“Wedding Impossible” Ending Explained- Did Ji Han And A Jung Get Back Together?

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“Wedding Impossible” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and the ending explained!

“Wedding Impossible” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with both Ji Han and A Jung carrying on with their lives after their breakup, they both think of each other ever once and a while but are doing fine in life.

Since its been a year since what happened, both of them run into each other visiting Ji Han’s mother’s resting place. They catch on with each other and tell stories about what their friends are up to. Ji Han then asks her to talk about themselves. She says she’s doing fine. She ends up leaving but giving him her umbrella because its raining and she has another one.

A Jung is doing well these days with acting and her profile is improving. Tae-Min’s work is also doing extremely well but he’s having writer’s block.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim became the CEO of the company after Min-Woong and Se-Jin were punished. They’re now doing volunteer work.

Do Han is back in Seoul again after a year and A Jung meets him, she drives him back to his place, they’re still good friends.

Ji Han meets with his retired grandpa who asks why he’s not dating A Jung until he recalls why, he hands him a coupon he’s made for forgiving mistakes and tells him they’re now even. Grandpa asks him not to mind him and date her if he wants.

Thus, he decides to return her umbrella as an excuse to see her, he ends up being her manager for the day because hers got sick. When he goes to the set, he finds her friends and her friends lie that her co-star is her boyfriend, he’s very upset and ends up leaving.

Chae-Won’s father is still trying to set her up on blind dates, but then she meets with a man named Tae Hwan [cameo by Kim Bum]. He says he’s had a crush on her since a long time ago and he’s her blind date, he tries to ask her out but she refuses and leaves.

Chae-Won then meets with Ji Han for drinks and he drinks a lot thinking A Jung is dating. Then, A Jung is called after he’s passed out drunk. The girls ask them to pick between them and he picks A Jung. She carries him to his house and he admits he’s still thinking of her and is sad she’s dating.

Meanwhile, Chae-Won runs into Tae Hwan again and he gives her a lift. He reveals he fell for her at her wedding and would like a chance, so she doesn’t turn him down this time and accepts the lift.

The next day, Do Han sees Dae-Hyeon who came to apologize to him for what he’d done, he accepts his apology and says its fine. He also can see that Do Han can now draw eyes and he’s not scared of them anymore.

A Jung is driven back by Ji Han and they run into her sister and her husband. He’s brought inside where the parents ask whats going on. A jung denies anything happened but Ji Han says he really likes her and would like to eventually marry her.

He even stays for lunch with the fam and help out.

Later, the couple meet and A Jung admits she’s not dating anyone and says she’s missed him dearly. Ji Han ends up asking her to marry him that way she won’t leave him easily and even after a fight they’d still get back together.

They end up hugging each other and sharing a kiss.

A while later

A Jung is getting married to an actor in a wedding scene [cameo by Lee Soo Hyuk]. Ji Han then comes and holds her hands and says its serves her right for getting married to someone else, he grabs her hand and runs away with her while it rains.

The couple runs away together in her wedding dress.

The end.

“Wedding Impossible” ending explained- FAQ

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