SBS’s “Payback” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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SBS’s “Payback” has ended its run today, here is a recap of its final episode.

SBS’s “Payback” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Eun Yong and Hwang Ki-Seok having a conversation, Hwang Ki-Seok attempts to have him switch sides and not attack him. Of course, Eun Yong refuses and throws punches at him, he states how he seems to be scared of him now. Their conversation ends badly and Hwang Ki-Seok begins to attack him.

Jang Tae-Chun finds out his uncle’s penthouse was seized.

When he goes back to his office, Hwang Ki-Seok instructs all of the people working on the case to cook something up and make sure Eun Yong is charged with as many crimes as they possibly can while bringing up his past, also, anyone who has ever breathed next to him should be investigated and somehow linked to him.

Hong Han-Na is alerted that her assets have been banned, and trading stopped, she decides to hold it out while being held in a cell.

Investigator Nam Sang-Il and Jang Tae-Chun re-investigate the case of CEO Oh’s death and find out the fingerprints is missing from the forensic files.

Hwang Ki-Seok is then told the hard drive of Eun Yong is encrypted and he won’t be able to unlock it so he asks his subordinate to get him the hard drive and take it out of the evidence list and bring it to him, the subordinate is hesitant but he lures him in.

Eun Yong sees Lawyer Lee Soo-Dong in jail and asks him to do an operation while he’s there.

Park Jun-Kyeong then submits a document to Jang Tae-Chun of Yong’s crimes and his confession statement. Its key evidence that can prove Chief Lee’s charges. Using this, Jang Tae-Chun carries and seize on his uncle’s computer taking it away from Hwang Ki-Seok.

Myung Se-Hee then meets her father who says he has money hidden away at his villa and only he can retrieve it, they can use these funds to Hwang Ki-Seok, he asks to be let out on hospital leave.

At the prosecution headquarters, Hwang Ki-Seok basically threatens Chief Prosecutor Lee Young-Jin to stay loyal to him. After his visit is done, he sees Yong at his jail cell, Yong eggs him on saying he’s surely dead even if he stays loyal to Hwang Ki-Seok. And at prison, Lee Soo-Dong agitates him even more to turn against them.

Myung In-Joo is then sent to a hospital and Myung Se-Hee is told by her husband that her father would be later moved to an isolation ward. She then escorts him outside to get his money but Yong interferes and takes him away.

Myung In-Joo is then taken far away to be investigated and questioned, Hwang Ki-Seok loses his mind. And then, Yong appears.

Myung In-Joo begins to sing like a bird while Chief Prosecutor Lee Young-Jin is then shown his confession tape. He cracks under pressure and admits to his role in CEO Oh’s death. Then, When Myung In-Joo finds out he’s angry but Park Jun-Kyeong basically tells him he’s trapped and should just confess so he doesn’t get the maximum sentence and wont see his cash. He admits and Hwang Ki-Seok is arrested on the spot.

At the questioning booth, Hwang Ki-Seok and Myung In-Joo meet and attempt to place the blame on each other, Myung In-Joo says he did it for family but Hwang Ki-Seok retorts with how he treated him like a dog.

After its all done, Jang Tae-Chun finds out he was the last piece of the puzzle and the one who ended it, everything turns out to have been planned from the time Yong was in prison. He isolated Hwang Ki-Seok to eventually take him down.

Some time later

Eun Yong and Park Jun-Kyeong visit her mother’s grave and she reveals she’s going to restart working on her company.

The team celebrates Investigator Nam Sang-Il’s retirement and Yong ends up paying a hefty fine for his crimes.

Jang Tae-Chun then returns Park Jun-Kyeong the symbol asking her to return to being a prosecutor.

Yong ends up leaving again but stops by Park Jun-Kyeong’s mother house.

Jang Tae-Chun now works under Park Jun-Kyeong on various cases.

how does SBS’s “Payback” end?

The last scene of SBS’s “Payback” shows Jang Tae-Chun opening a gift from his uncle, its a pen. Then we see a montage of Yong in the field riding a horse hinting that he’s left Korea again.

Does SBS’s “Payback” have a happy ending?

Yes it does. It ends with Hwang Ki-Seok and Myung In-Joo’s arrest. Both serve time for their crimes and won’t get out any time soon. Park Jun-Kyeong returns to being a prosecutor while working on rebuilding her mother’s company and Yong goes back to his quiet peaceful life.

have you guys seen the finale of SBS’s “Payback”? Did you like it or not?

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