“Doom At Your Service” Episode 2 Review- Things Are Finally Starting To Make Sense

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“Doom At Your Service” episode 2 has aired a couple of hours ago and I am here to share my thoughts on it and talk about how I am starting to understand the idea a bit.

The definition of ‘doom’- kinda makes sense but still, very odd

So according to “Doom At Your Service” screenwriter, the insanely hot Myul Mang is destruction himself, he’s the beginning and the end. He destroys and brings back life, so if he’s this… doesn’t that make him a god?

I am a bit confused on what makes a god in this universe, if he’s able to manipulate so much as we’ve seen in “Doom At Your Service” episode 2, he qualifies for what defines a ‘god.’ I am starting to piece things together but it is still a bit hazy.

So far, I’ve concluded the following:

Whatever he does brings doom, if he does nothing the world literally ends, so its ‘doom’ here and there but also not complete and utter world destruction.

You need winter to have spring, you need darkness to have light. Death must exist for life.

That’s a good idea.

I just hope that in the coming episodes they help us clarify more on what differentiates a god from doom itself.

the identity of ‘god’ or ‘gods’

I wanted to talk about it last night but I am bringing it up now but I found it pretty odd that we have a 20-year-old who is god in this case. I just found it utterly unbelievable and I am surprised it took such a form.

So according to the screenwriter, it appears that there isn’t one ‘god’ but ‘gods’ based on what she said after resuscitated from a sudden death. She exists because humans believe in her and must pay the price with her life as she’s reborn? This is what I understood so far but I am still not sold on this particular idea.

I hope in the next episodes, they clarify her position a bit better.

Introduction of the rest of the characters- the pacing

So I am glad the rest of our characters got introduced this episode, I just wished we got to see more of Kang Tae Oh, his smile alone is enough you guys. The visuals for this drama are off the roof. Seo In Guk is hot but the addition of Lee Soo hyuk and Kang Tae Oh makes this drama EVEN BETTER.

Aside from my fangirling above, I was made aware that the love triangle will not be between our two first leads but the second leads, this is interesting, I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

I like the pacing but I hope in the next episodes we get to know more about them.

I don’t mind that the premiere this week wasn’t as fast-paced as I had expected it to be, we’re talking about death here. The sinking reality that Dong Kyung is going to die and her very realistic unique approach is interesting to see.

What I kind of didn’t like was how she suddenly proposed they live together as if it’ll change anything when it won’t. I hate it when this particular trope is used so abruptly and without much consideration. I hope they provide a better explanation for that next week. I like how the drama is shaping out to be but I hope to god it doesn’t take the route I have in mind, because if it does, I’ll be very disappointed.

A side note, I’ve seen some people compare this drama to “Goblin” which I found to be pretty odd especially since in our case the main lead is not a ‘nice’ person per se, he is death himself and so many things about this drama differ from “Goblin,” I get why people might make a connection but not every fantasy drama is like Goblin.

So these are my thoughts on “Doom At Your Service” premiere episodes. What about you guys? Did you enjoy the premiere?

By Jass K.

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  1. The whole idea of doom is still a little bit confusing for me too. But what I understand was that Seo In Guk is kind of like a god too, like the god of destruction. Tho it’s still not clear because they’ve not yet explained it very well.

    Also, what I understand why the 20 year old girl is a deity is because a deity is reborn after paying the price. Since the deity have the power to grant people’s good wishes, the power they had has a consequence to them, and that’s why they are paying the price.That’s what I’ve understood so far. I’m not quite sure about my explanation as well as the story is still confusing right now.

    Btw, I like reading your reviews!!

    1. thanks a lot for reading Catherine, I really like your comment because its helping me understand more, your explanation makes a lot of sense, I think this is what they’re going for

  2. I actually find this depiction of God quite fascinating. I think she is the real deal (dramatizationally speaking), and is meant to portray God, but more so the son (Jesus) than the Father. As “weak” as she comes off, she seems to command Myul Mung and have some authority over him. MM seems to adhere to her in kind and is “complaining to the boss”, so to speak. The “paying for our sins” mention mirrors Jesus dying on the cross quite blatantly.
    I think it’s interesting because we’re used to our “God” depictions being more infallible, but forget that God became human and vulnerable. I’m just curious what is the extent of “gods” in this universe. Not saying I want a parade of divine characters, but it can’t possibly be just these two. I also say this because MM doesn’t seem to be a direct foil to “God” here. I don’t think he’s the “devil” per say, just a cog in the machine for balance. Though he did say he’s “the end”, so…I don’t really know. I commend the drama for its subtlety hinting at the divine, but being so imbibed in religion as I am, they may need to spell it out for me what is actually occurring.

    1. such a nice comment. I do find the approach fascinating as well but confusing because I didn’t expect them to do it like this. I guess I am not used to such approach. So far, I like the idea

  3. I honestly don’t find it that confusing. The 20 year old can be seen as a sacrifice, similar to Jesus. People call upon her, that’s why she exists but for them to live happily someone has to pay the price and that is why she keeps being reborn just to die again. MM can be seen as an angel, so he has a certain amount of command but still answers to the 20 year old. As you said before, doom is different for everyone. Him letting the murderer live is his doom since he wanted to die and not be held responsible for the lives that he took

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