What Makes “Crash Course In Romance” So Special

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Crash Course In Romance” is currently one of the, if not the, hottest airing kdramas and for some very good reason, but what makes this drama so addictive?

Ever since it began airing in January of 2023, the drama shot to the top of its time slot and has recently managed to exceed double digits in ratings which is quite an accomplishment if you consider how the drama airs on cable TV.

Let us talk about all the things that makes “Crash Course In Romance” special!

“Crash Course In Romance” story structure- between sweet and suspense

From an outward perspective, “Crash Course In Romance” story seems to have the typical plot you’d assume from a kdrama about such said topics, however, it surprises you with how much it excels at maintaining a sweet feel while constantly reminding us something bad is lurking in the background.

This can be seen with how sweet most episodes tend to be until the last minutes when anyone who tends to cause issues to Choi Chi-Yeol faces either death or severe pain. The perpetrator is still unknown but seems to be bold enough to take out any person who seems to become an annoyance/threat to Choi Chi-Yeol.

This gives fans a good mix between sweet and sour, when the drama is sweet and funny, its as funny as you’d expect it to be, thus, when the dark moments set in they have an even bigger impact as the audience begin to fear something bad eventually happening to their favorite characters.

Many are also anticipating the reveal, we know that eventually, the truth shall come out and Choi Chi-Yeol will find out what’s been happening and how its deeply related to him.

The “Crash Course In Romance” cast- between seasoned veteran actors and rising young talents

The “Crash Course In Romance” cast includes the famous beloved actress Jeon Do-Yeon, who is considered one of the biggest and most respected Korean actresses of all time. She’s joined by the amazing Jung Kyung-Ho who is known for being a reliable talented actor.

They’re joined by seasoned supporting actors Oh Eui-Sik, Lee Bong-Ryun, Shin Jae-Ha, Jang Young-Nam, and Kim Sun-Young. Some of the best and most talented in the industry, actors you can always rely on to give you amazing performances.

The casting is completed with rising amazing talents such as Roh Yoon-Seo, Lee Chae-Min, Kang Na-Eon and more who do an amazing job opposite the seasoned actors.

The combination of the talented actors makes the viewing experience even more enjoyable.

Jeon Do-Yeon and Jung Kyung-Ho’s chemistry

While some netizens had some reservations about the pairing of Jeon Do-Yeon and Jung Kyung-Ho, the actors proved them wrong when the drama aired. The actors share an age gap of 10 years but in real life, the two make it work perfectly.

Some of the biggest most replayed moments of the drama have been the scenes between Jeon Do-Yeon and Jung Kyung-Ho’s characters either bickering or showing affection and care towards each other.

The fact that each of them continues to fall for one another not realizing it and creating even more misunderstandings along the way makes people more invested in their love story and wishful for a happy ending despite all the bad characters conspiring to hurt them.

The mystery around who is the killer in “Crash Course In Romance”

The biggest mystery is the killer’s identity in “Crash Course In Romance” which is yet to be revealed. While we have the obvious suspect, many believe the actual killer could be someone else.

Lee Hui-Jae, Lee Sun-Jae’s older brother, seems to be connected to the story, he’s always shooting metal small balls and it appears he’s the killer, but how does he know of the identity of everyone who wants to hurt Choi Chi-Yeol?

Some other fans theorize the killer might actually be Choi Chi-Yeol’s right-hand man Ji Dong-Hui who was always there whenever anything went wrong, but that theory also has caveats that need to be accounted for that are yet to be explained in relation to this theory.

Regardless, everyone is on their toes trying to figure out who the serial killer is.

The love triangle between Roh Yoon-Seo, Lee Chae-Min and Lee Min-Jae

Another thing that has been gaining a lot of attention is the sweet love triangle between Roh Yoon-Seo, Lee Chae-Min and Lee Min-Jae’s characters.

Fans are split into two parts, those who think Sun-Jae and Hae-E should end up together and those who think she suits Geon-Hu much more. The three actors also share cute chemistry together.

So these are the reasons we believe made “Crash Course In Romance” a massive hit both domestically and overseas, do you agree with us? Is there anything else you think contributed to the massive success of “Crash Course In Romance”? Let us know the comment section below!

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