“Flower Of Evil” Episode 7 And 8 Review And Recap

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“Flower Of Evil” 7th and 8th episodes are on another level of suspense, the stakes are higher and our characters band together to bring justice and uncover the truth.

“Flower Of Evil” is seriously the only kdrama that’s keeping me entertained right now along with “The Good Detective.” “Flower Of Evil” is the one that’s really setting the bar high and I’d say it’s one of Lee Joon Gi’s best projects in recent memory.

The 7th and the 8th episode were simply amazing, but I had one issue with the production and its been nagging me. Let’s talk “Flower Of Evil.”

Note: this is a subjective review. Heavy spoilers of episode 7 and 8.

It does seem that “Flower Of Evil” answers the question or what a wife would do if she suspects her husband is a serial killer well. Throughout episodes 7 and 8, I found that Ji Won’s reaction albeit harsh warranted. I have said before that I believed that Hyun Su is not a killer but someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time brought under terrible circumstances and I stand by that, its become apparent the more we watch. I kinda expected this going in because I highly doubted the writer would actually make the male lead the antagonist. I am not complaining tho.

“Flower Of Evil” has continuously been interesting, screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee is doing an amazing job, she’s just setting the bar too high with each passing episode and I am loving it.

From a script perspective, I suspect that Yoo Jung Hee has written the majority of the script ahead of time, judging by the way the drama has played out thus far, its consistent, interesting and nerve-wracking. Its obvious that a lot of time was spent perfecting those scenes and depending on her writing style, she probably worked relentlessly to make everything make sense for the most part thus far. They have also been shooting for a while now, I think longer than the average kdrama. I think they’ll finish early.

I can’t speak enough about everyone’s performance in this drama, I could literally go on for hours talking about each one, everyone is simply amazing even the child actress, she’s better than the average child actress. I don’t like kids, but I think I kinda like her. She is so cute and such a sweet addition to the story. She adds another level of complexity to Hyun Su and Ji Won’s relationship; it’s not as easy to cut ties if you’re parents to a child.

I admire how Ji Won handled the situation, frankly, she was very rational and simply a boss girl. She didn’t overreact and thought everything well, almost everything. She keeps acting in front of him, but I believe a part of her just keeps forgetting he lied to her for 14 years; I don’t blame her reaction at all.

In episode 7 and 8, I just loved how desperate Hyun Su became and how he franticly searches for answers because he doesn’t want to lose it all. I felt so sorry for him because he’s just an innocent man who has the worst luck and has led the worst life possible.

I don’t believe he has a personality disorder, I think he doesn’t know what love is and hasn’t been taught properly by his father. His deranged father really screwed him up but he never once tried to come after a human to hurt them unless they provoked him or hurt him first. He changed after meeting Ji Won and figured out what love is, she changed him bringing out the best in him.

I was walking on thin ice as well during every Hyun Su and Ji Won scene; felt like I was being exposed and I had nothing to do with this shit man.[LOL] I was biting my nails and screaming at the screen at the end of each episode.

Ji Won putting a tracking device on her husband might’ve been a dick move but really smart. It’s not too invasive but still gives her an idea of what he might do, if I were her, I wouldn’t trust him completely either.

I have a feeling “Flower Of Evil” won’t have the nicest ending and I am sort of bracing myself for this. I don’t know if Ji Won and Hyun Su can overcome this hurdle, lying for 14 years was kinda justified, but to spend your life with someone this long and not come forward with who you really are… is bad… no matter how ashamed you are of it, if you’ve done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t be this scared. Maybe I am being too emotional, Hyun Su does have issues with emotions and I know he wants to bury his past but deep down inside, I think he knows he has to come forward to his wife one day. I think its gonna happen in episode 10 or 11, 10 if we’re lucky.

Many people said Ji Won was harsh with what she did to Hyun Su taking him to his house bringing back all those memories. While I was mad at her at first, I kinda get it. She was trying to force information out of him and she wanted him to break, she didn’t expect him to have a panic attack. She still deeply loves him and even though she wants to end things with him as we’ve seen from episode 8, I think she desperately wants to clear him from suspicions to have the cleanest possible ending.

Hyun Su saying he doesn’t love Ji Won hurt me… a lot. This will be very difficult to fix. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to go back to what they used to have, they have a child so they could work it out but from the way the screenwriter has been working on the script, I kinda think she’ll make them divorce and then possibly remain close friends, or maybe she’ll go for the happy happy ending for the couple… idk!

My theory of the accomplice

The theory I am leaning on right now is this: the real Hee Seong has something to do with this case. By episode 7, I suspected his father to have been the accomplice; he’s cold, calculative and talks about killing people like its nothing. He was also absent from his family life. Near the end of episode 8, he takes out an old phone to call a number that begins with 111; similar to the one Hae Su was given at her father’s funeral.

The real Hee Seong might’ve seen Hyun Su’s father committing murder and somehow he got involved in this mess and ended up in a coma, I don’t think he’s the bad guy but I think his father knows who the accomplice is, and could’ve possibly also helped? I am just sharing a theory, but I am also not 100% convinced in what I am saying, the drama keeps dropping clues on us, it’s very interesting.

What I am curious about is why on earth the father decided to keep Hyun Su and give him his son’s identity….. He seems to be taking extra care of his son because he feels guilt. His wife could also be somehow involved; she’s very emotional and unstable.

It could be that the father of Hee Seong is keeping Hyun Su with him for a reason, why would he risk adopting this man as his son if he doesn’t know who the hell he is? And how could he accept to adopt the son of a serial killer this easily unless he knew he had nothing to do with it? I don’t know…. something doesn’t sit right with this man.

I also don’t believe Hyun Su’s father killed himself, it could be that Hee Seong father had something to do with it… or the accomplice had to kill him?

I don’t think the real accomplice identity has been shown yet, I think we might see him soon; I am suspecting episode 11 or 12.  

My issue with the music editing

This is nitpicking… I already know that, but please hear me out… the music editing in this drama is too damn dramatic and sometimes overpowers the actual dialogue between the characters. The stakes are high but the music used is obnoxiously loud, you don’t need to use such loud music to convey that shit has hit the fan.

Sometimes, it’s unnecessarily loud and overly dramatic, and sometimes it’s literally shadowing what the characters are saying. This is an issue I rarely find with kdramas because their editing is oftentimes good, but this is my only issue with “Flower Of Evil” thus far.

I sincerely hope the production team somehow stumbles upon comments from netizens regarding this and fix it. It’s too distracting.

So these are my thoughts on “Flower Of Evil” episode 7 and 8. What did you guys personally think of them?

By Jass K.

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  1. Great drama. I agree with most of your guesses. I think in the end, Hyun Su will either sacrifice his life for Jiwon or just be seriously hurt so she does realize he did love her and forgives him.

  2. You really put words to my thoughts while watching ep 7 & 8. Twas really nerve wracking. But I still havent got an answer on why is the real hesung on death bed when its hyun su who was car crashed. But theres a point in ur theory. Well just have to wait and see till next week. Great recap and comment!

  3. I agree with everything said. I also think Hyun Su loves Ji Won and their daughter. Or else he wouldn’t go to the extremes he is. Look at it this way: Ji Won is looking for the accomplice. Hyun Su panics and gets the reporter to find his noona and the three of them collaborate.

  4. On point recap, thank you. What made me laugh out loud, your comment on the music. I 100% agree. While I am catching my breath from scene to scene, from dialogue to dialogue, the music has made me a nervous wreck.

    I am hoping for a happy ending. After his hard life, it would be nice for Hyun Su to end up with a normal, happy, loving family.

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