“One The Woman” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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SBS’s hit drama “One The Woman” has wrapped up its run with stellar ratings and approval from viewers, many fans enjoyed the ending and we’re here to recap it and discuss why fans loved it so much.

Did Kang Mina die? Why did she return with a new face?

No, Kang Mina didn’t die. However, she was hit hard in the head and wouldn’t wake up. Before she was hit, she said something to Yeon Ju about there being a secret Sung Hye was trying to hide but she was hit before she could say it.

Kang Mina meets Yeon Ju and Seung Wook and explains that she knew she was going to be killed so she ran away. She wanted to take the tablet initially with her to help uncover the truth but didn’t do it because she didn’t want to burden anyone.

After she saw Yeon Ju living in her place confidently she decided to return. She changed her face through surgery and wanted to take down Sung Hye from the inside.

Did Sung Hye kill her older brother?

Yes, she did. Kang Mina personally goes to her mother-in-law and tells her her daughter killed her own eldest son [Sung Chan] and that her younger son had known all along. She killed him using his asthma.

She killed him with a shampoo that contained something that was lethal to his asthma and his breathalyzer was stolen from him, thus he died.

The mother-in-law collapses knowing her own daughter killed her son.

Did Lawyer No betray their trust?

No, he didn’t. At first, Sung Hye threatened him with information she had known about him, information that could’ve saved Seung Wook’s father’s life.

Turns out, Lawyer No had already told Seung Wook about that and admitted to his past mistake. The lawyer actually conspired with the gang formed to take down Sung Hye but he had to make her trust him, thus, what he did at the end of episode 15.

Does Yeon Ju die?

No, but she gets kidnapped. Lawyer No pretends to be under Sung Hye’s control and because Yeon Ju was so baffled he had betrayed them at first, she agrees to meet with him to discuss what happened. He tricks her into drinking water laced with a sedative and she’s taken to a remote place to be killed by Sung Hye.

She doesn’t die and exposes Sung Hye’s crimes.

How did they expose Sung Hye’s crimes?

Lawyer No lied to her and pretended to switch sides and aided Sung Hye to take Yeon Ju to a remote location to supposedly kill her. However, the place was bugged with cameras that recorded their conversations and broadcast them live for everyone to see, Yeon Ju got her to confess in front of everyone without her knowledge.

Turns out, this entire thing was planned by our group themselves in order to nail Sung Hye dead in her place. They lock her in with Mr. Jung who used to be her assistant who aided her in everything she’s done, he admits to all of her crimes and explains she ordered him to do it.

Turns out, Seung Wook and the group found out his sister had kidney failure, her hospital expenses were paid by Sung Hye. But despite getting the chance to have a surgery to be fully cured, Sung Hye delayed that and prevented it from happening so she could trap Mr. Jung.

Sung Hye tries to evade justice but everyone she calls turns her down. She’s trapped.

Does Sung Hye commit suicide?

In “One The Woman” finale, it is hinted that Sung Hye writes an apology letter as the doors are closing in, it’s hinted that she passes away after committing suicide by drowning herself. However, she faked that.

Yeon Ju catches her attempting to escape the country with a fake passport. She’s arrested and punished for her crimes.

What happens to Prosecutor Ryu?

He eventually gets arrested and sentenced to jail for his crimes. He attempts to call people he knows but gets ignored, he weeps and screams about it.

What does Yeon Ju and Seung Wook end up doing?

Seung Wook ends up becoming the CEO of Hanju group through voting and takes back what he already had.

Yeon Ju’s father is released from prison and opens his own restaurant. His daughter visits him before she leaves.

After thinking long and hard, she realizes as long as she’s with the person she loves, it’s all going to be just fine. She leaves with Seung Wook to LA.

There, she takes the bar exam and passes it. She becomes a licensed lawyer in America and returns to Korea to celebrate that.

“One The Woman” ending was the happiest we could’ve ever hoped for.

“One The Woman” ending- final thoughts


“One The Woman” was genuinely a fun drama, it was also unexpectedly good. I never expected it to turn out like this but I am so happy it surprised me in a good way.

For the majority of its run time, “One The Woman” subverted my expectations in regards to almost everything to do with the type of plot they had to deal with, it was nice to see them subverting my expectations over and over again.

The only thing I didn’t like at all was the side plot of Kang Mina returning with a new face, I thought this part was sloppily done in comparison to everything else.

Regardless, this point doesn’t really tamper with the plot enough to make me second guess myself.

“One The Woman” was one of those dramas you’d watch to have fun and not stress too much. Despite the fact that it deals with intense topics about murder and chaebols, it maintains a fun atmosphere and juggles two drastic sides well together finding the humor in such situations that otherwise wouldn’t be so funny.

Honey Lee performance was amazing, she carried the show. Her comedic timing was impeccable and her chemistry with her co-stars was also great.

“One The Woman” ending was also everything we would’ve ever wanted, I loved how it wasn’t overly cheesy and remained true to the nature of such chaebols until the very end. I really liked that.

Thank you to the cast and crew of “One The Woman” on such an amazing drama.

So these are my thoughts on “One The Woman”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Oh, is the look alike at the end actually the aunt of the real Kang Mi-Na, she has such a hair do. The aunt was the head of Yumin group and in tge last episode, she was asked to step down because she was suspected of money laundering. She wondered how she’d get out of the situation do she wouldn’t be prosecuted. Could she have gotten cosmetic surgery to avoid being put to jail? Is that why Cho Yeun Jo smiled at the end?

  2. For me, there were good things and bad things in this drama. It started off well – Honey Lee is an amazing comic actress. But by the middle it turned into a one dimensional performance/drama. I mean, she was acting in the same way until the end and everything else became more or less repetitive. Of course- and again – 16 episodes are too much if you do not give your characters any development. I was expecting a more deeper dive into her personal relationship with Seong Wook, it would have given her the possibility to show a different side of her, but no, the writers did a very light work on that. He didn’t even have a lot of on screen time. It was all investigation and if there are no human stories it becomes boring very fast. I had the same feeling after watching “Law School” with Kim Beom. And of course, the face change was ridiculous, how could you take the story seriously after that. So let’s say the first half was good, the second half was disappointing. But, no doubt, Honey Lee made a good impression as an actress.

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