ENA’a “Strangers Again” Episode 1 And 2 Review- LOVE The Pairing

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ENA’a “Strangers Again” formally known as “Can We Be Strangers?” has aired last night, here is what I thought on the premiere episodes.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

I had expectations going in and I was still pleasantly surprised by most of it. The script is penned by a screenwriter named Park Jin-Ree, and this is likely her debut project. For a debut project, I thought it was nicely written. It was a very interesting premiere.

Lets talk about what I liked.

I liked how frank the characters are, and how open they are about discussing marital issues without attempting to censor the discussion or water it down for the viewer. They openly talk about sex, various marital issues like adults would do in a regular setting in real life. I was a bit worried they’d censor it because Koreans tend to be on the conservative side with their dramas but this was a pleasant surprise.

I liked their approach to the characters too.

I also liked how layered many of the issues they faced are. For starter cases, it was not black or white like it tends to be with legal dramas. In the 2nd episode alone, they represent a client who is clearly in the wrong. I liked how they were still able to settle the situation regardless.

The screenwriter also does not attempt to excuse adultery or paint one person over the over as the ‘angel’ in some situations, and it shows how each person’s approach could be harmful towards the other even if one of them is obviously hurting the other significantly more.

If this is how it’ll progress throughout the run time of the drama, I think we’re in for an amazing time.

The introduction for the character Gu Eun-Beom was a bit choppy. I think this was intentionally done to increase the intrigue surrounding why a seemingly nice considerate smart person would cheat on someone he’s been with for 10 years, and why would that person be so down on their luck like that.

I am guessing its a huge misunderstanding but I hope to god there is a good explanation for it. Gu Eun-Beom does not strike me as someone who is dumb, so it makes me wonder why he’d cheat and if he didn’t, why he wouldn’t correct it.

I have a feeling the screenwriter will not make him a cheater, but I hope the reason why he got to the point we started with in episode 1 can be clearly explained.

I am intrigued and both disgusted at the fact that Gu Eun-Beom set up his ex-wife with a hoobae of his, I also hope he’s not simply that dense and there is more to it.

I liked the pairing of Jang Seung-Jo and Kang So-Ra. They share great chemistry and synergy. I felt they worked very hard to establish that sort of familiar but slightly awkward vibe when interacting. Truly professionals.

The person who cast both for this drama has done well.

Kang So-Ra is back for the 1st time 5 years in a kdrama after her recent marriage, she’s now a mama, and looking absolutely stunning. Glad she’s back.

The drama is 12 episodes. which is always welcomed.

I am definitely excited for next week’s episodes.

Have you guys seen Strangers Again yet? Thoughts?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I like “Strangers again”, is lighthearted, snappy and modern. Episode 4 or 5 revealed why ML wanted to end his marriage and it somewhat makes sense in previous episode why he set-up his ex with the other guy and is brilliant writing and directing. If this series continues like this the viewer is in for some surprises. I also like her new Beau, the one who’s good in waiting.

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