“Penthouse 2” Episode 3 Recap And Review- Cheon Seo Jin Get A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

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The “Penthouse 2” has started off quite shocking and the madness carries on this week as well.

We’re here to discuss “Penthouse 2” episode 3 and my thoughts on it, but first, we’ll post the biggest takeaways from the 3rd episode for context.

Below is a quick recap of the “Penthouse 2” episode 3, it includes the biggest points, it’s not a detailed recap

The Recap

  • Yoon Hee threatens Cheon Seo Jin for being her hidden singer
  • Yoon Hee asks Cheon Seo Jin to retire or else she’ll expose her and ruin her career, she also continues to torment her and show up at places threatening to ruin her life
  • Cheon Seo Jin grows more frantic and crazy as she realizes she must cave in
  • Seok Hoon and Eun Byeol appear to be plotting something to stop their parents’ marriage, holding secret meetings.
  • Dan Tae puts a tail on his wife and Yoon Hee, he finds out that his wife has been hiding her issues from him after interrogating her assistant and decides to use Yoon Hee to tame her.
  • Dan Tae and Yoon Cheol play poker and Dan Tae gets humiliated.
  • In a throwback, Yoon Hee admits to her daughter that she killed Shim Su Ryeon’s daughter and must go back to South Korea, Ro Na loses her mind thinking her mother killed her because of her. She says she’ll never forgive her mother. Yoon Hee agrees with Logan that she would do anything he asks for as long as he keeps her daughter in the U.S.
  • Regardless of her request, Ro Na shows up at her old school and asks to be re-admitted, she shows Cheon Seo Jin a certificate she’s completed that could get her back in.
  • Ro Na confronts the kids who were bullying Jennie but during their confrontation, Min Hyeok falls and breaks his hands.
  • The parents of both sides get into a huge argument without either side backing down.
  • Ro Na begs Cheon Seo Jin in front of her mom to be re-admitted, Cheon Seo Jin tries to resolve this by burying her scandal.
  • Yoon Cheol shows up and started forcing himself onto Cheon Seo Jin in a hotel room, Jan Tae catches them in the act

“Penthouse 2” episode 3 review

This episode was slower but still very interesting and I am among the many others who are happy seeing Cheon Seo Jin crumble. They say karma is a bitch, but with such dynamics, I don’t know what is what anymore.

It would be sad to see Yoon Hee cave in for Cheon Seo Jin’s demands to hide this even though I know well if this gets out it will ruin her character, thus ending the drama and we’re only 3 episodes in, there is still more time. It won’t be this easy to finish them off.

Ro Na is a very frustrating character, at first look she’s very pitiful but doing this to her mother without hearing her out on the specifics is just terrible and inexcusable. Also, it would be a lot more efficient if both the mother and the daughter are on the same page. I don’t understand how anyone who’s been harassed and bullied so severely can ever go back to the lion’s den like that.

From a logic POV, this wouldn’t happen in real life, she needs therapy for the trauma she experienced while her mom was falsely accused of murder. I can’t picture how someone like her who has been through such stuff would want to go back there, I know she will continuously get harassed and I know the screenwriter will use this to make our blood boils. This drama dances around the topics of mental trauma and how childhood strict or crazy parents can shape their children, but its always one step behind, it uses it to justify some of the characters motivations but doesn’t want to go deeply into what is what or why certain things would happen from a psychological point of view. It’s a shame because it could be used as a cautionary tale. Knowing how the screenwriter writes, I know she won’t go there, but its something I believe would strengthen the drama.

The Penthouse could be a fun watch as long as you don’t get too emotionally invested in the characters but with the tactics the screenwriter use, there is almost no way I can ever logically dissect it. I’ll try but I don’t think I won’t be biased to this or that character.

Also, in the case of Yoon Cheol sexually assaulting Cheon Seo Jin, I was shocked. I like his character but like my friend said, this screenwriter is keen on making every damn character evil. Let’s see how this pans out.

So what did you guys think of this episode?

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  1. Except her mom told her she did murder someone else. Even more reason to stay the heck out of Korea and away from those people. The ex husband was almost murdered and lost his career being near his ex wife like that. Why is he anywhere near that guy?

  2. Could someone explain the time skips because in the first episode of s2 we start at the cheong ah arts festival then it cuts back 4 months and ro na is being bullied at school then it jumps forward 3 months and then to be comes back to Korea but seojin says that it’s been 2 years since they have seen eachother. How??

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