“The Devil Judge” Episode 15 Was Absolutely Brutal And Heartbreaking- Review

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“The Devil Judge” Episode 15 dropped a couple of hours ago and O.M.G. Who else is in utter shock beside me?

“The Devil Judge” has been a mixed bag, I still think the writing is seriously flawed but it has been entertaining for the most part, infuriating but also entertaining.

“The Devil Judge” episode 15 was honestly pretty hard to watch, some of its scenes were difficult to get through because you know sh*t is about to go down and it will only get worse from there.

So, I am here to discuss the episode, my concerns with the characters’ writing, why I was not really rooting for Yohan and more.

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Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

“The Devil Judge” plot twist

So…. Yohan has to deal with fidgety Ga On head-on, however, he doesn’t go as hard on him as he probably has all the right to, but he strikes back in a way suitable with his methods.

He ends up pleading with the public and admitting to his crimes, for going hard on criminals who evade justice. His speech ends up drawing people closer to him with more demanding her runs for president.

However, the ever-annoying Ga On, with the help of Professor Min, digs up Yohan’s past with Joseph retracing Soo Hyun’s steps. This leads him to believe even more in the fact that Yohan is the devil.

After seeing someone dumb Soo Hyun’s killer dead body in his apartment, Ga On goes to Yohan’s place with a knife to kill him. He is full of rage.

However, sh*t goes south when after a confrontation with Yohan, Professor Min shows up to arrest Yohan, Ms. Jung also shows up and just as a cartoonish evil person reveal, we find out that Ga On was planted by Ms. Jung all along with the help of Professor Min.

Also, Ms. Jung decides to show footage from the church fire accident to Ga On who then realizes that he f*cked up so bad that he probably caused the death of many people and will probably cause more.

Turns out, the person who caused the fire was Elijah, it was an accident and Yohan was only protecting her. Ga On collapses as Yohan begs for him not to see the footage. They also force Elijah to watch all of this happening.

Ga On says, ‘in that moment, I decided to die.’

“The Devil Judge” Episode 15- review

That was a bruh moment indeed. I would’ve loved for a less cartoonish reveal but it was very emotional to watch.

I think I speak for most people when I say we knew that Professor Min was bad news, many kdrama fans said that because he went against Yohan whom they had been rooting for.

However, in my case, suspicion against Yohan shouldn’t be vilified because the guy is still very unstable. Having said this, Professor Min was still annoyingly persistent and slightly fishy.

Yohan’s methods are the reason for his fall that we’ve seen in episode 15, I get that people root for him because he represents the weak but, he goes about it in an outrageously boastful way almost as if he wants to get caught. I don’t know if the screenwriter intended for us to see it that way or not.

Ga On has been a pain in the ass since day 1, what I don’t quite believe about the ‘plot twist’ is that Ms. Jung somehow knew he would end up so close to him and then use him against Yohan, that’s next-level planning. It is so unrealistic that it’s almost funny.

You need so many probabilities to happen in a certain sequence in order to achieve that goal. It feels cartoonish, but I’ll take it.

What caught me by surprise was how Elijah turned out to be the reason behind her parents’ death.

I can tell the screenwriter was planning for this since the get-go, now, Ga On’s character makes a bit more sense. I still wish the screenwriter had been more methodical in the way he wrote Ga On, but this is still a good explanation for his fickle character.

I wish Ga On was presented correctly to the viewers. This is one of my issues with the writing, its not that he’s fickle but the way his character is written. The screenwriter almost explains his wary behavior not as a deep serious flaw of his character but something natural for him to do, something that anyone with a righteous mind would’ve done. This is why the writing has been an issue for me since episode 4.

“The Devil Judge” Episode 16- predictions

Due to “The Devil Judge” Episode 15 ending, I honestly don’t think it will end nicely and to be frank, I don’t think it should either.

Ga On has been on a downward spiral since Soo hyun’s death, if he ends up avenging for Yohan, I don’t think he’ll forgive himself or live to see it, I suspect he might either kill himself or get himself killed.

With Yohan, I am on the fence, I think he’ll either fully crumble and fall or get back up and decide to go batshit crazy. The only thing stopping him I believe is his love for his niece and Ga On.

Ga On has truly ruined his relationship with everyone, he doesn’t have much to live for.

I want to see the screenwriter burn everything in episode 16, it is already crazy and makes no sense but I wish he [the screenwriter] goes even harder and for everyone to either die or get imprisoned in episode 16.

I know some will call me crazy but I dont want a happy ending, a happy ending will feel extremely forced at this stage, I just want everyone who screwed up to die.

I am also a bit worried about the finale, it feels like there is still so much left to tell, I don’t know if one episode is enough to cover all.

So these are my thoughts on “The Devil Judge” Episode 15, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. The single thing that I managed to predict accurately was that the fire was Elijah’s mistake. But given Yohan’s paranoia, I expected there was a bigger, more elaborate picture to be drawn that involved Jung Seonah. The whole scene was so dramatic and outlandish that the way in which it was carried out didn’t quite do justice to the actual weight of it all unwinding. It was too much, too fast. They definitely could’ve cut down on some of the drama’s middle content to have given proper closure and processing time in the final quarter.

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