Kdrama “Shooting Stars” Ending: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Shooting Stars” has ended its run a couple of hours ago, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Note: the below recap is not word for word but a recap of the highlights of the episode.

Shooting Stars” episode 16 recap

Tae Sung is getting ready for the day and ends up running into Jo Ki-Bbeum and Do Soo-Hyeok in the elevator. He finds out they’re dating and is jealous that they can meet each other freely but he can’t do the same with his girlfriend.

Kang Yoo-Sung picks up Park Ho-Young from the airport, he misses her terribly and asks her not to go on trips anymore since its been difficult on him.

Gong Tae-Sung and Oh Han-Byeol decide to lay low after fans talk about how much he’s been going to the agency recently. He tells her they should just go public but she says no recalling the pain she suffered through back when rumors of them dating spread in college.

On the next day

Gong Tae-Sung and Oh Han-Byeol are speaking on the phone and they find out that Byeon Jung-Yeol and Hong Bo-In are dating. She goes up on the roof to scold him for buying them coffee. They end up hugging. Gong Tae-Sung jokes about how he’s jealous.

During the night, Oh Han-Byeol went into Kang Yoo-Sung’s car as he was sneaking her into Gong Tae-Sung’s house when he received a shocking call. Yoon Jae-Hyun and Jin Yoo-Na are not only getting married but she’s pregnant. Kang Yoo-Sung is visibly upset and warns Yoon Jae-Hyun about the future he’s going to take and how this might take a hit on his rising acting career that he worked so hard for. However, the couple said they reserved a wedding venue. They announce their wedding and reveal they’re also having a child.

A week later

They hold a beautiful wedding and many of the company’s employees were invited. They company employees seem to be so happy for the couple.

After the wedding, CEO Choi talks to Kang Yoo-Sung about Yoon Jae-Hyun’s career. He tells him life never goes according to plan and he should just accept it. He also talks about the promise he’s made three years ago. He wanted to work hard for 3 more years and then hand the company over to Kang Yoo-Sung. Its now time he does that.

Gong Tae-Sung decides to plan a trip to Jeju since Oh Han-Byeol has never been there. He also says he’s went above and beyond to ensure they keep their privacy because of his status. However, at the airport, they run into the drama filming crew for Kang Si-Duk’s drama. They recognize him even though he was wearing a disguise.

When the couple goes to see a flower field, they find out the filming crew is there filming too. They’re barely able to escape. They end up not able to enjoy their vacation much due to people. Also, Oh Han-Byeol finds out that fans are aware he’s been spotted in Jeju.

They go back to their villa and at night, Gong Tae-Sung surprises her by flying over Jo Ki-Bbeum and Do Soo-Hyeok and meeting up with Kang Yoo-Sung and Park Ho-Young who were already there for filming. They have a dinner together at a secluded place.

Later, Gong Tae-Sung and Oh Han-Byeol go back to the villa and sleep together.

The next day, they contemplate where to go before deciding to drive around as every single attraction they could think of was either taken or too crowded. After taking a drive by the sea, they stop somewhere and as they’re about to kiss, a reporter calls Oh Han-Byeol and tells her he received a tip that Gong Tae-Sung went to Jeju with a non-celebrity.

She pauses before she turns around to Gong Tae-Sung and asks him if he’s dating Oh Han-Byeol, he says yes. She agrees they go public with their relationship. They kiss and hug and say I love you to each other.

The end.

How does “Shooting Stars” end?

In the ending scene of “Shooting Stars”, its revealed that Kang Yoo-Sung has become the CEO. Park Ho Young has become a team leader. Jo Ki-Bbeum and Do Soo-Hyeok are still happily dating.

Kang Si-Duk’s career is soaring while Yoon Jae-Hyun and Jin Yoo-Na are receiving love as a married couple starring ads for couple with babies.

Gong Tae-Sung and Oh Han-Byeol are happily going on dates and the PR team declines to comment on their whereabouts or such due to privacy.

Shooting Stars” ending review

Shooting Stars” ending was super cute, I wished the couple had attempted to go public with their relationship earlier and we could explore that dark hole but the screenwriter didn’t go there. In retrospect, I understand why too. It would have not resulted in a happy ending and the people who enjoyed the drama might have not liked the fact that the direction took a darker turn that wouldn’t have allowed for a happy ending.

This is a simple happy ending that I believe most people won’t be too mad about.

Shooting Stars” has been a mostly cute drama. I’d say those who enjoy Korean rom-coms will likely love this one. I think the average kdrama viewer will probably enjoy this if they knew what they were going into. As in not to expect something rom-coms don’t give.

The cast is also filled with idols who can act well, each of which has their fandom that I bet will watch anything for them,. So even for the people who haven’t watched it yet but are fans of any idol in this drama, I think you’ll end up enjoying it.

Shooting Stars” did get slightly darker but personally speaking, I saw it coming since it was meant to showcase what happens behind the scenes in the Korean entertainment industry, it was bound to go in a darker direction even if it was for a bit.

I loved the chemistry between everyone and especially think Sung Kyung and Young Dae had great chemistry. One of the best on-screen couples, they just seem hyper and happy to be around each other. Its been a while since I’ve seen Sung Kyung have good chemistry with a co-star. I would have never expected this pairing to work in a kdrama but it did. I think her chemistry with Young Dae rivals the one she had with Joo Hyuk. Both are great but I am so surprised Young Dae had such great chemistry with her and I love that.

They’ve also been sharing photos with each other from behind-the-scenes on their Instagram, they seem to share a cute close bond, we love to see it.

Shooting Stars” had a happy ending too, I don’t think there is much you could have asked for if you knew what it was going in. The one thing that sets it apart is the PR premise, other than that, its the basic Korean rom-com we’ve all seen a dozen times already.

So what did you guys think of Shooting Stars ending? did you personally like it or not?

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  1. It was an amazing show. Each episode just got better then the next. I love Sung Kyung and Young Dae so much. I hope there are more Kdramas like this is in the future. I truly enjoyed watching this Kdrama I looked forward to the episodes every week. Yes, the ending is simple but it is a happy one so I am glad.

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