Kpop Groups That Disbanded In 2017

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2017 was filled with highs and lows, and as expected many Kpop groups were bound to disband.

Yearly, around 100 Kpop groups debut, only 5% of them actually become successful. The pressure on the remaining struggling idol groups can be overwhelming.

Kpop groups disbanding doesn’t always happen because their relationship ended on bad terms. Sometimes, the group members decide to go their separate ways while still rooting for each other.

Today, I will be going through the full list of 2017 Kpop group that have disbanded.

Miss A

Miss A has only recently announced their disbandment news.

Miss A has long been one of the groups that many Kpop fans thought they would disband soon.

On December 27, JYP Entertainment released a short statement confirming the group has disbanded officially after seven years together.

Fei has renewed her contract with JYP back in May 2016, while Suzy renewed her contract in August this year. Both Min and Jia left the company after their contracts expired in May 2016, April 2017 respectively.

Miss A has debuted back in 2010 with the hit “Bad Girl Good Girl,” their first hit song has achieved huge success and even earned them the title of Best New Female Artist award in MAMA 2010.


SISTAR; the Kpop group with hit summer tracks that made our summer even better officially; announced they would be disbanding after their last comeback earlier this year.

In May 2017, SISTAR released a teaser photo revealing that they will be making a comeback at the end of May, and on May 22 Starship Entertainment revealed that the group will officially disband after promoting together for 7 years.

All the members wrote their own personal letters of farewell to their fans, confirming their later disbandment. The girls remain as close as ever, they continue to meet up and share photos of their get-togethers.

Their last track titled “Lonely” which was composed by Black Eyed Pilseung and was released on May 31st, it was an instant hit.

The group performed together on music shows, and waved goodbye to fans in early June.


I.O.I was one of the most successful girl groups of 2016.

Formed by CJ E&M through the 2016 reality show Produce 101 on Mnet, the group was composed of eleven members chosen from different entertainment companies. The girls competed with each other for a spot in I.O.I.

On November 5, 2016, YMC Entertainment (the agency managing the group) confirmed that I.O.I would be disbanding on January 31, 2017.

The group held their first and last concert titled “Time Slip – I.O.I,” which was held on January 20 to 22, 2017, marked their last group activity on stage.

They officially disbanded at the end of January 2017 and returned to their respective agencies.

I.O.I was one of Kpop fans favourite groups. Its sad they had to disband but their promotions together were only temporary, fans already knew they were to disband in early 2017.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls was one of the most successful girl groups of South Korea, they were one of the first girl groups to break through the American music scene, they left a legacy behind.

The group has gone through line-up changes, their last line-up included Sunmi, Yeeun, Hyerim, Yubin, they came back with an album in 2015.

In 2017 JYP announced that the group is to disband.

The group officially disbanded on January 26, 2017, both Sunmi and Yeeun decided not to renew their contracts with the agency.

On February 10, 2017, they released their final single “Draw Me”, which also serves as a celebration of their 10th anniversary.


The hip hip duo is composed of Kang Hee Gun (“Gary” or “Garie”) and Gil Seong Joon (“Gil”). The duo was formed back in 2002.

They are one of the most famous and reputable Korean hip hop duos, their style of music was unique. The duo was known to write and produce their own music, which was rarely heard of back in the days.

The group was reported to have disbanded back in April this year. The disbandment news was met with little surprise by fans.

According to Korean news outlets Star News, LeeSsang Company; which was created by Gil and Gary; revealed to have stopped all business activities last year.

Many insiders already knew that the duo didn’t have a great relationship together. They have been promoting solo since 2015.

Since then, following the reports neither parties commented directly on the disbandment news, a close source to them says they might still collaborate in the future but for now, its unlikely to happen.

The source also revealed they don’t know whether they disbanded or not.


Back in May, loyal Kpop fans of underrated Kpop group found out that it has officially disbanded.

On May 12, their agency FAVE Entertainment confirmed the group would be disbanding after their leader Song Kyungil’s enlistment, the remaining five members will also fulfil their military duty soon.

The agency revealed that the group has disbanded but the members will continue to do solo activities.

HISTORY debuted back in 2013 with their debut track “Dreamer,” and has been struggling to keep up with the other groups despite their amazing vocals.


Chocolat was a female Kpop group created by Paramount Music in 2011.

The group is one of the few biracial Kpop groups, or at least that was what their CEO intended the group to be.

The five members last made a comeback in 2013. They went under the radar until it was confirmed that their contracts expired in February 2017, that’s when Tia officially announced her departure from the group On February 3, 2017.

Melanie, one of the group members, did an interview with the website “Kpopalypse” confirming that the group has disbanded.

Despite the candid interview, neither the company or any other members denied or confirmed the disbandment news.


The hip hop group was a part of the agency Brand New Music consisting of Kiggen, Hanhae, and Sanchez.

Back on December 21st, Brand New Music has confirmed that Phantom will disband after their December 22 performance at Brand New Music’s end of year concert, held at Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium.

Brand New Music revealed that the members came to this conclusion after discussing the matter, they asked for fans understanding and support for the members future activities.

Phantom made their debut in 2011 with single “Hole In Your Face,” and released songs such as “Like Cho Yong Pil,” “New Era,” “Seaweed Soup,” “Come As You Are,” and more.


Spica is a South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under B2M Entertainment.

The group consists of Kim Boa, Park Sihyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon and Kim Bohyung.

Their pre-debut single Doggedly was released on January 10, 2012, followed by their debut mini-album, Russian Roulette, on February 8, 2012.

After they moved under CJ E&M in 2015, they came back in August 2016 after a long hiatus.

However, their new comeback failed to live up to expectations.

One source from CJ E&M revealed the members agreed to disband, while another different source said they were moving into another agency as a whole group.

The contradicting statements confused fans, however, its widely believed that the group has disbanded.

A member later revealed that this wasn’t the end for them, she also said that she didn’t know when they’d be able to perform together again.

The Legend

One of the most underrated Kpop groups had to disband because of their entertainment company neglect.

The Legend was formed by SS Entertainment (formerly JK Space Entertainment) in Seoul, South Korea.

The group consisted of five members: Listen, Roi, Jaehyuk, Lito and Changsun. They debuted on July 9, 2014 with the single “Left Out”.

They officially disbanded in May 2017, after their contracts with SS Entertainment were cancelled through a lawsuit which they had won.

The members were treated badly, the gas in their dorm was cut off, they had no managers and no one to look after them. Jaehhyuk would drive the members around for their schedules in his own car.

Despite knowing that the members would disband, they decided to enter 9 months long legal battle. They eventually won, although it was happy news for them, the band disbanded after that.


M.I.B debuted in 2011 with their album “Most Incredible Busters.” The group’s last release was in 2014 with the album “The Maginot Line,” featuring the title track “Chisa Bounce.”

After initial reports stating that M.I.B has disbanded, their agency, Signal Entertainment confirmed the news of the disbandment on January 4.

Three members contracts (Young Cream, 5Zic and Sims) expired in October 2016, while Kangnam contract came to an end in March.

Kangnam later revealed the real reason the group disbanded, he revealed they were in a lot of debt, which is why they decided to disband.

Which one of these Kpop groups do you miss the most?

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