“Welcome To Samdal-Ri” Episodes 1 And 2 Review- Irresistibly Charming

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The new healing drama is finally here! So how good is the combination of Wookie and Hye Sun? 

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

I think a lot of people have been anticipating this drama for very obvious reasons. We have two of the biggest powerhouses in Hallyu wave in the same project and the director and screenwriter are also very popular.

So how was the premiere?

Despite having slightly flimsy execution in the core point, I loved it. 

Let us begin talking about the screenwriter behind this project whose named Kwon Hye Joo, she worked on two popular dramas, Go Back couple and Hi Bye Mama. 

If you guys have read my reviews for some time, you know I loved Go Back Couple, a lot. If there is one thing she’s good at, its hitting you right in the feels with her writing. Having said this, she does tend to repeat herself a lot and linger on unimportant points diverting attention from what’s actually important until the last episodes which leaves a sour aftertaste in terms of watching experience.

The excuse for why Sam Dal just didn’t fight back doesn’t make any sense like I am sure many have pointed out already. It’s highly illogical even when given the benefit of the doubt. Some people are prideful, yes, but her character didn’t seem to be above that or so prideful that it seeps into other aspects of her life. For her to lose her entire livelihood and just sit back because she got cheated on lacks sense.

If she survived in Seoul for nearly 20 years, it must have been very difficult, so her deciding to take the ‘high’ road here when her entire being was scrutinized is definitely an odd choice to make. If you’re wrongly accused, you should fight back unless you have something to hide, what she wants to hide is something that’ll work wonders for her when defending herself. 

This particular point could have used more revisions as it feels rushed and incomplete, I am sure the screenwriter is aiming to have Sam Dal vindicated with the truth later on so it makes for even more episodes.

This drama will be 16 episodes and like I said, the screenwriter has had mixed results with longer format, so I am slightly cautious in my optimism here.

The idea behind how one woman/man set out for Seoul only to return and find that maybe, just maybe, living in the countryside isn’t that bad of an idea has been done a lot. It isn’t particularly different from the other similar iterations. So there is that, but to me, as long as its heartfelt and cute, I won’t have an issue with it. Let us just hope the screenwriter has enough material to fit 16 episodes. 

Having said that, I liked the premiere for the most part. I like the combination of the titans Wookie and Hye Sun, never thought they’d be combined together in a project but so glad they agreed to do one together. Both are great actors who tug at my heartstrings.

Hye Sun is, again, just perfect, perfect acting, perfect presence. She is always on her A-game and we love her for that. 

Wookie also does a great job here, he is the perfect crazy passionate guy. 

The drama seems really nice from what I have seen thus far and I have faith it’ll be a great healing drama. 

This will be a warm drama to watch during this cold season. 

So have you guys seen the new drama yet? Did you like the premiere or not? 

Whats your reaction to this article?

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