“Pyramid Game” Ending Explained- Episode 10 Recap

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TVING’s “Pyramid Game” concluded its run earlier today, let us talk about the finale and explain the ending!

“Pyramid Game” episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Baek Ha-Rin inviting both Soo Ji and Ja Eun to her orphan, where she grew up.

We go back in time and Ha Rin recalls her old name Yang So Eun, she was an orphan and told young Ja Eun about it. Ha rin was lying to the kids about her father being in the U.S. and the kids found her obnoxious. Eventually, Ja Eun tells the kids to lay off of her but accidentally says she has no parents, the girls spread the truth even further and begin bullying So Eun.

As she’s talking about her past, Ha Rin swallows opioids. She wants Ja Eun to suffer for what she’d done to her. Then, a fire she set up erupts and Ja eun tries to rescue her, she falls to the ground and eventually, firefighters arrive.

At the hospital, Ja Eun apologizes to Soo Ji for not being the victim she thought she was, but she’s not mad at her.

Eventually, things start to fall into place. The press get involved and articles about them get published. Initially, Soo Ji takes the full blame for the situation and will likely be labeled the person who set up the pyramid game.

Police interfere and an investigation is launched, all the girls of the class get interviewed and talk about how they were victims. police came for Soo Ji too to take to the station. They ask her about who set fire and she tells them the truth.

In a flashback, Soo Ji recalls what Ha Rin told them how the school she was at set up the pyramid game and how she was at the bottom at the time. Ha Rin finds out Baeyeon Group people are coming to a talent show and she puts on a show for them, eventually, she gets adopted by them.

Soo Ji’s father picks her up from the police station. Reporters are also at their school trying to get a scoop, the girls pick a trustworthy someone to tell their stories to.

Teacher Choi comes forward and exposes the bullies of the high school who harassed Soo Ji repeatedly and publishes the video online, public’s sentiment turns on them immediately.

Ye lim ends up contacting Cho Woo-Ri and calling her a friend, she makes then the decision to show support for Ye Lim who has been branded a bystander. She explains how Ye Lim was there for her and how Ha Rin ruined her life and bullied her because she only accidentally stepped on her foot.

In another flashback, the girls remember what Ha rin said on the day of the fire, how when she reunited with Ja Eun, she saw her happy and asked how she’s doing when she moved into their school. When she saw she’d forgiven herself before she was able to forgive herself either, she wanted to rip her face into pieces. Soo Ji calls out her bluff and says ‘you’re a bully and you made the pyramid game,’ she calls out her bluff as she’s been bullying people before she even reunited with Ja eun.

When Soo Ji’s father finds out about the video, he’s deeply upset, he apologizes to his daughter who says she’s fine now.

The girls and teacher Yoon eventually take on the school for accusations of rigging exams and scores. The police show up, make arrests and the school leaders get prosecuted.

All the girl bullies get expelled from school and face severe consequences for their actions including the wrath of their parents. Seo Do-A gets caught in the crossfire but she accepts it, she then takes on her dad who wants her to go overseas but she wants to stay in Korea and take the GED.

Ha rin’s adoptive parents decide to denounce her publicly, they come out with a press conference against her, shaming her and abandoning her. They don’t even claim her after she is rushed to the hospital so she remains a jane doe. Her nightmare will begin the moment she opens her eyes.

Meanwhile, Soo Ji and her friends decide not to be bystanders to bullying and when she sees someone being bullied, this time she does something about it.

Jo Seung-Hwa is leaving for the military, he hands Soo Ji tickets for the girls to have fun at some place, the girls are now good friends and get along well together.

The school has now changed its name to Miryo girls high school after Miryo group, and two of the group’s twins are now getting enrolled in school, they talk to each other via text messages about how Ha rin used to play pyramid game and the two suggest they play the game at the school again.

The two girls get introduced to the class, Soo Ji can be heard introducing herself too, she smiles.

The end.

“Pyramid Game” Ending Explained- FAQ

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