6 Things We’re Going To Terribly Miss About Gdragon While He Serves The Military   

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The BIGBANG leader has finally enlisted in the military, leaving many V.I.Ps in tears.

On February 27, Gdragon arrived at recruit training center in Gangwon (also known as the white skull division) to begin his military service.

The idol was surrounded by guards and accompanied by his family members who said goodbye to him ahead of his enlistment.

Fans have also gathered to say goodbye to the idol as he embarks on a new journey serving his country.

Its going to be two long years before we ever see or hear of the idol who’ll be busy while in the military.

Here are six things that we will dearly miss about Gdragon as he serves his country for the next two years.

His unique fashion style


Gdragon is the one who sets the trends while others follow behind.

He is known for his unique fashionable wardrobe. Fans often draw inspiration from the idol’s fashion style. He is known to challenge perceptions, and is noted for his androgynous appearance.

G-Dragon’s fashion has been described as “quirky and experimental” by Rushali Pawar of the International Business Times.

Taylor Glasby from the British Magazine Dazed and Confused describes his style as “fluid and far-reaching,” calling him a “natural style chameleon.”

While Joe Coscarelli from The New York Times calls him “a style icon, a chameleon who often makes peak-era Lady Gaga seem staid.”

His love for art


Gdragon is not only a musician but an artist as well. Among his fans he is known for his love for art.

Back in 2015, he opened an art exhibition called “Peaceminusone: Beyond the Stage,” the grand exhibition featured more than 200 works or art from 12 domestic and international artists such as Sophie Clements and James Clar.

It was revealed that he had worked on the exhibition for a year and that he aimed to bring modern art and pop culture together under one roof, he also tried to appeal to people who thought art can’t be easily approached.

Throughout his career he partnered with many domestic and international artists to release fashionable wardrobe such as shoes. He even has his own brand under the name of ‘Peaceminusone.’

Many celebrities national and international have been spotted wearing ‘Peaceminusone’ fashionable products.


Fashion shows appearances


If he wasn’t working on music or his fashion brands, Gdragon could be spotted mingling with A-list celebrities at various international fashion events.

Since the idol is noted as one of South Korea’s most fashionable men, it was only natural that he drew the attention of international brands.

In 2017, he became a brand ambassador for French fashion house Chanel. There he met up with his good friend Pharrell, and was seen hanging out around many well-known celebrities.

Its going to be difficult for us to go by for two years without Gdragon’s fashionable appearances at various fashion events.

His Shyness


You’d think that someone of the magnitude of Gdragon would be rather arrogant but people are often shocked by how kind, well-mannered and shy he is in real life.

He is a beast when he performs on stage but is the sweet Kwon Ji Yong off stage. He is rather shy around others, he is also very respectful of his elders.

We enjoy his shyness on screen and how he struggles around female idols. Isn’t he the cutest?

His music


What drew fans to Gdragon was originally his amazing music style and flawless rap.

He is not your average idol, he was one of the few idols who wrote their own songs back when it wasn’t easy to do. He has 170 songs copyrighted under his name and is the idol with the most copyrighted songs to his name.

His unique fashion style and rap style as well as his realistic nonfiltered rap songs makes him one of the biggest names in Kpop and arguably one of the most successful solo Korean idols ever.

In 2017, G-Dragon received grand prizes because they came in No. 1 on the lists of royalties for lyrics writing and song composition within the field of popular music.

His love for the members of BIGBANG


BIGBANG has had its fair share of trouble and success. The group has been in a couple of scandals and ordeals but managed to come back stronger each time they were knocked down.

BIGBANG’s longevity can be attributed to Gdragon’s managerial skills. He managed to keep them together despite all the troubles that the group has been through throughout the years.

Despite the recent T.O.P scandal, Gdragon affirmed to fans that the group’s bond is still as strong as ever during BIGBANG’s year-end concert at Gocheok Sky Dome last year, Gdragon told fans,

“As the spring comes, we hope that everyone will be healthy and won’t be unhappy until then, and we will be able to meet you soon. The five big bang members will always wish you stay happy, which is the source of our strength. If you wait for us to be reunited again, day by day, I think that day will come soon, because our love won’t change.”

Gdragon will complete 5 weeks of basic military training, and is expected to be discharged on November 26 2019.

He will be gone for 2 years, we will have to get by and reminisce about his performances, music and the legacy he left behind for now.

We already miss you Gdragon, please take care of yourself, we’ll see you soon!

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