! Why can’t this so-called ‘fanatic’ fans let him be someone husband! Why must hate him?! Why must he be drop out from Suju?! 왜??!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~ By doing this, the other members will be taken back if they want to go for a date…. And of course they won’t be true to us (their fans) with the relationship status. They are getting old people~~ They already end their military and some of them will be ending soon… Its time for them to settled down bit by bit… They need to feel being love by someone that they can call wife/fiancé/girlfriend.

    Siwon – I OBJECT THAT HE GOT THE BLAME WHOLELY! Listen, he ended his military not long ago and straightaway he accepted an acting job offer and also in the midst of Suju comeback. Now let’s think, how many minutes can he step into his house a day? 14-20hours of shooting and Suju practice, he might be sleeping in the car not on his bed even! An animal won’t attack if they are not triggered, its not dogs even cats, lions, elephant, crocodile, name it! Humans also will attack if they are triggered by someone! And having seeing some hatred people asking Siwon to drop his acting job and not do the Suju comeback world tour is just being SELFISH PRICK!

    HeeChul – I can’t comment much on this guy. He always make me laugh but after watching his show, i will cry. How much he wanted to make people happy but he is hurting damn much. Doing dance practice by himself because due to his injuries he didn’t get much parts on a song. How genuine he can be, he knows he can’t do much on the comeback but he keep promoting Suju in other platforms. Only sleeps for 30 minutes in his car everyday! Talk shows over talk shows, practice and than back to radio show and all he gets is only 30 minutes for himself which is to sleep! And literally every single day! But that is when he just got discharged from his accident. I hope now he got better and longer rest.

    So people who loves SuJu geniunely, ELFs, Kpop lover, let’s support our idol diligently. SuJu already been doing so much for us for 12 years now. That is when they got debuted, but they have been doing this for us so much more! From trainees until they debuted, imagine how long is that. Stop giving them hatred, we don’t own them, they are not our slaves. Human do mistakes in life, we are all not an angel. Love them like how u want to be loved by them. LeeTeuk’s father tragedies still lingers in my mind whenever i read hatred comments. I really hope Leeteuk won’t end the same way.


  9. Every thing is so sad, about Sungmin too many people have talked already.
    My concern is about Siwon.
    He is a great Human Being, he was, he is and he will be a good person at heart, a gentleman, i feel so sorry for the reactions of Knetz, because its so unfair all the hate they spread over him. He is a genuine and caring person, he deserves more than this crap. I miss so much seeing him performing with the group.
    About the drama, Its no the first time he shoot dramas while members are promoting the new album, and he can handle it, so… WHY CANT WE SUPPORT HIM?
    I support SUJU and I support SIWON CHOI now and ever

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