“Doctor Lawyer” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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MBC’s hit drama “Doctor Lawyer” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of the finale.

“Doctor Lawyer” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Han Yi Han and Geum Seok-Young visiting Goo Hyun-Sung and his mother. They tell them about all the crimes Goo Jin-Ki committed. They end up joining hands together to stop him from killing more people.

Eventually, they manage to secure both Chun Hyun-Goo and Jo Jung-Hyun who testify against Goo Jin-Ki in court. Now, everything came crashing down and Goo Jin-Ki basically admits to murder.

While questioning Goo Jin-Ki, Geum Seok-Young collapses in court and we find out she has the same hereditary illness as her brother. At the same time, Goo Jin-Ki’s lawyer gets reported and will have her license revoked due to her actions. Goo Jin-Ki asks her to alert the security official of his hospital because he needs something and he’ll take it from there.

In the same day, Goo Jin-Ki meets Han Yi Han and asks him to protect Banseok Foundation & Hospital from Jayden. He admits to his crimes before him and tells him he did because he felt he was a threat to his son and that if he didn’t give the heart to Jayden, he wouldn’t have known when he could get another heart. If Jayden had died, his plans with the Honours Hand foundation would have gone to waste. He apologizes to him while asking him for help.

He also asks Han Yi Han to retrieve a video that proves Jayden got the heart transplant. He gets it.

At night, Goo Jin-Ki visits the doctor in prison who injects him with something that makes him sleep, when he wakes up, his hands are tied and he sees Jayden.

Jayden injects him with the same thing he injected him with five years ago, he is to die a slow painful death. When he tells him Han Yi Han has a video, Jayden says his purpose was revenge and nothing else.

At the hospital, Goo Jin-Ki doesn’t have much time left, he asks for Han Yi Han. When he comes to him, Goo Jin-Ki only utters his son’s name before passing away.

Jayden attempts to run away and Han Yi Han follows him. Goo Hyun-Sung, who is heartbroken after his father’s death, holds him by the collar. Jayden tells him to come back and take revenge when he can but he stabs him in the heart. He collapses.

Han Yi Han ends up operating on Jayden’s heart to save his life.

A year later

Choi Yo-Sub operates on Gil So-Yeon who lost her voice due to the botched surgery, and its a success. He later decides to join Han Yi Han’s place. Han Yi Han also gets acquitted from his previous sentence.

At prison, he meets Jayden who thanks him for saving his life. He will not appeal his sentence and serve it.

At home, Han Yi Han gets a call that they found a heart for Geum Seok-Young, he tells her to get the surgery and they can get married when she’s fully recovered.

Did Goo Jin-Ki die? Why did Jayden kill him?

Goo Jin-Ki was killed by Jayden by a lethal dose, he passes away.

Here is why Jayden killed him: On the operation day, Jayden went to see his birth mother and delayed his surgery. In the car, they had a conversation together and he tells her he’s her son. They have a heart-to-heart talk but his heart starts acting up due to the dose injected by Goo Jin-Ki who lied and said it was good for him. He stops the car while in pain but they soon get run over by Goo Jin-Ki’s order. They get into a terrible accident.

Jayden’s mom protects him and dies on the spot. Jayden has done all of this to take revenge and didn’t honestly care for anything else but causing him a slow and painful death.

Did Jayden die?

Luckily, he didn’t die despite getting stabbed by Goo Hyun-Sung. Han Yi Han operates on him and saves his life. Jayden decides not to appeal the sentence despite Goo Hyun-Sung asking for leniency from the judge which would have granted him better conditions. He wants to serve for his crimes fully.

Why didn’t Jayden tell them about his plan?

At prison when Han Yi Han asks him why he didn’t tell him about his plan. He says it would have been the same outcome either way. Han Yi Han had found out that Jayden wasn’t aware he took someone else’s heart, he was also a victim of Goo Jin-Ki.

“Doctor Lawyer” episode 16 review

If Jayden’s character had been killed, I would have been LIVID, LIVID I tell you.

I called it from the premiere episodes review, I was under the impression that Jayden received the heart but I didn’t expect him to not have consented to this.

I also don’t like how all of a sudden, the screenwriter attempts to humanize Goo Jin-Ki’s character to the point that all of them sort of begin working against Jayden for some reason, and it makes me not care about the main couple or the main fight as much as I care about Jayden even more.

I understand why Jayden didn’t tell them, of course, his end goal was causing him to lose everything before ending his life in a miserable way. I mean, he killed his mom, its understandable and should almost be considered a service to society.

“Doctor Lawyer” remains one of the most disappointing kdramas of 2022 in my opinion. There are some good moments here and there but the overall story is lacking in many areas and some actors’ performances hindered the drama from reaching its full potential.

Shin Sung Rok gives an outstanding performance here yet again. I just finished this drama but I miss him already. I hope to God he takes on a new project soon, preferably a villain role again because HE IS AMAZING. I think if the writing for Jayden’s character wasn’t good or if the performance of Shin Sung Rok wasn’t good, it would have made this drama even more difficult to watch than it already was in certain areas.

It would have been so much better if the writing for the rest of the story resembled the writing for Jayden’s character and his story arc because that part literally carried the drama.

I feel sad, I don’t enjoy saying a drama isn’t good…. I hoped this drama wouldn’t disappoint, I had such high expectations…. This year has been so lackluster its not even funny anymore….. “Big Mouth” airs in its time slot next week, I mean… I am excited…. But since its MBC… also worried. Fingers crossed.

What did you think of “Doctor Lawyer” ending? Did you like it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Still can’t understand what the purpose of Jingyi purposely crashing Jayden (accidentally killing his mother) and transplant the heart since Jayden only asked for one day grace. So he wanted Jayden dead or alive ? And with that Banseok foundation still did not invest in the hospital (since 5 yr later, they still discussing the investment).

  2. I liked Doctor Lawyer and i think it was amanzing drama and full of emocions ,but I didn’t like the part of how the drama ends, I would have liked another ending for the lawyer and the prosecutor since they were, so to speak, the main actresses!

  3. Buhh guyyy…
    I really liked the Jayden’s character.. he’s more of the fun
    I really do hope he’ll get a happy ending(with yoona of course)
    He’s such a sweet too smart baby boy(the way he laugh)…and I decide in my mind that his sentence is really light like maybe just 10 years in prison or so.
    In short , this drama is really heartbreaking but also much fun because I’m a medical student and it made me learn a lot.
    Kudos to doctor lawyer, and everyone
    Let’s keep on the good work!

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