The Reasons Why “A Piece Of Your Mind” Failed To Do Well In Ratings + Suffered Negative Feedback By Netizens

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Jung Hae In is one of the most beloved Korean actors right now. He’s not only loved for his great acting skills but for his adorable personality which he has shown in many variety shows across the years.

Jung Hae In has been in successful projects since 2016, he gained attention for his minor but viral role in “Goblin” and has since only been in hit drama projects, from “While You Were Sleeping” to “One Spring Night.” However, Jung Hae In failed to find success with his most recent comeback project tvN’s “A Piece Of Your Mind” and today we’re here to discuss why that happened.

Note 1: I am discussing the reasons for its low ratings taking into consideration k-netizens feedback.

Note 2: spoilers of episode 1 to 6.

A couple of hours ago, tvN announced that “A Piece Of Your Mind” will be reduced from 16 episodes to 12 episodes, insiders stated that the drama is being cut due to netizens negative feedback and low ratings, the drama has been called ‘boring’ and people criticized it for its slow-pace. Its also the lowest rated Monday-Tuesday drama for tvN since 2018, a very bad record to break.

Kdramas rarely cut down episodes, not unless the drama is considered ‘a flop’ in comparison to its competition. So today, I decided to discuss the reasons why I think the drama has been cut down by four episodes:

The creepy premise

“A Piece Of Your Mind” is about a guy who refuses to move on from his ‘lover,’ and I say that as loosely as possible. Ha Won is obsessed with Ji Soo (his childhood friend and lover) and refuses to let go despite the fact that she’s long gone and has already married another man.

The entire premise behind Ha Won’s character is unsettling. The drama almost romanticizes close-to stalkerish behavior by Ha Won. Ha Won has never started a love relationship with Ji Soo and she shut him down before they ever started. Yet, 10 years have passed and he’s still not over her, he still remembers and loves her, he stalks her social media accounts and finds solace in the thought of her.

While alone, none of these things are to be considered ‘weird’ or ‘unsettling,’ the combination of those things including the fact that they’ve never had a romantic relationship makes Ha Won look creepy.

Aside from being something close to impossible if Ha Won is a sane character, his behavior isn’t understandable by human standards. When has a man ever been so in love with someone that he completely shut off others and only focused on his memories with that person? and get this, a person he’s never been romantically involved with, its always been one-sided. Ha Won is the type of character featured in OCN dramas about stalking scary men who end up arrested for murder later on.

Then the fact that Ha Won uses her voice in an AI machine (after her death) is another layer of creepy, and he continues to use her voice without anyone’s permission whatsoever. He speaks to an AI machine as if she was a real person not something he programmed by himself based on what he perceives to be Ji Soo. Is that normal?

Not only that, but the AI machine seems to be the replication of Ji Soo’s thoughts even in situations where Ha Won had no idea of knowing what she was thinking of (more on that later), all of that just adds to the confusion of viewers.

He enlists the help of a nice woman, Seo Woo, to get close to Ji Soo again and eventually meet her. He refuses to give up even when she runs away from him.

Now if I had told you that Ha Won wasn’t as good looking as Jung Hae In or as young, would you still perceive this behavior normally? The issue is, “A Piece Of Your Mind” doesn’t treat that as bad as it sounds to a normal person.

They do try to make up for that in later episodes but its never treated as an unhealthy obsession that requires treatment.

The pacing

“A Piece Of Your Mind” starts off very slow and does a poor job introducing its characters (more on that later). Having a slow-paced drama isn’t bad and Jung Hae In had previously found success in other similarly slow-paced kdramas but this time, there is no pressing matter to go after nor anything interesting enough (at the beginning) to warrant the slow introduction and the slow-pace.

Viewers can be very impatient, in a world of fast-paced quick screenplays, “A Piece Of Your Mind” doesn’t seem to fit in. The writer should’ve done a better job at beginning to make viewers care enough to continue watching instead of confusing them with the way the script plays out.

Watching a man basically obsessing over a woman who’s married and enlisting the help of another woman to eventually meet her while also talking to a strange AI device of his voice isn’t exactly interesting or something that would make people curious.

The unfamiliarity and a poor introduction

If you follow my blog, then you probably know that I encourage it when writers don’t take the usual route in exposition scenes, scenes that introduces our characters. “A Piece Of Your Mind” did well in some areas but rough around others, it could’ve been so much better.

“A Piece Of Your Mind” CP released a statement addressing the negative reviews the drama received following its premiere, netizens labeled this drama ‘difficult to understand,’ and I agree with that. On initial viewing, you have no idea why Ha Won keeps talking to an AI that has his voice.

The entire part about who Ha Won is talking to and why he’s talking to the AI is never fully explained and it leaves room for frustration. When you don’t know the way a certain plot device work, there is no way to sympathize or develop interest.

“A Piece Of Your Mind” would’ve been perfect if it had explained the purpose of the AI while leaving out all other details to be explored by viewers. I liked exploring the drama like that without being told anything about the characters and what they’re doing or why they’re doing it, but the AI part was simply annoying because it took too much screentime and wasn’t properly explained.

What makes the execution worse, is that the AI part is also incomprehensible because it speaks of something that we’re yet to see. An impossible feat in today’s technology. How are we supposed to understand this?

The AI part is so disconnected from what we know or can articulate, so it leaves room for confusion and many viewers naturally decided to unfollow from that point on which also explains the declining viewership ratings with each passing episode.

My personal thoughts

I will probably not talk about “A Piece Of Your Mind” again aside from this article, I don’t know if I’ll continue watching this drama, but if I do, I will make a full review of it. But since I am unsure of the future, I will share my personal thoughts on “A Piece Of Your Mind” aside from the analysis I gave above.

I actually like “A Piece Of Your Mind.” At first, I was uninterested but I came back for a second viewing because I am under quarantine and I have nothing better to do with my time. I was also interested in trying to understand why Jung Hae In chose this drama, and I think I do.

“A Piece Of Your Mind” has a good idea on its hands and its trying to be different. Its so sad that it was poorly executed in some areas because it will make it harder for future kdramas to take a similar route.

Slow-pace isn’t an excuse for ‘boring’ kdramas to exist. I think a lot of kdrama fans confuse the two terms, slow-paced kdramas are still interesting, they’re not boring because they address social issues in a calm manner.

“A Piece Of Your Mind” started off on the wrong foot. The writer needed to do a better job at the beginning, if they had done so, the drama would’ve been the next big thing. “A Piece Of Your Mind” gets more interesting the more you watch it, but it needs patience which many don’t have, its sad that it has turned out his way.

I also agree with the shortening of the episodes count. I don’t understand why the writer planned 16 long episodes for such an idea, how did they want to fill in the time? What is there to talk about that warrants 16 episodes? I’ve seen episode 6 a couple of hours ago and Ha Won is finally moving on from Ji Soo, what else is there to resolve? The reason why Ji Soo’s husband is an ass? Or the issue he has with Ha Won?

12 episodes is enough in my opinion and we’re going to have to wait to see how it plays out. The best thing about “A Piece Of Your Mind” has to be the actors’ performances.

The reason why I stuck around was Hae In’s and Soo Bin’s performances. Everyone in this drama is just amazing and they play their characters so well and with so much passion that you just can’t hate them. They’re such a beautiful thing to see.

What I do have to critique here is something I haven’t seen anyone discuss, Jung Hae In’s choice. Jung Hae In has basically been playing the same character for the past three dramas, has anyone been keeping up?

He’s always the same nice rich guy with past issues or trauma, its been the same for a while and I think its time for a change. I don’t know if Jung Hae In is planning for another drama comeback this year, but if he is, then I wish he’d take on a tougher role to shed his nice-boy image a bit, not a rude-rich character but something with more substance. An OCN drama would be nice.

Jung Hae In is a master at playing the hopeless romantic but I think its time for a change. I’ll be keeping an eye on his next project, but if he chooses to play yet another similar character, I will likely skip it.

So this is it for the article, I am interested in knowing what you guys thought of “A Piece Of Your Mind,” do you agree with me? Do you agree with netizens? Or do you think it deserves a second chance?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. I.. also found this drama confusing and almost messy during the 1st episode. It gets better in ep2 and keep getting better by episode as more story revealed, as to why this and that happened and so on. I actually kinda like and looking forward to this drama now. Indeed there’re “holes” in this drama. As you said, how come Al with Jisoo’s voice has her memories. He just copies her voice and input some of her personality, but not her entire memories. I expect it will be explained in the later part of the drama, but well..
    Anyway, I think the low rating is not solely caused by the boring or slowpaced screenplay. But I thinj it’s just that korean are so get used to fast paced, or something mistery or politic related kinda theme. Mello drama is just out of the market now. It also happens to When the Weather is Fine drama. I personally think that the drama reallllyyyyy is good. Very similar with this drama, story is quite unique and supported by great, pretty actors. Yet, the ratings are still very low.
    I’m a bit dissapointed that this drama were cut to 12ep only. But if it can lead to a better storytelling and hopefully gains more viewers, I will support and wish this drama the best. Def gonna watch it till last ep too!

    1. I totally agree with your comment. More, even if it can be hard to understand, the storyline is pretty interesting to (just too long). I actually enjoy this drama and when I think a scene is unnecessarily long, I skip 5 or 10 second of it !!

    2. I started watching this drama because of Chae Soo Bin and honestly this is my first timw watching Jung Hae in’s acting . It is definitely slow in the first 2 episodes, it took me days to finish them..but starting from 3rd episode i fell in love with it.. I love the chemistry between the characters. I don’t see Ha Won as stalker, i understand that he is used to having Ji Soo as his only childhood Korean friends who was always by his side in his good and hard time and probably that’s why it was hard to move on. But when Ji Soo got married he never try to keep in touch with her until he has the idea of developing the AI device. So that’s when the story starts, he gets to know Seo Woo, Seo Woo gets to know Ji Soo. And the beautiful part of their relationship is Seo woo understands his feelings for Ji Soo and help him to move on. I think the ending is a bit rushed, suddenly there’s a small part about Seo woo’s device and seo woo’s internal conflict about her feelings had to end fast.. I really love the heartwarming and comforting feeling while watching this drama.. Im gonna watch again, i kinda miss seeing Seo woo and Ha Won together i had to stop watching other dramas because i can’t move on yet i really don’t understand why the rating is low until i read your article, thanks

  2. I follow all Jun Hae In drama and always fall in love with his character..always wish to have someone so romactic like him but when I follow this drama I felt so frustrated.Since episod 1 I have to stop few time watching it,always said to myself I will watch it tomorow becoz the drama is so slow & cannot go in with the flow of this drama..I cannot get to it..but since I like Hae In so much after few days I continued watch but still cannot get it…until I read your article about this drama..yes..I understand what you want to say..bcoz I understood what you meant.I hope the following episod it will get more better..I’ve already successfully watch until episod 6..
    I still hope Jung Hae In will continue act in a drama that show him as a nice ,romantic ,lovely and handsome rich successful guy.

    1. i agree to both comments. i personally like and find the drama ok, inspite of the mentioned loophole and i am sadden that it is shortened.

  3. This feedback actually makes me sad. I watched the drama from last night and finished it today! And I honestly fell in love with it. Currently I am struggling to start a new drama because I love this one drama so much! This makes me super sad! I do understand that there are some lack of explanation but we are only on the 6th episode! I really really hope they do a 16 episode because I am really really enjoying it! It’s so soothing, healing, calm, and aesthetic! This truly breaks my heart!

    1. I agree I hoping that they release the other 4 episodes online. Since they have low rates on tv because if you look at the rating on Google it’s pretty good. But I love this show always and understand your pain.

  4. I do think his love for Ji Soo was a bit on the obsessive side. I think the drama would have been great without the excuse of the AI machine, it just adds so much confusion. I also gave it a try cause I had nothing to do but I had to restart that show about 3 times to watch. I have ended up absolutely loving it though due to the performance of the actors! They do a really great job in bringing all the emotions to the screen. I was a bit upset they shortened the show, but after reading your article maybe it is for the best. Hopefully this will make people give it another chance!!! Jung Hae In is great and I would love to see him in other things as you mentioned!!! Great article!

  5. Yes i agree this drama is boring and i skip the boring part…..i love jung hae in and i watch all his drama…hope nxt jung hae in drama is not like this…

  6. Thank you for sharing your ideas, now I understand why the low rating.

    But it’s just so sad it turned out this way. I like soo bin for her looks and her acting in other dramas was satisfactory for me, but in this drama I felt “waaaaah this is how she should have done all along”.She really is doing incredible acting here.

    The main intention of the author behind the Wierd AI (I don’t think there will be any further explaination to this in the drama) and the stalk-ish setting was the author wanted to the viewers is to accept it just as it and look forward and concentrate on the next chapter in both leads life unfolding, but saldy it didn’t work.

    I strongly believe this can be a full 16 ep drama. When I watched episode 1 first window opening to let others hear scene, I felt this drama need more attention than usual because this will be driven not by the story but mostly by the little esthtic scenes. I have seen on many sites people saying “what will they do if it’s 16 eps long”, it’s simple, in ep 6 when ha won confessed that he is ready to overcome ji soo, but doesn’t know how and later he told he realised how to overcome jisoo but need seo woo’s help. That’s right there.
    The next main theme would be Ha won recovering with the help of seo woo and at the same time bonding with seo woo. This part can be executed wonderfully with the already promising director crew. This will be a cluster of small Melonchalistic enjoyable moments.

    Waaaaah I love this drama very much. The last time I felt this way was when taki-kun said “I feel iam always looking for someone or something”.

    Hoping this episode cut down doesn’t make the cast feel down 🙁 .

    1. I agree with you 100%. I hope that the cast isn’t disappointed and I really know what happens the other 4 episodes that’s about 4 hrs of content how are they going to condense that without the story feeling rushed???

  7. Hey Jazmine, thank you for the post. I agree with your reasons, the initial episodes were a bit confusing even I had planned to drop it but somehow I wanted to see how the story unfolds and I’m happy I continued, it satisfies my sudden desire for slow and natural paced dramas, I agree Hae Won’s obsession is unhealthy but as I watched the last episode I realised everyone has their own ways to deal with heartbreak and loss and he was a reserved person already and the only good memories he had was with this one person Jisoo, who he ends up falling in love with and stays loyal to if we see it in a less critical way, there’s always the first love we always go back to its just that he never allowed himself to move on as he keeps hoping she’ll come back when she feels miserable and also he never had someone tell him like Seo Woo does. But one thing I really felt bad about (though it may have been necessary with the AI and moving on part) was Jisoo’s death, I somehow wanted him to understand and move on with his life with her there. Like somehow it felt forceful just because he has to, like Seo Woo says cause he doesn’t even have a one percent chance. I hope they convey the rest of the story well. I loved the acting, hope I’ll be able to add this drama in my favourites list.

    1. I agree with the observations of this article. I dropped it after episode 2 because of the creepy factor of the male lead, my confusion, and the slow, dull pacing. I returned on 4/7 to get caught up and to see if the pacing and moving on has kicked in ep 3-6, and I swear I lost a lot of care for Ha Woo and while my love grew for Seo Woo. How is the romance supposed to work if the male lead is super weird, creepy, stalks, and won’t let go of his obsession that’s comparable to a hippo on its prey–not relatable (at all). I sympathized more with the husband than H.W’s character–that’s saying a lot since the husband was annoying.
      For crying out loud, Jisoo is Amazon’s Alexa at this point, and Ha Woo programmed her into his house
      I wanted Seo Woo to find someone to love because Ha Woo turned me off. Finally, finally, in ep 6, I feel somewhat …meh. I think I’m going to hold off and wait until ep 12 reviews come in because I don’t trust the writers.

  8. I totally agree with all you said.The characters were not properly introduced, it already has 6 episodes and I still don’t understand some of the characters.However,I am curious to see how it ends so I will keep watching.

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    1. About loving someone this much,i think it’s possible,if the person you love was your first love and especially if you have loved that person since childhood…i think they were literally in elementary school.also seeing how Jisoo could have been his only friend while in a foreign land.
      I think it’s actually pretty hard for some people to move on…i have heard some stories of people who never got married or dated anyone else despite their heartbreak but that definitely is not an excuse to commit any creepy acts.
      Also if you watch the drama carefully ha won was planning on installing jisoo’s voice on the device even before She passed away.
      Keeping someone’s voice because you miss someone….i think it’s not thattt creepy…it would be similar to keeping momentos from Friends and near ones.
      And also hawon wanting to meet jisoo is not becaise he wanted to break her marriage or something.

      In my opinion i really enjoyed the drama mostly because it’s not cringey and it’s cute.i usually cannot continue watching a drama aftet it gets too cringey for eg.Crash landing on you….i enjoyed it and was loving it until the cringiness started.
      And talking about the device thing….i don’t think it should be an excuse for low rating…because their are soooo many other dramas showing exyraordinary things without explanation.
      It’s just my opinion though☺n i am eagerly waiting for next episode.

  10. Hurm, not totally agree with you. I do understand why the story is quite slow paced.

    About Ha Won and his childhood friend Ji Soo, I think I do understand someone who is longing to see their friend, but somehow Ha Won also has feeling toward Ji Soo, his childhood friend. At the Misryeong, I think Ha Won plan to tell Ji Soo about his feelings, but Ji Soo told him first, the news of her getting married.

    Throughout the 9 years settling in Seoul and successfully owned an AI-based company, he started to invent a device that would help in medical diagnostic and therapeutic approach based on history taking, tested on himself, first. Later, he found out, a piece of memory of him and Ji Soo, did make the first trial worked. His point of reaction is his friend and first love, Ji Soo.

    Ha Won really care abt Ji Soo, but, he is workaholic too. And successful. I really didn’t get the idea on how a creepy man would live. Are they really look like Ha Won’s character in a whole? Really not. I meant, Ha Won’s character is not about obsession on one girl. She is just a part of his life- his friend and his first love. (Just watch the drama and really appreciate on each of those characters.)

    I think Ha Won’s still didn’t get the idea why Ji Soo stop contacting him.
    He eventually knew about Ji Soo being miserable with her life thru Seo Woo, without Ha Won knowing that she might have depressive disorder , and she was on medications & seeing the psychiatrist. It turned out bcoz a mistake that her husband did to Ha Won’s mother, making she feel guilty throughout her life. Ha Won’s mother died in an accident.

    The device works on that. Ha Won wanted to know the reasons making her friend being depressed.

    Ji Soo left Seoul and went to Oslo back, and she found herself there, reminiscing the old memories of their childhood. She died there after making her last call to Seo Woo.

    Ha Won was left, really really lonely. Thus he wanted to use a device in order to know abt Ji Soo’s condition, but, Ji Soo won’t talk, until Seo Woo persuaded her. They talked, and in their final talk, Ha Won let her go.

    That device, plus his longing for his old friend, Ji Soo are what making him to always look for her. That’s is not something creepy or horrifying. I would do that too if I know one of my childhood friends, having a miserable life. I want to help them too. I want to know what problems causing their life miserable and able to give help.

    I think I can relate well, to this story, eventhough it is a ‘drama’, the messages behind it lift up my days. I got depression since 2017, yet struggling, and I know how it feels.

    ah, I just want to talk here. Haha. This drama is such a masterpiece. Hae In said he chose this drama based on script, same goes to other casts. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more…
    Every character has their own ‘hole’ or dark past which they’re struggling to live with it.

    This drama is like a poetry book. Every line has its own beautiful meaning, we just need patience to listen and understand well.

    This heart warming feeling which this drama offers really heal me. This is a healing drama as it claimed.

  11. I love Jung Hae but it took me 3 days to finish the first episode because I kept falling asleep. I dropped and came back to it a couple days later. But now 5 episodes in, I’m starting to like it. I want to see how things gonna develop between Seo Woo & Ha Won.
    Ha Won’s obsession with Ji Soo filling up 5 episodes was way too much. They could’ve done it in 2. I’m more curious about what Ji Soo’s husband (can’t recall his name) did to Ha Won’s mom but I have a feeling I would be disappointed haha.. I’m actually more into “A piece of your mind” than “One spring night” I dropped “OSN” way too many times haha

    I agree with you on Jung Hae In taking on the same character too many times (“SITR” “OSN” TIFL” and now “APOFM”) … the “hopelessly in love” guy. I think he will do very well in a Romcom or a thriller.

    Hope he will take on something else next time!

  12. I love them both. Huge fan of the protas.
    I feel the drama quiet, but help you to build the connection with the characters and understand how their relationship is develop. I never feel more “in love” with a couple than with them, they are so real and make me feel just like the first time that I like someone, I even sighed.
    I recommend this drama so much, absolutely lovable and different

  13. I have to disagree with some things. Some I agree, but

    You asked why HW created Al thing? The drama explained about it. It is his work, HW is an AI programmer and CEO of M&H Company. He first used himself to test the AL thing and observe how it works. That is why he asked his friend and also staff to try to talk it to see if it works. They explained that they created Al to use it as healing to people who can’t let go or need help.

    The drama really never showed us or explained how he could put “JS mind” inside the Al, this part I agree it was lacking. It is also strange AL knows and has SJ’s feelings about not wanting to talk to HW or about knowing about recent events only JS could know and share…

    About HW love for JS. We are tired to see dramas that male leads never forgot their first love and never had real relationship. But I agree and also did find creepy his behavior of not letting go, but later the drama showed us, it was not just one sided love, plus JS’s was much more important person for HW’s life. JS and HW both grew up together, since kids and teenagers there were just them two living in Norway. JS was also the one that supported and helped him mourning his mother’s death, she even made a promise with him.

    JS knew about HW’s real feelings but still didn’t put a concrete end to it. They lost contact when she decided to marry and never saw each other, but they always had this connection. I do believe JS did love him (as friend/family I believe)
    Also, spoiler: because JS’s husband did something that hurt HW, JS got so miserable, that her marriage was ruining, because she put her and HW’s feelings above her husband’s feelings and did not want to see/talk to him.

  14. For me personally I felt like it was a bit too heavy of a subject. I’m a really empathetic guy so watching Ji Soo die and the after match was really hard. I’ve tried picking back up at episode 5 but I can barely get through it and then there is the inevitable secret that she and her husband had.

  15. I really liked it although couldn’t agree more with Ha Won’s obsessive love for Jisoo dragging on for 6 episodes. I don’t disagree with whomever sees that as the sole reason for series getting shortened. To be honest, the thing that got me hooked to the drama was Seo Woo and JiSoo. They both grew on me. I just fell as though I fell in love with their characters. Their personalities just made the story what it is. I just wish JiSoo didn’t have to die. I wanted her to get closure and heal but even in their memories, she continued to play a strong role and character. And yes I wasn’t really a fan of Ha Won until he started to behave more normally. Then he became more likeable – at first I thought it’d be better Seo Woo finds someone more normal. But then it also shows us how they both help each other heal and gives reason to Seo Woo’s love. The scenery and the characters all did so well especially Chae So bin, Jung Hae In, and Park Joo Hyun. I felt Jisoo’s suffering and pain through the screen. Probably the story telling could’ve been done better. Finally when Ha Won started to behave more normally, the drama had to end lolol.. like i waited 6 episodes for him to act normal and then it gets shortened to 12

  16. Al principio estaba muy confundida pero a medida que vi la serie entendía mejor el drama la actuación es genial son una adorable pareja me gusto mucho el drama y ahora que lo entiendo lo volveria a ver

  17. So sad.
    I really like this drama, really like the plot.
    This drama was full of art, classic, aesthetic.
    Why they were cut 4 episodes, too much! I’m waiting, but shocked when eps 12 showed as the end.

  18. I just finished watching the series. As you mention, the richness of the show comes from the performance of the characters, not much about the story. I kept watching not just because of Jung Hae In, but also because I was able to empathize with the emotions of Seo Woo and Ha Won. They all seem to be under a depressive state, where the littlest things in life can affect their moods and decisions. They all have not been able to move on from past traumas (Ji Soo, Seo Woo’s parents, or Ms. Kim Min Jung’s daughter). That part was fine, but it made me feel that I was stuck in a hole and the plot was not moving, while brining the confusion of the AI device. Soon Ho became my favorite character, as she seemed to be the only not affected by the mental breakdown of the rest, and was the only one who brought hope to everyone who surrounded her.

    I’ve watched Hae In’s past dramas “Something in the Rain” and “One Spring Night”, and I feel he has enough playing the passive-slow-paced-role of saving the girl from her problems type-of-guy. He should go back to a more active role while keeping the romance in, as we saw in “While You Were Sleeping.”

    The end of the show left me with many unanswered questions. How can you summarize 4 hours of show in only one last episode? But as you said, by the middle of the drama most of the story was sorted out. Not much was added after that.

  19. I was been a fan of Kdrama ever since when I was in high school. So by this, I got this attitude to have more patience in understanding the flow of the every kdrama that I used to watch. But this time, I agree with some of your articles with regards of this drama ‘s elaboration. I was expecting for this production to put some more clarification in each scene where the viewer is confused about. Behalf, it also gives more clarification to every scenario along with the episode, like the more episodes u watch, the more u understand the plot of the story, but it’s not in a detailed way. I would actually prefer if they continued the complete episode up until ep 16 to give satisfaction of the drama. (as for the sake of the great leading actor and actress) it was too short enough to cover up the missing parts of the story, where the viewers is confused about.
    But in behalf of these fails, I personally love this drama, since it was a kind of a classical piece, which turns me to relax everytime I’m watching on it. The chemistry obetween the the characters are completely suitable. Their acting skills as well as of their great effort to fulfill their role in this drama.
    But then, let’s just appreciate this project. It could be one of the worst aired rating record for some, but for me, this drama did a great job at all.

  20. Je pense que ce drama mérite clairement sa chance. Certes il commence lentement mais il prend le temps de laisser les sentiments se développer et éclore. J ai trouvé ce drama très tendre et très juste dans sa mise en scène des sentiments qui peuvent accompagner la perte d un être cher. Ce n est pas un drama ” grand public”. Il faut se laisser le temps d être ému par les différents personnages mais c est au final une très belle page de vie que je recommande à tous ceux qui font preuve de sensibilité. Bon visionnage et ne vous arrêtez pas au bout de 3 ou 4 épisodes, ça en vaut la peine

  21. Chemistry was so gooood
    Far better than when the weather if fine
    Ppl loved their chemistry didn’t get why u under rated it
    The hero was really good
    Heroin and others every one did great
    U ppl don’t know how to rate

  22. I haven’t watch the drama yet. But the reason I’m reluctant to start watching it is just like what you said. Jung hae in’s genre stuck at romance and yeah i really like to see him taking up a more different characters or even a villain because i REALLY like his acting and he seemed like he’s really into his character when acting. And so yeah, i wish the same as you. For jung hae in to take up and offered a more challenging roles for him to show more of his talent and flexibility

  23. I just started on the show. I decided to watch this show bec Jung Hae In was featured. I fell in love with his style of acting, forever so immersed in whatever roles he played. But even though I have just started on the show, and agrees it is alow moving, but I will continue to do bec of the quality of his acting. Do not try to change him. He is an excellent actot and look forward to his many good shows, romance or romance cum thriller, he will ace it. Thank you.

  24. Could be the case the female lead never says to Ho Won “I love you”. I do remember him telling her that in one of the latest episodes (but even that sounded forced and with lack of emotion from him)…. But she never say that .. weird isn’t?

  25. This drama wasn’t completely bad though. I really liked it. This one has a soothing vibe. And if i talk about this drama’s making I would say everything seems okay to me except for the AI. I really found it confusing because How could a AI found out many things about jisoo that no one even knows. And The AI was not even close to Jisoo. So how could that possible. Human Brain is not Internet so the AI can download the Info. from the brain. Except for this everything feels reasonable to me. A person can wait for the loving one. It seems completely understandable.

    I really liked this drama.

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