“Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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tvN’s historical drama “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” has aired its finale last night, here is a recap of what happened.

What happened to Chief State Councilor Park Seung?

Yi-Eon arrests him and tells him to apologize to the people he’s hurt with his actions, however, he refuses even after coming close to death due to a fight he has with him. Eventually, he’s arrested and taken away.

Park Seung ends up getting ‘boiled’ to death which basically means they pretend to do so and he’s labelled a ghost after that. No one is to ever speak to him again and he’s locked up forever.

Does Park Seung find out the secret about Do Soo and Tae Seo?

Yes. When Park Seung was locked up after he was labelled a ‘dead’ person, the mother of Do Soo visits him, she tells him she switched the two children a long time ago and that Tae Seo was his legitimate son. Once he finds out, he goes crazy.

What happens to Park Do Soo?

Park Do Soo gets forced to trek over 1000 kms and then put under house arrest in a place where no one is allowed to speak to him. The place is covered by thorns and the main gate is shut.

Does Ra Yi-Eon resign?

Yes. After finishing his job, he does. He leaves with his servants to Ganghwa island together, Joy also decides to do the same with her friends. They open a dumpling place, Joy works as a seamstress, they open a pharmacy too and a shaman’s place.

Does Ra Yi-Eon fullfil his dream of becoming a chef?

Yes, he does. Despite pushback from his servants due to his noble status, he does end up making the dumplings himself. They end up becoming a success and people come from everywhere to try their dumplings and get things done at that place.

What happens to Ryu Deok-Bong?

She collects Kang Han Gi’s rifles that she held as collateral. She apologizes for her wrong actions and for not showing it to Ra Yi-Eon earlier. She plans to trade rifles for sliver and will got o Qing to bring back the women who were forcefully taken there.

She appoints Joy as the spiritual leader of the place as Ra Yi-Eon suggests.

Did Gwang-Soon and Yook-Chil get married?

Yes. Gwang-Soon ends up proposing to him after the entire group plans for this. He was afraid of proposing since it would demote her status because he’s a slave. However, he does agree to her proposal.

Did Yook-Chil and Goo-Pal get cleared from being slaves?

Yes. The next day after Gwang-Soon and Yook-Chil spend their first night together, as a marriage gift, Ra Yi-Eon prepares them a document that basically clears them from being slaves thus eliminating the issues they had.

Did Ra Yi-Eon and Joy get married?

Yes. They eventually get married. After getting caught by Madam Jo whom Ra Yi-Eon had lied to because he couldn’t sell dumplings as a noble man, so he made up a lie to go to the island with his people.

Madam Jo isn’t very mad about that and tries to set them up to sleep in the same room and is in favor of them getting married.

Later that night, Ra Yi-Eon proposes to Joy and she agrees and gives him a kiss. They get married but still bicker daily.

Does “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The bad people end up getting caught and punished for their wrongdoings. The king is sick and likely steps down while Ra Yi-Eon and Joy end up getting married.

“Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” ended happily.

What did you think of “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” ending? Did you enjoy the drama?

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  1. Honestly, it was quite a chaotic ride I’d say, very uneven. The screen writer did not care much about putting some logical endings to his multiple story plots. A little messy it became at the end. But I am glad that they introduced some novel concepts and showed to us things like a divorce during Joseon (apparently it WAS possible to divorce). Or a commoner —women opening and succeeding in her business also during Joseon (very nice). There were actually many women managing their businesses (Jo Yi, her mom, her friends, colleagues of her mom), so many women were portrayed as an independent ones who valued their business more than love.
    But also – it is the first time I see the torture scenes so explicitly showed in a comedy.. It was confusing and took me out of comedy genre for a moment, (which I thought I was watching) to some other places. I started to think: where I am, what am I watching? Many confusing things. But at least Ok Taec Yeon had a blast, it seems like he really enjoyed himself in. Now he really established himself as a vertisale actor. Well done!! some of ost deserves kudos. That’ll it. Probably won’t rewatch though. No particular scene gave me the desire to spend hours to rewatch it, so. It’s a no for me.

  2. I was happy with the story itself but i had felt like there could have been more to the ending, like getting to see the crown prince return from his hiding and then reveal the fact that how he managed to stay alive then getting him to ascend the throne; or see jo yi’s mom working to free the women etc etc. It felt like there were missing parts to the story.

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