“Melting Me Softly” Scores Its Lowest Rating So Far Dropping Below The 2% Mark


tvN drama “Melting Me Softly” continues to struggle in pulling audience back in!


The recent ratings numbers are out and “Melting Me Softly” ratings aren’t doing as well as many have expected.

Last week, “Melting Me Softly” scored its lowest rating-then, with 2% for its 5th episode; however, it was able to pick up the pace and scored 2.5% for its 6th episode the following day.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Melting Me Softly” 7th episode which aired on October 19 scored an average of 1.8% nationwide and 2.1% in Seoul, making it the drama lowest numbers so far.

Saturday episodes for “Melting Me Softly” usually score a bit lower than Sunday episodes so we’re left to see if “Melting Me Softly” would be able to pick up the pace or remain at a standstill.

UPDATE: October 20

“Melting Me Softly” has managed to see slight rise in ratings for its 8th episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, the October 20 episode of “Melting Me Softly” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.4%, which is a slight rise from its 7th episode which scored 1.8%.

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Have you been keeping up with “Melting Me Softly”? What did you think of it?

22 thoughts on ““Melting Me Softly” Scores Its Lowest Rating So Far Dropping Below The 2% Mark”

    • It’s disappointing. The old lovers story is boring and the romance between the lead actor’ is not exciting at all. The plot seems dead already. I only watched it to see JCW. He is a great actor.
      Honestly I had to go watch Healer after watching that!

    • When it comes to international view rates, a lot of people watch it on illegal websites and those views aren’t counted. So it does feel unfair for foreign viewers. And this drama is really good from its humor to its seriousness.

  1. If not anything, can they please go slow with the exes please?

    The ex boyfriend has become a stalker. He is actually harassing Mi Ran and usually these kind of people become psychos in later life. Alright, Mi Ran is someone who can save herself from him.Sorry, its not funny to see him anymore. He needs to be reported and treated as per the law.

    The ex girlfriend is also lowkey stalking Dong Chan despite the fact that Dong Chan has not accepted her advances. Her character is neither relatable nor likable yet she has a whole kissing scene as dream sequence while the female lead has just a small one sided kiss.

    Another character is MDC’s younger sister. I wonder whats her purpose in the story. She is always drunk, hardly has any work and is always cursing others for her misfortune.

    • This is worst kdrama ever and it seems to be down to a very poor script. all actors involved we know to be good actors . But people are spoiled by high quality kdramas and won’t watch rubbish. Sad that JCW’s first drama after military was this.

  2. I think the reasson number one is, female lead not sexy enough to be Chang Wook girl friend,kang miran id pretty but not enough for Chang Wook this time, second is,the idea waiting someone who doesnt change body and mind i think not cool,for man is working but for woman i think not cool,

    • Still its not those cliches love stories. The plot is new one should accept this fact and it is really interesting how one can wait for his/her loved one till their temperature lowers down. One should focus on the story rather than blaming about the looks of the actress as I think she is doing a great job.I am a great fan of kdramas and I humbly wait for this particular drama to air…Melting me softly team..FIGHTING!!!

  3. I couldn’t wait for this drama to come out. I love Ji Chang Wook. When I first heard what it was going to be about, I figured it would be great. They could’ve made such a good story, but sorry, it’s very boring! I don’t think Chang Wook signed up for this. I mean, he relied on them building the perfect script.This is his first show after coming home from the military and it’s a flop. Thank goodness he has a lot of money, but even still, every actor wants high ratings. Ji Chang Wook said he didn’t want to really do anymore action, but that is what he is best at, and not many people can do what he does on screen! Sure he has had parts where there were stunt men, but he knows how to fight in real life, and that is one thing we all love. Suspicous Partner was also well written, but my personal favorite is “of course” Healer, then Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and The K-2, which the last one for me was good, but some part were lacking, but not on his part! At this point, I don’t see how they can fix this. It reminds me of The Abyss. Could have been fantastic, but was not executed and written well. This is my opinion.


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