“Welcome To Samdal-Ri” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Finale

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“Welcome To Samdal-Ri” has ended its run a couple of hours ago, let us take a look at the finale and explain the ending!

“Welcome To Samdal-Ri” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with the squad devising a plan to trick the reporters, they act as if they’ll hold Sam-Dal’s exhibition there but secretly move the artwork from the building somewhere else, they also hire the help of the haenyeo to distract the reporters.

They plan to expose Bang Eun-Ju using Cheon Chung-Ki who exposes her and reveals she mastered the whole thing and took bribes from companies to feature their items in the magazine. They have it on tape. A fellow friend reporter writes it up and sends it to fellow Jeju reporters who all report on it and its shared as an exclusive. Bang Eun-Ju is now exposed.

Sam-Dal remarks she thought she’d feel vindicated but still feels bitter about what happened.

The Reporter An Kang-Hyun follows the group around and figures out where the exhibition truly is, he finds its her first exhibition under her real name, and its about Jeju, the weather and its people.

Sang-Do and Sam Dal take a walk after its over and they talk, Sam Dal asks if the girl he’s had a crush on is her, he denies it. She also tells him she knew he was always sending her flowers for each occasion.


Hae-Dal meets with Ji-Chan and talks to him about wanting to be a haenyeo but being afraid of telling her mother, he says she should try it. He then brings up how she could end up hanging out with him in the future and they could date. This makes things slightly awkward between them. He also tells her her daughter’s dream was to be a swimmer.

When she goes back home she confronts her child and tells her she shouldn’t dream of her mother’s thing as she’d do it on her own and should be her own and dream of whatever she wants to do, they hug.

At night, Jeon Dae-Yeong goes to see Jin-Dal who tells him he should go back as they’re not meant to be, her mother is still against the construction and its better to be separated. They both get hammered and he asks if she likes him and smiles at him, she denies it but then admits to it.

She ends up taking him to his motel where he says there is a cockroach. They end up sleeping together. In the morning, he tells her what if they forgot about AS and just focused on loving each other while holding onto her arms.


Yong-Pil is told about the rare position in Switzerland, but he refuses to go, the group happens to discuss it at a drinking session alone without him present, and they also all agree to go back to Seoul to re-try.

She tells that to Yong-Pil later, she tells him he can go and fulfill his dream and not worry about her, he tries to resist but she brings up good points.

Two years later

Sam Dal is late for a meet-up with the friends in Seoul, now, Sang Do has his own huge shop while Gyeong-Tae is dating Sam Dal’s co-worker happily. They drink and have a good chat together.

The girls are told later that Man-Su donated 1 billion won and vanished, turns out he was an Arab prince.

Jin-Dal is back together with her husband and she works in the training of new flight attendants. Her husband stepped down of his position and is now the CEO of the airline’s division to be with her. they run to each other at the airport.

At her workplace, Sam Dal’s model is nowhere to be found, then they have the idea to call THE kim Tae Hee for the photo shoot and she shows up, she tells Sam Dal she was hesitant about contacting her because of what happened but she’s glad to see her. They shoot with her as the model.

At night, Sam Dal is packing her bags to go see Yong Pil in Switzerland in a month. She is told to take out the trash. She does so and she finds him there standing waiting for her, they share a hug.

Through a montage, we find out that Gyeong-Tae now owns a famous shop and is looking to franchise, Eun-U is heading a popular comics company and Yong Pil is back to his position in Seoul and insists on joining the call with Jeju to insist its going to snow.


Hae-Dal joined her mother in diving and Cho Sang-Tae and Sam Dal’s father have lunches together and are back on good terms.

In voice-over, Yong Pil says whenever they feel the need to breathe, they’ll go back to their homeland.

the end.  

“Welcome To Samdal-Ri” ending explained- FAQ

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