This Former Kpop Idol Shocking Story, Told To Endure Sexual Harassment During Official Events

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Former Kpop Idol Dayull [known as Dabin] from Baby Boo has recently opened up about her experiences as a kpop idol and what she had to say shocked fans.

During the latest episode of the YouTube channel show “Update Olympics,” the idol made an appearance detailing the unjust situations she had to endure during her idol days.

In the video, Dayull says she had to endure sexual harassment from event officials who would come up to take photos with the girls and would either grab their butts or touch their inner thighs. When the girls mentioned this issue to the CEO, they told them to ‘not push away their hands’ because they’re the ones who ‘can get you to come to other events.’

For many idol groups, public events are their bread and butter.

Not only that, but some event officials would go as far as to attempt to kiss the girls, they had to endure all of that because their agency’s CEO instructed them to bear with it so they can be called again for the next event. Dayull says there were many times when protection was not provided by the company.

Dayull explained they endured that because they loved being on stage. During MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship,” she had to attend alone without any staff member to take care of her, she confessed to spending most of the time in the bathroom. She didn’t have anyone bring her food, so she ate a sandwich laid out as PPL but couldn’t finish it as she feared she would get indigestion from it.

It doesn’t end here, she also explained that during her time as an idol, she performed at over 500 events but wasn’t paid a cent for it. The members ended up begging the agency’s CEO to terminate their contract.

You can check out her interview down below!

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