“Melting Me Softly” Review- One Of The Most Disappointing Kdramas I’ve Seen In 2019

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Today’s subject of interest is “Melting Me Softly.” I am writing this article to express my disappointment with the drama- so far.

Before we get into it, this article is subjective [duh] and it’s not a full-review, it’s about my thoughts on “Melting Me Softly” [episode 1-6] and why I personally found it disappointing.

Note 1: if you have trouble reading articles that don’t agree with your point of view, you don’t have to read this.

Note 2: minor spoilers of episode 1-6

Before I officially talk about my thoughts I must be upfront and honest. I am a huge Ji Chang Wook fan; I have seen almost all of his dramas and movies.

I was extremely excited about his first post-military work and the reason why I am writing this article is because I expected more from him, I might have not even watched this drama or even written this article if it weren’t for him.

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Here is why I found “Melting Me Softly” disappointing:

The script


“Melting Me Softly” biggest issue is the script; it’s probably the only issue it has and I’ll explain why in a bit.

For some weird reason, I didn’t pay much attention to who was going to write “Melting Me Softly” and only found out it was writer Baek Mi Kyeong once I started watching. She wrote “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon.” Your reaction to this will depend on your taste, personally speaking, I freaked out and after finding out I was like ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.’

“Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon” is; in my humble opinion; one of the cringiest kdramas I have ever seen, Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young chemistry made it work despite the fact that the lines they uttered made me face-palm, the script was below average.


When I found out Baek Mi Kyeong wrote this, I became afraid. And now, we ended up with a lackluster washed-down kdrama that no one is going to remember once it concludes its run.

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To give her credit where it’s due, the idea is actually quite interesting and fresh… if done correctly that is. We don’t see kdramas about frozen people every day, that’s an interesting concept that provokes a lot of discussions.

My biggest personal issue with this drama is the mix of genres; it’s stated that “Melting Me Softly” is a romance comedy fantasy drama.


“Melting Me Softly” is about two people getting forcibly frozen for 20 years due to external pressure by a rich powerful man that has great control. The rich man doesn’t mind killing the professor who came up with the technology to silence him.

That’s a heavy introduction to what is supposed to be a rom-com.

“Melting Me Softly” is closer to an action drama rather than a rom-com, Baek Mi Kyeong thought it was a good idea to fit comedy and romance into this, it’s obviously all over the place and not working, she’s not giving any of them justice.

Baek Mi Kyeong can write the cheesiest romance lines, her type of comedy is suitable to some, but to me, it seems that she struggles with incorporating action and fantasy to her script. She obviously chooses to add such elements to give an edge to her dramas, to make them more interesting. These days a simple rom-com doesn’t bring in revenue there needs to be a lot at stake to get people excited about each episode.


I initially expected the drama to revolve around the main characters struggles to adapt to a completely different changed world, they wake up 20 years later, this isn’t easy to adapt to, they also have to deal with the consequences of their actions and get used to everything that changed in that period.

Instead, we get this average script with many filler scenes that go nowhere and serve no purpose. I can guess that the writer knows what she wants to do with her characters but doesn’t have enough material for 16 episodes so we get so many filler scenes and it took such a long time before we even began understanding where the script was headed.

The characters are very dull and poorly written. The humor part is cringy at best and if you’re an adult, you won’t laugh at this. It felt as if a laughing track fit every single over-the-top facial expression the main characters put on, it seems to be something similar to the humor of a kid’s show or a sit-com from the 90s.


You’re watching characters go about their day getting mildly annoyed by that rich man and the fact that they’re close to dying if they don’t control their temperature. Again, heavy subjects with a lot on stake but somehow, I can’t take it seriously.

She glosses over all the details that could’ve enriched this drama, such as Dong Chan’s father death [which should’ve been explored in more depth], Mi Ran younger brother struggles, the discrepancy between the present time and the 90s and how people changed, how technology changed, how the country changed, etc. South Korea specifically went through a lot of changes between the 90s and the 2000s. That’s a topic worth exploring as well.


She touches on those subjects but very briefly making light of the situation often times. She also tries to follow heavy emotional scenes with lighter scenes and the transitioning between two drastically different emotions is very poorly done. Even if I am invested, she suddenly cuts it off and tries to insert humor that doesn’t belong there. It makes me feel as if the writer is not taking anything seriously either.

“Melting Me Softly” isn’t downright awful but rather plain. I kept wondering why Ji Chang Wook chose this script.

She’s depending too much on Ji Chang Wook looks star power; he can only do so much. If the script is bad Koreans won’t watch, it’s simple.

The humor


I need to focus on the humor part of this drama because it’s making me furious.

I previously touched on this particular part of the series on my twitter account. The humor is mediocre at best. There are no solid jokes but rather awkward over-the-top facial expressions that no adult in real life would make unless they’re mental.

There were a few moments where I genuinely laughed but for the most part whenever they try to make me laugh it turned me off. I know that many won’t agree with me here but this is honestly how I feel. I personally think it’s very difficult to write comedy, it’s not easy and if you’re not naturally funny, people will see through it.

Let’s talk about the humors of characters Kim Hong-Seok, Hwang Byeong-Sim, and Son Hyun-Ki who make me sigh whenever they’re on screen.



The actors behind these characters are talented, I have seen them countless times in many other productions and they always do well. However, their performance here is too much.

Whenever they’re on screen they’re always overreacting even when in fact their characters are old, like old, not someone in his 20s or even 30s, old characters in various respectable positions. How can it be possible that they behave that way?

Ji Chang Wook tries to be funny and comes off slightly awkward and I can tell, but he’s not nearly as cringy or over-the-top as these characters are.

The characters


Let’s talk about Hwang Byeong-Sim. Hwang Byeong-Sim is such a disposable character that is fit for a cameo appearance and nothing more. The main female character, Mi Ran, has not attachment to him whatsoever and she didn’t react in a way that would generate such a reaction from him.



This is not about me asking the writer to dispose of characters I dislike, I know that such reprehensible characters serve purpose, but the least she could do is write them well. It’s not like he’s going to go full stalking mode and it’s not like he’s going to enhance Mi Ran and Dong Chan bond because Mi Ran clearly doesn’t care for him.

The drama could do well without him because so far, I don’t see how he serves any purpose for the script aside from adding more minutes to each episode.

The two main characters are typical and we have already seen them countless times in kdramas, they don’t possess anything that is remotely interesting besides the fact that they were frozen.

Ji Chang Wook character Ma Dong Chan is very bland. The best I could describe every character in this drama would be this word, ‘bland.’ Mi Ran is also your typical damsel in distress and Dong Chan is that prince charming who is trying to uncover the truth, take responsibility, and save their lives.


Dong Chan is your average has-it-all male lead, he has a temper but is nice and usually takes responsibility, he’s righteous and everybody thinks he’s hot. He has a good position that commands respect from those around him. In short, this character description fits about 100 other kdramas.


The same goes for Mi Ran who is hardworking, polite, also righteous, not easy to seduce but is controlled by the male lead who hold the key to her future despite the fact that she’s supposedly strong willed and can take good care of herself, she still needs him to protect her.


If we learned something from 2019, it’s that if you want people to watch, experiment with your characters. Many hit 2019 kdramas had difficult characters who aren’t 100% good or bad. Many of them had qualities that were interesting; many were unpredictable and fun to watch.

I don’t see THE spark; I see nothing interesting about Dong Chan or Mi Ran. I know Ji Chang Wook is doing his best with what he has in his hands but it’s still not enough. They also lack chemistry which is another issue.


I don’t particularly care about any character. I don’t care if they die or live. I have no attachment; I have seen nothing that makes feel or want to be attached to them.

Now that I am done with my thoughts on “Melting Me Softly,” I would like to talk about Ji Chang Wook’s choice in more details.

Ji Chang Wook Choice


If you’re an avid fan of Ji Chang Wook, you probably already know that he said he was done with action dramas back when he was promoting “The K2.” So for his 2019 comeback, I didn’t expect anything close to an action drama.

Ji Chang Wook shines in melodramatic and intense dramas. He seems to be fine with comedy, but I can’t fully judge his capacity here because the script is lacking.

I feel that Ji Chang Wook chose this drama to appeal to the public. Everyone likes a good rom-com, it’s one of the easiest/cheapest forms of dramas to make and it usually receives good publicity overseas. Besides, Ji Chang Wook fans would literally watch anything for him.

While, we’ll never know fully why Ji Chang Wook chose this, he might have agreed because the initial core idea seems so interesting. But to me, he needed a bigger change, he needed to do something out of his comfort zone, an OCN drama would’ve been a better choice.


He chose the safest thing when he needed to gamble with his choice to prove his acting chops, so even if the project fails, he’ll still be remembered for his acting in that specific project.

I like Ji Chang Wook a lot as I have said before, but I am not going to waste time watching something that’s supposed to make me happy but instead it feels like a chore.

“Melting Me Softly” ratings are not up to expectations. Ji Chang Wook dramas usually do a lot better. I think tvN had higher expectations. The drama ratings range between 2-3% which isn’t too awful but still, not enough, especially for someone whom people waited for so earnestly.

Among every kdrama I have seen from Ji Chang Wook, this is by far the least compelling and the least interesting by miles.

This doesn’t mean I wish for “Melting Me Softly” to fail or anything, I am a mere fan who’s trying to express her disappointment with a drama she waited so long for.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with me? What did you think of the drama?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. I’m a big fan of Ji Chang Wook and I thought the plot was interesting but it’s true that the way it’s written makes the drama pretty bland
    Good aspects/ideas are never used and explored quite enough and side stories add nothing to the drama
    A good mix to make you unsatisfied :/ I’m still hoping for it to get more interesting

    1. that’s your opinion but I don’t get why you have to make a negative article about it , who said strong woman do bong sook was not good , many people liked it and it was really funny. I get it there’s some fault in the drama but you don’t expect a movie to not have one right

      Anyways good point for some explanation

  2. I AGREE 100% !!!! I WAS SO PISSED LIKE WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE ONE OF THE GREATEST ACTORS SUCH A LAME SCENARIO ! I am disappointed af and I am really mad at the script and plot development.

  3. I quit this drama after watching episode 3. I couldn’t stand the unreasonable filler and as you said, their facial expressions are way too much. The story doesn’t get more interesting either.

  4. I agree with you. I was eagerly waiting for this drama because of Ji Chang Wook. But, it’s been disappointing to watch him with poor script. Anyways, let’s see what comes next.

  5. It’s a good drama. It’s made me feel many different emotions, and tbh I don’t see why you have to explain so much about your discontent or dissatisfaction or disappointment with the script. It’s a drama remember? It won’t ever be as impactful and fast paced as a movie. You pointed out the writer and made your decision to not give it a chance (unbiased) because of another drama you didn’t like. Maybe you just have a different taste and that’s totally fine. I’m on episode 5 and so far it’s really good. I’m not too hard to please so I enjoy a nice drama and not nitpick on all the little things. Ji Chang Wook is a great actor but maybe try to appreciate all the other actors a bit more. Ty ty

  6. I am a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook, I think he’s the best thing in Korean drama’s up till now. I have been trying to get into ‘Melt Me Slowly’ but it’s lame and it makes me feel sad for him because he deserves so much better. I’m surprised that his agent and others didn’t plan something fantastic for the first drama back. I was so hoping he would change his mind about doing more action drama’s because I loved him in K2 and Healer!

  7. I agree and disagree with you, the idea is fresh and amazing and yes they’ve could done it better as an action rather than rom com , and yes the point of how to fit in the new generation I thought it must be more careful and meaningful, but even though is not a powerful script and so
    But it’s light and fluffy and you can’t help but love it .
    And to be completely honest strong woman do bong soon was extremely amazing because of not only the main leads but because of the whole show vibe and you’ll remember it for long time and it’s that kinda of a show that you think of it when you down, and I hope melting me softly will be better next and keep that impression

  8. Thanks to me passing by this blog (randomly).. I decided to download and watch it. I’m on episode 3 and I think it’s very interesting and carries a very deep message to the viewer.

    It’s too bad some viewers can’t see or feel this. Very unfortunate.

    The only thing I wanna thank you is getting me to start this drama. Loving it!

  9. I agree with all the points you made. As a fellow Ji Chang Wook fan I was pretty excited for this drama but then I realised of the several ongoing dramas I’m watching this one is the one I’m least bothered by. For ed I’m also watching Extraordinary you and I cannot wait for the next episode but for this I just couldn’t bother to watch ep 6 after watching previous 5. As you pointed out it is very difficult to form attachment to the characters or the script in general. I don’t care about any of those enough to continue watching when I’m swamped with workload. These dramas are supposed to be my respite from work and to help me have fun they shouldn’t feel like a work to watch.

    1. Love Extraordinary You, watching this and Tales of Nokdu! They were supposed to be my time fillers between Melting Me Softly episodes but they have become my 2019 favourite dramas. They have surprised me in how exceptionally good they are! Melting Me Softly has instead become my time filler and only if I have time to watch. I just fast forward to the JCW scenes because the rest is seriously not worth wasting valuable time watching.

      1. I loved Extraordinary You, Melting me Softly and The Tale of Nokdu

        If I had judged them ratingwise I would never get to enjoy them
        So it’s better to not judge a drama by it’s ratings.

  10. True, I watched it and it felt boring, its like the writer just throw everything together into a big mess and hoping that it works. But the actors/actresses did a pretty good job but its not enough to make me to keep watching it, its all the writer or the producer fault, the overall plot is nice but it flops

  11. I totally agree with u, however Im not his fan so I dont get the dissapointment ur feeling right now. Also, Im not an avid fan of any actors bec. I may like their dramas once but may not like the other. I solely focus on the storyline and how it will keep me watching it. The story at first may seem interesting bec. the story was like scifi romcom drama. Two person being frozen and controlled by a rich person. A story u can find in webtoons.

    I watched so many korean dramas to this day. Many of those were the dramas I dropped, continue and finished. And this drama is one of the dramas that I dropped halfway through. You can just tell just by watching few episodes. You will just get the feeling that u dont like it.

  12. Like you I am a fan of Wook and had hoped for an exciting comeback drama. While disappointed, I have seen worse dramas get higher ratings let’s hope that the next one does better.

  13. At first i thought it was good but after i watched it i felt something was missing and there were many characters didn’t help the main characters and made the story more perplexed

  14. I totally agree with u – the characters overreacting are so cringy. This drama doesn’t make me feel hooked. It is so bland that I totally don’t care about what happens next, and totally don’t care about the pathetic characters lol

  15. Yes. Finally! I thought it was just me who didn’t like Strong woman do bong soon. The script was poorly written, the villain held no element. The last few episodes didn’t make sense.
    Can’t say anything about this new show as I haven’t watched it but yes knowing that the script writer is same as Do bong soon puts me off.
    Thanks for the reviews though.

  16. I think you nailed it with the writing. It could have had great humor with the main characters jumping 20 years into the future. Why is the lead still driving an old car? Not funny. And his fiancé is acting and dressing like she is 75. Look at 50 year old Jennifer Lopez! They needed to make her desirable and that would have been an interesting story line. The only thing she does, is “looking”. I can’t even tell if it’s a sad look.
    The connections from 1999 to 2019 are very flat or over exaggerated. I don’t see them having a sincere relationship to each other.
    South Korea had the Olympics, you can order anything online, music and tv changed, the internet and social media should have been incorporated into the story. I just don’t see any creativity.

    1. Both of them are my favorite actor and actress thats why i ‘m excited too…but you are right ..its a bit dissapointed….actually i stop watching in the middle of ep 5 and not interested to continue…hope the story make a change and the character is a bit childish ..sorry…

    2. Have you ever actually watched tv news? All of the women look like they stepped out of a jc penny catalogue from 1988. As a woman, if you go into broadcasting or politics be prepared for a closet full of pantsuits.

  17. I totally agreed with you in terms of the characters in this drama. It’s bland and it doesnt make me crave for more in the next episodes. I dont have the urge to keep wanting or waiting for the next episodes because I dont seem to understand why we need some action in this drama. Especially about the freezing experiment. Instead of focusing about the experiment, why not focuses about other things. Yes, I do believe that the experiment is the main thing for this drama but it just doesnt fit with the concept. Nevertheless, I’m still loving Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah’s acting.

    P/s: have you watched Extraordinary You? So far, this is the best drama for me right now!

  18. Totally agree, IN MY OWN OPINION there is no chemistry between Dong Chan and Mi Ran, it feels like theyre only doing it for the sake of acting. Unlike other JCW partners from other dramas. We can definitely feel the romance. The story is mediocre, comedy scenes are over acting. I am a big fan of JCW but the story itself (Melting Me Softly) is no good.

  19. I like SWDBS but this one is a total failure. The script is just all over the place and there is no spark between the main leads I blame it to the script as it didn’t focus on their relationship development but some random out of nowhere stares and close proximity. I’m disappointed but still watching with frequent fast foward hoping that it will get better.

  20. It’s a well balanced article. Let me just add a few.

    1) The script is mediocre. Even the situations don’t add up. For ex: The broadcasting station wants to hide the frozen experiment secret. They also want a 32 looking 52 year old Dong Chan to say it live on TV that he ran away because life wasn’t interesting and his employer didn’t accept his resignation. Like really ? This will actually make media more conscious about his whereabouts all this while. Also, what explains why he is so young still? And then the broadcasting re employed an irresponsible PD like him after what he did? This won’t raise suspicions? In a normal case he would have been paid handsomely and ask to change identity or will be asked to leave the country.

    2) Why do we need the leads to wear their 20 year old clothes and accessories? The duo trying to adapt to new things would have been more natural then to force humour with retro things. The leads didn’t age but their stuff did. Her cassette player probably won’t even work if it was left unused for such a long time His car too would not start if left like this for 20 years . Mi Ran could have bought a phone herself or parents could buy her one when she re started her college. In fact laptop/ phones/ tablets have become important part of our education system.

    3) Ji Hoon doesn’t know or care if his noona beat his father or why even did she beat him. Its just okay. I don’t know much about Korean education system but I wonder what a final semester student and a freshman has in common to sit and discuss together. They are in different departments also. Not sure of this part because she might need to attend different classes after 20 years gap.

    4) His GF is totally mismatched in the whole story line. ‘ Our love has not ended’ doesn’t make sense.

    5) The whole political angle is stupid. The doctor knew his life could be in danger yet he chose to do the project . He didn’t teach his assistant or leave any clue for him. Moreover, he knew about the temperature issue but didn’t tell DC about it when the project was planned.

    1. A lot of these points you have to use your “suspended belief”. It’s a drama, there will be things that don’t make sense. Why does the station want him to go on air? Who knows! But it got him on air to make his announcement.

      As for the walkman, it would still work. It’s not like a computer. All it needs is new batteries and it’s good to go.
      And his car…yeah, it most likely would have been dead without being started for 20yrs. But if it did start, they wouldn’t have gotten far, like what happened.

  21. I completely agree by this artical…i waited passionately for this drama because i’m fan of Mr Ji chang wook but i must say it was not worth waiting…
    Concept is nice but not used properly
    Expressions and behaviours of some characters are too much to be real had same feeling while watching strong women do bong soon now that i know both have same writer i can expect this drama to base totally on romance for all the ratings it gets…
    But i’ll still be watching it for Ji chang wook.

  22. Please do not criticize the drama
    Just because you do not like it doesn’t mean you have to conclude that it’s disappointing
    There are people who love the movie and are actually enjoying it
    We can all see that the actors put a lot of work into the drama
    You should at least praise them and not say things like this

    1. It’s time to grow up. There will be people who do not like the things you like and have a right to express their opinions. If you dislike their opinion, you don’t have to read it and you always have the option to start your own blog to express your opinions.

    2. Its an opinion and you don’t have to agree with it, yes the actors put work in it and I thank them for that but the plot is still horrible. Don’t forget if she wants to criticize it she can because thats her opinion. Not everyone has to say all good stuff about dramas okay.

  23. I totally disagree with your opinion. I don’t think it’s a disappoitment. The drama does have an amazing plot. They are trying to balance the humour, romance and science fiction part perfectly well which is very difficult to pull out. The drama is for those who want to watch something different but light, humourous, rom com with a twist of science fiction. The actors are doing amazing job. As for Do bong soon. Common we all know that drama has topped the charts. One of the drama that has got highest ranking. And park hyung shik and park Bo young had cutest chemistry. I totally disagree with your personal opinion on the writer and her drama. Thank you

    1. I agree with you on the strong woman opinion. BUT, trying doesn’t mean they succeeded. I love ji Chang Wook and I KNOW that he’s an amazing actor, the general plot is not bad but too many filler scenes make a drama boring. The truth is, the fault really is in the script. And at the time I stopped watching, there was absolutely NO spark between the main leads

    2. Can u tell me it is good or not bcz I am ji Chang wook fan but hope so it would be good and funny bcz we waited for more than 2 years for his next series even I personally like him more in action series but I also think it would be good change but hopes for best

  24. Same. You summed up my thoughts perfectly. Honestly the only reason I can watch a drama this bad is because my hunger has been satisfied with “be melodramatic” so watching g something like melting me softly just serves to reaffirm how bad kdramas can be and how lucky I am to have been blessed with ‘be melodramatic’

  25. I agree, the story is all over the place. I don’t know where the direction it’s heading. I feel so disappointed coz they build up so much publicity and it fell out of my expectations.

  26. TBH, the only reason why I keep watching this Kdrama is because of JCW. Kim hong seok and son hyun ki comedy is over exaggerated and their facial expressions are a bit overboard.

  27. This drama is so not a failure i mean it is a bit boring when the supporting characters show up nd all but it does have a nice storyline nd please SWDBS WAS A HIT … that drama Is just so nice so dont bring tht into this even this drama IS LEGGIT AWESOME

  28. Ukh u just described my thoughts and more perfectly . I’m a huge fan of both actors (i loved and still rewatch Ji Chang Wook dramas and was waiting patiently for his comeback and i loved Won Jin Ah in Rain or Shine but i did bot like her performance in this drama , i think serious roles suit her better) so imagine my expectations for this drama after reading the synopsis that was so interesting.
    I am still gonna watch it by skipping to interesting scenes.
    I hope JCW comes back with a kick-ass movie and a good drama after this one.

  29. Im glad I was able to read this.. I really dont like the story and I agree I dont find the scenes funny at all.. If it is not for Ji ChAng Wook I will not watch until episode 6.. I feel so guilty, but I think I might stop watching this drama…

    1. Actually i can’t totally agree or disagree
      I expected more from ji chan wook
      & i don’t feel the chemistry between the couple
      But actually the story is different & interesting

      1. I am a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook too and i love his character in this movie. It’s refreshing. I’ve watched every movie he took part in and i couldnt see any problem with his acting or whatsoever. Infact i cant stop myself from watching his movies. I’ve watched all of it countless times. Empress Ki is my favorite movie since his leading lady is no other than Ha Ji Won which is my favorite actress. I find every inch of Ji Chang Wook perfect. He always stands out. I cant believe the rating showing in this article either. I always make sure that the moment a new episode has been released i’ll be able to see it as soon as possible. Saranghaeyo oppa!

      2. Then don’t watch it. Easy as that. Instead of whinning. You don’t even know the struggles in making a drama. You mock the writer as you wish. If your a fan instead of complaining you should be supporting them. The drama is interesting.

    1. For me, the only thing that’s wrong for this drama is the first episode.
      I don’t really watch any kdrama since early this year, TBH i dont really when is the last time I watch until this season where camelia, extraordinary and this drama aired.

      Plus, I enjoyed JCW face too much. I like this light drama. Made me happy. That’s the important thing.

    1. It’s not even up to the half of the episodes and the comments are saying their not amazed. But if you can write a script then you/yourself make an episode/drama and see how tough it is to put up a good frama.
      People put in words as encouragement or positive reviews but just enjoy the drama. The script writers worked day in/out for this dramas. And before you post something please think about the cast and teams that put all their efforts in these dramas.

  30. Well it is true is not the best out there they could have executed it much better and I’m not the one because I like the actor I am all for the drama saying this Ji Chang Wook and Seo Kang Joon are two of my top korean actors and have skipped many of their dramas but with Melting me Softly both main leads are making me come wee after week and with SKJ my favorite role and I will forever endear will be Are you Human Too? Because the same reason I loved the pairings but in AYHT I loved everything about it.

    1. Agree on some of the things that you pointed out. However I believe every actor and actresses when they choose a script always hope it will turn out great. They can’t back out once. Its started. Most of the time they turn out to be high rating and sometimes not so good. I’m a big fan of Ji Chang Wook so I’m going to watch until the end.

  31. Thank God! I thought I was the only one who thought this. As I’m not Korean, I’ve had to settle for watching this online and by the second episode, I felt like I was wasting my data. But I feel a huge sense of loyalty to Ji Chang Wook so I might try to watch it when the movie comes out in CD. I was disappointed and honestly, I was bored. I kept looking for a spark I couldn’t find.

  32. Tessa.. I’m in this feeling now as I’m also a fan of JCW. I don’t feel their chemistry on screen also, plus the lead female is not very appealing to me. Good job reviewing. I hope this drama still can do well though.

  33. Totally agreed…. I feel the same also lack of chemistry between the lead actors …..i hope that wookie come with the fantastic n briliant project after waiting for so long from his military service

  34. The points raised here are true. But I think I’ll watch this up to its last episode because it’s Ji Chan Wook’s and secondly there are bits and pieces of the story that I find adorable. The story could have been written better but I’ll take whatever small fun it has to offer.

    1. Script is good and new ideas about frozen people .. I agree there is huge lacking in humor and chemistry between Ji Chan Wook and female lead actors..
      Its difficult in adapting the new technology, after 20 years gap they can create many humors with this script and make more interesting in the story..
      I loved to watch this drama because of Ji Chan Wook he selected good script…

  35. Dramas are for entertainment. It’s not about critics or anything else.
    I loved it and it’s amazing
    Most importantly it doesn’t matter who’s the writer or creator of all that concepts or who is acting all over.
    Its a matter of interests.
    If you are that disappointed then the problem is with you not with the drama or actors
    It’s totally amazing and Mr. Ji Chang Wook and others are only doing their best.
    Overall it would be a great success

    So, please don’t judge anyone. And who gave you the right to judge someone’s limits.
    If you can’t appreciate someone , don’t At least criticize..
    Melting Me Softly has so many lessons,
    if you want you notice that much, why don’t notice something good!!
    And I really don’t want to hurt your feelings but
    U should be positive.
    Try to enjoy your life and try to avoid criticism.

    1. I think if people have the right to like something, they also have the right to dislike it. Or criticise it. I have not watched this drama yet but I loved Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It was quirky and fun. Maybe if I want h this drama, I might find it the same way. The ratings of this drama though isn’t doing well (for these 1-6 episodes) so I would assume that many kdrama lovers are disappointed by it as well. I think we have a right to criticise it constructively what went wrong. I might not agree or disagree but reviews are always subjective. And negative reviews don’t always mean that people are being ‘too much’ or ‘wrong’. It just means they have the right to dislike it.

    2. Dramas aren’t for critics? Definition of critics is literally someone who assess forms of art (eg. Dramas).

      Who wrote or directed isn’t important but it’s a good indicator of what to expect because writers tend not to stray from the past writing style.

      If people are disappointed in a drama, obviously it means theres something bad with the drama or acting. People don’t go out of the way just to hate dramas LMAO.

      Not saying that the cast is not doing their best but that the final product isn’t good. Even if I try my best at running, does that make me a good athlete?

      Who gave the right to judge a drama? Last I checked, the right is a given since I don’t see anything illegal about it.

      If you don’t like what is written here, don’t read it. The title already states what will be written here.

      And lastly, if you want to argue that it’s a good drama, provide facts (scenes that proved otherwise). Don’t give general statements

  36. For me a great story wont fit in one specific category but will have a little of everything.

    Having watched dramas for a while now. I have learned that even the smallest detail has importance.

    The scene with the ex was important. It paved the way for Ji chang to establish his responsibility for Mi ra.

    As for his ex-girlfriend and how she is not letting go of their relationship is completely believable. They never had closure. He was the one that got away. the fact that she still kept his ring proves that she never fully moved on from him. Which is possible. I loved my ex for the past 10 year but I would never be with him again. So for me that scene also is important. It shows how hard it is for people to move on. But she does need to move on

    As for on how they’re adapting to their situation. I think it’s going well. Some people have to adapt fairly quickly and can do so with ease. Given their job I would imagine they would have had to have the capacity to begin with.

    As for your review. I feel if you have a preferred genre then you should stick to your preferences if you knew that the writer was the same one as strong girl, which you didn’t love, you should have known you wouldn’t have like this one. You set yourself up for disappointment I for one happened to love strong girl and this one as well.

    1. I am hurt with the bad comments for melting me softly. We haven’t finished to watch the drama yet so I think it is too early criticize the drama. I respect your opinion. Maybe you got high expectation that leads to disappointment but if you are a fan you should support til the end.

  37. I totally disagree with your opinion. Its a really fresh drama . I dont think its action drama this is just normal rom com drama . In my opinion the script was not toooo bad . Its okay . Its not easy to do this things and it takes a long time . First of this is a drama based on a variety show producer who did an project to freeze people and for some stupid reason they woke up 20 years later . I think the scientists reason was too bad but after that the story is running really nicely . Their acting is too good . I liked the hyung byung shims character cause its really fun too watch . If you see ep 7 then your thought maybe changed. But i really didnt like swdbs drama it was too much cheesy. After its ji chan wook drama and i really liked it . It wasnt dissapointing.

    1. Personally I disagree. Strong Woman was one of my personal favorite Kdramas. I may not be korean but my fiance lives in Asia and is a pureblooded Asian woman who has a specific taste for good Kdramas. At the same time I see the points that you have to make and while its not always expected, sometimes actors have to try something new to make it different from other Kdramas, or TV shows for that matter. The scripts aren’t going to be perfect and if you search for a flaw you’ll find it in just about anything. The culture in South Korea and Southeast asua is much different than places like the US or even Canada.

  38. Even though story predictable…I am enjoying the drama and laughing.. When u writing ur thought.. Atleast add good points in drama…try to appreciate other hard work..

  39. I would be okay with the silliness and over the top acting except as you said there is no chemistry between the leads. The biggest flaw for me is the hero’s muted concern when he knows they could die if overheated and yet he didn’t tell the heroine for quite some time but instead just kept asking her how she felt without telling her why she needed to be aware of her body temperature.

    Then, as you also said – his sudden interest in her as a woman came out of nowhere. We weren’t shown him beginning to like her.

    He’s being portrayed as rather unlikable. I think his 20-year awakening would’ve played better if it was he who wanted to pick up where he left off with the news Chief but she was reluctant because of the age difference, but they revealed too soon that she betrayed him for that to play itself put now.

    I’m a huge JCW fan and i’ll continue to watch this but only because I can watch him just be on screen.

  40. I think the story is quite very different, it’s not a “typical concept” that’s Korean drama would usually explore in fact. Especially after the fact that producer old lover wants to still date him again despite her age, while he is technically way younger than her, because he was frozen for damn 20 years xDDD there’s a new ideology, love beyond age and difference? “unconditional love” you don’t see that everyday. So yep qwq it also definitely has it own unique humor, although I could agree that sometimes it is very exaggerated on the wrong timing most likely. But the overall, I would not exclude it from the recommendation list :0 I’d rather encourage people to watch it to expand their minds. Everybody disapproved of the experiment, however, he mustered his courage and done without their permission for Scientific purposes. I think people should be inspired more x) who knows?

  41. If it was an actual intelligent review of the show I can respect it, but it seems the whole concept of the show went right over your head. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. JCWs previous shows were more melo/action/political, and not heavy on comedy element. If you liked those, I hope you and others who keep commenting that u r fans of JCW and don’t like this show can understand that this is not a drama heavy drama, it’s a farce comedy drama, such as strong woman is. It’s meant to be light and no heavy elements. Which I like, as sure if you love the same “trama” scene to be repeated a thousand times in the name of emotion, by all means. Or enjoy obsessive people doing irrational cover ups to cover up lies or whatever soapy plot device. Or cliche make up some dumb reasons to be star crossed lovers or “leaving you because I love you” garbage and supposed to be serious. At least this show never pretends to be serious, just a go with the flow silliness which I can appreciate. It’s like expecting fresh prince of Bel air to be just like Downton Abbey. Personally I had issues with some of Chang wooks previous shows. Couldn’t get into suspicious partner and dropped k2 because Anna was getting too annoying.

  42. I will say, I have a Big Fat Lesbian Crush on Won Jin Ah so I am biased but in my opinion, there is nothing really cliché about the main characters and I think a lot of the topics you mentioned aren’t being properly explored are being explored little by little in every episode, like you can’t expect them to tackle everything at once that’d be completely ridiculous?

    As for the dialogue being cringy I find that when it IS cringy, that seems mainly on purpose and also I don’t think it’s unbelievable or unrealistic, simply awkward humanity. The humour does have a hit or miss quality, definitely. But I want to say, your justification that “respectable” people in their 40’s/50’s wouldn’t act all over the top is completely false because frankly, no one is more entitled than old people in high social/professional positions.

  43. Is anyone going to give props to the casting director? Best casting i think i have ever seen in a k drama, especially Im Won Hee/Lee Hong Gi, Yoon Se Ah/Chae Seo Jin and Kim Won Hae/Kang Kee Doong. Such an amazing job!

  44. I disagree ..i love all the characters and story..i am satisfied and happy ..im going to finish this drama and also the strong woman do bo soon one of my favorite drama and i finish waching..so all kdrama’s fan hwaiting and all the actors melting me sofly hwaiting..saranghae

  45. You see, the problem is that people just like Romance and gives no damn about the rest of the things/points in the drama. That’s why even if a drama have a mediocre story but the writer slaps romance in every scene, people like that drama and sing its praises.

    This drama is rom-com doesn’t mean Ji Chang Wook and the actress is going to have romantic feelings in every scene. Its mostly comedic and slowly bringing romance between the two leads.

    + That weirdo psychologist isn’t playing some serious romance role that you want to kick. He is playing comedic role. Since he thinks whatever situations happens are in fact because she loves him (which is absurd) ….thats why its comedic.

    Either you are not the comedic type of person or this isn’t your type of comedy. But its actually quite good comedy for me. Especially since ji chang wook is also doing it greatly.

  46. I actually find this drama quite amusing. Yes, both Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah’s area is not really the romance comedy. They expertise was in action and serious dramas. However, their awkwardness and effort in this drama deserve some respect. Its not easy to maneuver or to fit in to a new shoes especially when your old ones is really comfortable. Saying this drama is disappointing kind of too premature. Indeed people have different taste. I, for once, would like to watch an easy going drama in my relax time, without had to frowned my eyebrows with the backstabbing politics chaebol money or power.

  47. I totally disagree what you have written, this kdrama is such a very interesting and enjoyable. And I enjoy watching this drama. I am delighted to watch this drama every week.

  48. To those who`d not satified this drama then stop watching its no big deal JCW and the rest of the cast wouldn’t mind either.
    Imma Huge fan of JCW so whoever he’s going to work with in the future i will going to full support him without any complaints.

  49. I respect your opinion. But I would say I disagree, for me melting me softly is one of a kind don’t focus only on the actress /actor . But focus on how they portray it. For me the story is always important and i find it appealing. You don’t watch a movie just because of the actress /actor you watch it because you know the story is interesting.. You will only understand the story when you make yourself on the story, You have to have a creative imagination..You have to make yourself feel like your part of the story and then you’ll know how the story is. I love it, and i don’t find it boring instead i always look forward for the next episode and i learn how to be patient haha..
    Every episode has it Twist.. Just understand the story and you will surely love it.. ❤️

  50. I agree….. sadly. I didn’t like the synopsis when it was released anyway. I think the writer hit her high when she wrote Woman of Dignity and has flailed ever since. WOD / adult type dramas are her forte. I’m more disappointed in the writer….. waste of talent.

  51. Was watching this and thought something was not right about this drama..then saw this article and all your point hit it right about what is missing from this drama..totally agree with your point…hope ji chang wook choose wisely for his next project..

  52. Im agree some of the point,
    I dont feel the chemistry and i think JCW looks like he limit his self. I saw like he lack of the character, and it seems like he dont want to do kiss scene, i dont feel the chemistry, and its low of romantic scene..

    1. The drama is not good enough for these lead actors. I am watching it the same way I watched SWDBS…I FF until the main leads are on the screen together. Which does not happen enough in this drama. I will still finish it because I missed JCW, but I agree with the author..A TvN or OCN drama should be his next pick. Something gritty and sexy.

  53. I agree. Great concept and yet there is nothing to draw one in. Choppy.
    I am sad j chang wook won’t do action series anymore. He has a gift for it, like choreagtaphed ballet.

  54. These are exactly my thoughts.. I watch it merely to support ji change wook . Honestly the male and female lead’s acting is the only thing running this drama RN. Still ..I don’t want this drama to fail or anything . And I hope that next time wookie chooses a script that actually suits him.

  55. I fully agree with you. This drama is one of the most disappointing of the year. Comedy without humor, romance without chemistry, mystery without importance. The script is terrible. And I can’t understand the idea of ​​aging of the writer. It seems that all people became mentally weak after 20 years. But I think it’s also director’s problem. He could work in such a way that the bad script didn’t compromise the project so much. But it was a sin on his part to require actors to overact, with exaggerated facial expressions looking like they are all beginners.

  56. Thank God that nobody ask for your opinion and i don’t think we need it to watch this drama…if another episode comes out now you we be the first to watch it…

  57. I respect your opinion but Really how can you write such an article. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.. if you don’t find it interesting is that means everyone will be with you on the same page. No there are people who like the drama and waiting for this drama to air.

  58. I definitely agree I find a lot of the drama is not what I expected. Am not going to give credit where it’s not due, from the third episode I was done with the drama it does not take me long for a drama to hold my attention, whether romance or not. i was looking for them to be asking questions about what happened in the last 20 years, new how changes technologies, fashion etc. instead of asking about paying her millions

  59. Honestly speaking.. if I were you I wouldn’t spend my time telling people about my opinion of a drama. This might be your job but please think of it wisely. If for example, the writer see this and she feels offended by it, don’t you think you’re gonna be in trouble. I mean please just care about your own life. Don’t bother thinking about others. Just let them go on with their lives. Also I personally think that Ji Chang Wook must’ve chose this project for a reason. Also not forgetting that this is an important comeback project.

  60. I like this drama and I mostly focus on the main characters and they in my opinion are great actors in this drama yes the writing is a bit poorly done but the lead actors are great. Ji looks at his first love with such passion you would think they are in love for real but it is not the Same with co actress.

  61. Terrible drama!!! I was excited about watching this drama because of Ji Chang Wook. He is a great actor but this drama did not do anything for his acting career. I had to stop watching it after episode 6. One of the worst dramas that I have tried to look at. The writer of this article is dead on it. I totally agree!!

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better! It was like you read my mind! I think you were really nice with your choice of words. I will say this is extremely disappointing!

  62. I see all your points. And I love a good drama, the kind I’ll watch more than once. But Ji ChangWook is so incredibly handsome and sexy that honestly I didn’t notice anything else. He is just gorgeous to look at. And the fact that he’s an excellent actor is a plus! So I’ll keep watching just for the eye candy.

  63. I agree that script is lacking but the drama is so far good and softly running. Ji Chang Wook is love and his fans can watch anything for him.
    About drama the concept is different and something new which make it worth watching.

    1. I like this drama. Looked how many people are watching this on line. Your comments are disappointing me right now. It’s too negative. The actors and actresses are great. The exaggeration s are what makes this show interesting. You are entitled to your opinions. But I love this show

  64. I agree on the character Hwang Byung Sim. He should be in prison already! But instead, he is this over-the-top ex. Has he not matured in 20 years? Also, Yoon Se Ah’s character should try to move on. I mean, we already get it that Ma Dong Chan is done with her and this hurts…

    I agree that this drama is typically a rom-com and the only reason why I stuck to this is JCW. I personally think this could be wrapped up in 12 episodes. The whodunnit on who is this big guy trying to kill Prof. Hwang is so annoying already.

    It has some light moments though. The chemistry is building up, in my opinion.

  65. I LOVE JCW better on Action Dramas. Like “HEALER” (Which I watched multiple times) and “The K2”. I was disappointed in this too. Nonetheless, I think every single one of them made a tremendous effort in making this drama a success.

    1. Yup, there is zero chemistry between Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran, and it’s even worse between Ma Dong Chan and his ex! You can sort of see the “forced” chemistry between the characters which shows that the actors are clearly trying, but it isn’t working.
      And don’t even get me started on the editing of the show. Some scenes switch over so abruptly that I wonder if I took ages to blink.

  66. This made me laugh!!! Haha I agree all the wayyyy even though I’m a huge JCW fan TT

    And omgoodness finally someone else who thinks the same way about Strong Woman DBS, just a bunch of cheesy lines and a plot that goes no where…

    Once again, well written! Thanks for sharing 😀

  67. there is no sparks between the JCW and the female lead. Therefore I dont feel ther romcom connection. I missed his dramas with PMY and Nam Ji Hyun..

  68. I’m watching this drama for the romantic line, and scroll through scenes with weird comedy line. The stupidity of several of the characters goes waaaay over the line, and is impossible to watch.
    Still, I find that the best scenes are those where JCW stutters and looks flustered and tender because of his emotions towards the female lead – which is another problem, because she doesn’t flutter or show any humane emotion except light concern or light interest. Yeah, it’s not heart-tearing or crazy sexy, but I’m gonna watch it through for JCW and beautiful interiors, costumes and outdoor scenery.

  69. There should be a real wavering between Ha-Yeong and Mi Ran from Dong Chan, afterall Ha-Yeong is someone he loves deeply enough to propose to with a ring before going for the Cryonics experiment. It doesn’t quite make sense to drop the relationship so abruptly on his part, though in real time 20 years have passed, but for him it’s like an overnight thing right. And at the onset Mi Ran is just someone who didn’t have a real relationship with him but just someone he felt a sense of responsibility towards for getting her into this fix. Including that struggle would lend more substance to the story.

  70. I love JCW and was looking forward to his comeback drama. I havent started watching this, and when i read this review, i dont think i will. I hated SWDBS too -there’s so much “ugh” on that drama, and if it’s the same writer, id rather not watch this one. Thanks for your review!

  71. Wow! To be honest, I’ve been wondering why I’ve had so much trouble watching this drama! And you’ve really summed it up well for me!
    I’m a fan of JCW, and under normal circumstances, I’d watch anything he’s in. But I’ve really had a hard time with this drama, and I’ve just not been able to say out loud why.
    I haven’t even been able to watch up to episode 6! I’m not too busy to watch, I’m just so uninterested. Naturally, I’ll finish the drama, but I won’t like, it’s not the best I’ve seen. I really hope things pick up somehow, because, wow!

  72. I agree with you all the way. Very terrible script. The actors inside are talented and this is such a waste. I think JCW is a great actor whose proven his skills in other dramas so I’m really disappointed with this comeback drama. I wish he had chosen something better.

  73. From what I’ve seen so far the drama is good. Not so good but average type. Let see until the drama ends. Still Ji Chang Wook is as great as ever. Lets support him all the way yeeey God bless everyone

  74. YES.. your honest and straight to point review is spot on the nail that I have the same thoughts on… Melting Me Softly is the worst KDrama JinChang Wook ever star at… This is the MoST disappointed Drama of 2019..
    The writer seems to be unable to focus whether to make this a RomCom or SuspenseRomCom. T
    There are so many questions as I watch on..
    So many holes from the beginning.. no cement can hold the plot tightly and securely..
    BUT most of all, as I grew up spending my adult life in 1990-1999.. The props they’ve been using are utterly out of that era.. We have auto cars already in 1990s and Koreans are still driving a beat up manual air conditioned faulty car?? C’Mon.. gimme a break.. The leads donno what Fllirting is?? c’mon.. seriosly.. they aren’t fm the 1970s. I’m pretty sure… Koreans have already been flirty since Jeoson period.. The Dialoge.. super lame.. although I relies on English Sub.. I cringe and palm faced myself reading the dialoge…
    Don’t even get me started on how that lead actress isn’t aware of the son of her GoodFriend and his Dad are … well father and son, despite being in the same Uni as Lecturer and Student??
    Did I miss anything here???
    But coz it’s A Ji Chang Wook’s drama.. I will press on with a heavy cringy face..

  75. Because Suspicious Partners was such a good vehicle for JCW, I expected something more like that. I dont really care about the character of Ma Dong Chan. I have never felt that way about JCW characters before.

  76. well honestly I really had a hard time watching the first episodes of this drama. but because JCW is here I tried my best to watch it. now I am just patiently waiting for the last episode because the story is not fitting well from the synopsis they gave. the drama is tiring to watch but it is still fun to watch JCW in romcom drama. I like it more if it is like Suspicious partner, it is the best!!!

  77. Well, I think it’s a very nice Kdrama to be honest. Sometimes you have to look past a few things. But they played it well and it’s cute how they interact. So, you might thinks it’s a dissapointing drama, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own opinions. But I personally really like it. And it has a touch of difference to it.

    1. I felt the same way too. the plot may not go deeper into the characters like Mi Ran’s little brother or Dong Chan’s dad’s death, but its a good one for me. Its rare for me to complete watching one korean drama, so kudos for ‘melting me softly’..

      1. Actually, your opinion is true. My rating for this drama would be 7/10. I love the concept of having two people frozen and wakes up 20 years later. But a lot of things are not clear enough.

        If Ji Chang Wook’s character was so responsible or observant, he would’ve go further on knowing the truth about his ex-lover Na Ha Young on why she covered up the truth etc. It’s very unclear that they broke up easily then regret the hate he has for her after knowing that she really did want to uncover the truth. LOL. Then both of the frozen people fell in love easily just because they have the same condition.

        It’s also not clear or seen on the episodes if they really caught the suspect after the call. I was also expecting more flashbacks and less cringe scenes from the drama. I hate how the other characters played cringe roles.

        Na Ha Young and Dong Chan has more chemistry. Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin-A has no chemistry at all.

        There are also a lot of plot holes in this drama. I was hesitant on watching this drama at first but because of Ji Chang Wook I managed to finish it.

        I didn’t even cried on the scene where Mi Ran almost died because she got stabbed. It’s not sad at all. Funny faces given by the actors when they try to make the episode or scene funny doesn’t even give a good laugh.

        It’s like the script is trying hard to reach out to you. It supposed to be a romcom not an action-mystery drama.

  78. I started reading the article with an open mind and stopped reading it when you mentioned strong woman do bong soon and called it cringy. This opinion is way too subjective for the most part.

    1. Same though. When she mentioned SWDBS and said it was cringy I stoped reading the rest and came to the comment section. I will not read this review.

  79. Your observation is on point. The script was so messy and poorly aligned. I think the actors did their best but the script/storyline is truly a mess. Such a pity. Why on earth JCW chose this instead of vagabond is beyond me.

  80. i totally agree… the script lacked luster, and i felt many a wasted talent in this series.. I also did not see any chemistry between the leads. It was rather forced. So was the comedy. I know wookie can turn it on if he wanted to, but i suppose the script didn’t sit well with him either. I did not feel one way or the other for any of the characters. Perhaps the best characters were the two men in the series, wookie’s hoobae and his boss.. lol..and thats over an overkill.. i sure hope the main leads don’t get paired again. She did a great job in another drama, which was a serious melodramatic one, but i felt nothing in this one. I hold up Wookie to the standards of Suspicious Partner and Healer, i think which was some of his best work. The chemistry in Suspicious Partner was undeniable, and made me love both leads. This drama almost felt like, they were just scrambling to finish it, and the script wasn’t given a 2nd look. I agree that Do bong soon was kinda cheesy with its comedy, but i actually liked it very much, except for the cheesy parts. This drama is far worse.

  81. You mentioned everything i noticed and stopped watching this serial. I really tried to watch it because of JCW but like you said it felt like a chore. It was seriously tiring. And when you were waiting for something for too long and it ended up being like this, its almost heartbreaking. I was so excited for this serial. Smh

  82. I agree that the main actor&actress has no chemistry at all. I instead prefer he reunites with his previous fiance, they have more chemistry than the main couple:( AND DUH I STOPPED WATCHING BECAUSE JI CHANG WOOK ROLE IS A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG??? I mean— yes it hurts to know that one of your loved ones doesnt seek u for missing, but again he’s that chara who wants to protect people right???? Yet she explained, letting her being silent is the only way how he protects her. She doesnt get married, constantly putting an effort for him, asking for a second chance and willing to work for it.ALSO HE’S A GODDAMN 30y.o HOW CAN HE BE SO CHILDISH????? People would say you cant define someone maturity by their age— but aint this too much??? He’s supposed to be 30y.o but has a mind of 20y.o fella. Every characters potrays different ages in this drama but how their minds works are like teenager until 20ish. I cant believe who wrote this also the same as strong woman do bong soo. Top actors&actress, amazing camera shoot, edits, filter and stuff.. but poor script. Such a waste of money to invent on.

  83. I’ve been watching Korean dramas for over 10 years and I think Melting Me has to be the most disappointing drama I’ve ever seen. There was so much potential – great actors and unique concept, which you don’t see often in dramaland – yet, the script/storyline was nonsense and the directing was poor. Frankly, I’m insulted for the actors that the writer tried to pass off this subpar drama. I agree with the other comments, this drama would have been better if they focused on the emotional impact of losing 20 years of the leads’ lives and adjusting to 2019. Less slapstick comedy, more drama/depth, and better transition between the two. Korean dramas need to step up their game and stop depending on the star power of their actors.

  84. I agree with you, but the number one offensive kdrama is Vagabond. To stop almost midsentence. Why release it at all! Great show, but we were ultimately robbed!

  85. the only thing i have to say – you speak my mind ! . this drama have a lot of potential if they had focused on the romance and the adaption of the new era.it could be very funny . the main characters didnt match at all..they dont have chimestry .i really wished it would be good as suspicous partner was .

  86. This article was a more interesting read than the drama. I love ji chang wook but I’d rather watch another healer than this crap. Beyaneyo oppa, but not sorry.

  87. Me too. I liked this drama because of the lead couple. I watched it because it was mentioned many times and to see the female lead because she will be starring with Rowoon in a new drama in 2021, I liked her and Ji Chang Wook. Some scenes in this drama gave me Strong Woman Bong Soon vibes, now I know why.

    Both this drama and Strong Woman Bong Soon had some cringey scenes even then the latter got high rating, so cringy comedy doesn’t really count.

  88. Every word so true. I started watching k dramas late and I became JCW’s fan recently and started watching all his shows. Melting me softly is such a disappointment. I reached episode 9 and nothing improves. The script is indeed terrible. I will still watch it full for wookie but I wish he had chosen his scripts with more care.

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