“Now We Are Breaking Up” Finale- Recap And Open-Ending Explained

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SBS’s drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” has come to an end today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

Does Jeon Mi-Sook Pass Away?

Yes, Jeon Mi-Sook passes away in her husband’s arms. The two of them lay down together one day at night, they exchange their last goodbyes and Jeon Mi-Sook asks him to not mourn for her more than three days, she asks him to take care of Ji Min as well.

She passes away due to cancer and a funeral is held for her, her friends and family are heartbroken to see her go.

What Happens To Jeon Mi-Sook’s Husband And Family?

Jeon Mi-Sook’s Husband affair with the girl ends, she tells him to not be shy and ask her to help around if Ji Min needs anything and it would be her way of apologizing to his wife, they decide to remain colleagues.

Kwak Soo-Ho ends up manning up and taking care of his child properly, they still visit the mother’s grave and make sure to do things as she’s instructed.

Why did Ha Young Eun quit her job? What type of job is she taking now?

Ha Young Eun quits her job after the death of Jeon Mi-Sook. Despite being offered to take SONO, she decides to leave empty handed, she tells the CEO she wants to try new things and experiment. She ends up leaving the company and starting her own label.

Ha Young Eun And Yoon Jae Guk end up quitting and joining her label, she gets help from the friends she’s made during her time in her past company and is able to grow to become a promising designer.

What happens to Director Hwang Chi-Sook and Seok Do-Hoon?

Their love for each other only grows with time, Hwang Chi-Sook casually tells him she loves him and two years later, they even move in together. The CEO father tries to pressure them into marriage but they firmly deny his request and politely turn down his ‘orders’ for them, they want to experience it and see if they can make it work together before getting married.

Did Hwang Chi-Hyung And Jung So-Young End Up Together?

Yes, fast forward two years later, the couple is working together and it appears they’re dating. They hold each other’s hands and work hard together on the new label by Ha Young Eun.

What happens to Yoon Jae Guk? Does he stay in Paris?

Yes. He remains in Paris and almost doesn’t maintain any contact with anyone, he doesn’t even call Ha Young Eun and she doesn’t do either.

He becomes an even bigger photographer and holds an exhibition, he wishes to one day meet her again. Two years later, one day, he gets a call from a Busan fashion event and agrees to participate in the show.

He ends up meeting Ha Young Eun in Busan as they’re about to work together.

Did Ha Young Eun And Yoon Jae Guk Get back together?- “Now We Are Breaking Up” ending explained

They are still in the process of breaking up, which means it’s not a yes or a no, but it’s leaning towards a new start again.

The drama fast-forwards to two years later after Ha Young leaves her company, she works hard and is met with multiple obstacles but the memories she’s had with Yoon Jae Guk do keep her motivated, the same goes for Yoon Jae Guk whose career also flourishes.

In the last scene of the drama, Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk meet accidentally while out and about in Busan. The two ask each other how they’re doing and smile at each other. Ha Young Eun tells him she’s named her label Hwa which means reciprocation.

In voiceover, Ha Young Eun says, ‘the promises we made, and your love showed me the way. And walking that path is my way of reciprocating to you. We’re in the process of breaking up.’

The two end up smiling at each other, Yoon Jae Guk is happy to hear she’s still thinking about him, and their smiles at each other hint at the possibility that they might be getting back together and are not totally over each other, yet.

If you recall, previously, when they ‘broke up,’ she told him, ‘If we ever cross paths again by chance, then I won’t make any excuses. I’ll just try to believe that we were meant to be,’ and he added, ‘When and if that happens, please do that. And when that happens, I will not let you go.’

When they met two years later, they realized their love for each other hasn’t changed and this hints at the likelihood that they’re getting back together.

“Now We Are Breaking Up”- review- final thoughts

There was really no way they could have saved this drama. Even if they had fixed every other thing with this drama, the script still couldn’t be fixed and for many reasons. A lot of things can be tolerated if the story is very interesting, this includes nonexisting chemistry between the leading couple and some lukewarm performances.

“Now We Are Breaking Up” was completely pre-produced which meant the producers couldn’t do much to salvage the drama. Added to that, the leading man is serving in the military so even if they had wanted to do something, it would’ve been impossible.

I say this because I am honestly sad about how “Now We Are Breaking Up” turned out to be. I watched it because I am a fan of the people involved in this project but I am so disappointed with the final product.

This is not to say I disliked it because its an open ending. If you follow my reviews, you know that I don’t mind such endings because sometimes, that’s what’s appropriate, not everything has to end happily, but still, the script has too many issues for me to overlook what it has become.

Ha Young Eun as a character isn’t terrible and I think she deserves better than Jae Guk, thus, I don’t like the ending. The fact that it insinuates that they are still in the process of breaking up doesn’t sound like a good ending to me.

This is hands down my least favorite drama by Ki Yong and Joo Hun, it will be difficult to top that.

On the positive side, I must say, I discovered some great actors in this drama, particularly Ha Young who plays the role of Jung So-Young. She’s a hidden gem and has great potential. Sehun’s performance here was also nice, way better than I had expected. I also loved loved Park Hyo Joo’s performance, she deserves the award she received for it. She’s one of the highlights of this drama.

If you’ve also been following up with “Now We Are Breaking Up,” then you know the ratings have been on the decline, it did recover last night but it went down more than I had expected it to. I have explained my personal opinion on Hye Kyo’s acting and choices, read here, but I hope there is a silver lining to this, I hope this becomes a sort of notification that’ll help lead her towards different roles in the future, if she continues down this particular path, she won’t be able to maintain relevance especially with the talents that are out now.

I can’t recall the last time any of her projects has been met with such responses from fans and critics alike, not saying everyone disliked it [because that’s also false] but this is the first time I’ve seen many comments being critical of her choices and her acting, it seemed that it had reached a boiling point and it burst with this particular drama… I am surprised to see many comments discussing it to this degree.

So these are my thoughts on “Now We Are Breaking Up”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Very well said!
    This is my personal opinion as well…
    i was truly disappointed with the lead characters’ performance throughout the
    duration of the drama.
    “Ha Young-kyo” and “Yoon Jae-Guk” was the most boring and the most unemotional couple i’ve ever watched oncreen.
    I was actually more excited with Director Hwang Chi-sook and Seok Do-Hoon’s characters. I remember always looking forward to their scenes together.

    I’m a k-drama fan for almost 15 years now, and i love Song Hye-kyo as an actress, so i say this with a breaking heart.

  2. It was a very depressing series. I can’t believe I watched this all the way to ep 15. I defended her up to this series, but I can’t anymore. Absolutely no expression,feelings, nothing. Same character as The Encounter. Granted tha this plot sucked from the beginning, a person who loves but decides she can’t love. Bead, very bad. She would have to chose something completely different, a Bad and Crazy or My Name kind of series to shake off her horrible image as an actress

  3. I was expecting more from the lead actress but her acting got boring, reminds me of the series she did with Park Bo Gum “Encounter”…we need to see something different in terms of acting.

  4. My take is, we watch this shows to he entertained, especially if the stars are your favorite, as a fan, I always watch SHK shows many times, if along the way in her shows I learned something about life or she gets an award that is a bonus. As I said I watch her to be entertained in any form, I like the way she acts her character, if there are flaws, that’s the directors’ department.

  5. Absolutely agree!! The drama’s highlights were not of the lead characters, but that of the amazing characters of the second lead actors that portrayed Hwang Chi-sook, Seok Do-Hoon and CEO Hwang. They were the highlight of the story and had the best character development. If not for them and other supporting cast characters like Ko Gwang Soo, Hwang Chi Hyung and Jeong So Young. The young couple should have had more screen time as their love/hate relationship was more interesting than that of the lead characters. The storyline was not thought of very well. Sadly, it could have been better. It’s ending was too underwhelming and boring. The reasons to break up was just not strong enough and made both of them too pathetic. It could have been a great drama if both of them had the guts to fight for their love and careers at the same time. The drama also had too many supporting role stories that were given too much screen time and made the drama dragging. I wish it didn’t end the way it did. It was too open ended without any character development coming from the parents of the lead characters. The brattiness of Young Eun’s mother and the snobbishness of Jae Guk’s mother remained the same until the end. Only the father made a good character development in the end. Mi Sook’s pity party and martyrdom was too much to bear. I always wanted to fast forward the scenes. The only good out of her marriage was the change of heart of her husband. His was definitely a good character development. There were too many annoying and insignificant characters in the drama. I felt like I wasted time and money in watching it. I was really hoping for a better ending.

  6. I agree with almost every word. My input will be – terrible acting (or lack of) especially hers, horrible script, non existing director, obvious lack
    of chemistry (time to shy away from much younger male lead actors), depressing and gloomy, and to top it all a very open ended conclusion to their relationship while e v e r y b o d y else got a happy ending! ( Not including his step mother and vengeful ex fiance). Truthfully, at this stage I couldn’t care less, since I was wondering all along why are they even in love…They were the most boring, passionless couple in the history of KDdama…

  7. I have almost given up watching it at the episode 12 and watched only the last scene of episode 16.It was soo boring and has a very weak plot.Same conversations repeatedly and characters are not progressing.I wander why Song Hye Kyo selected such a drama to work with.Really disappointed.

  8. Yeah. The vibe of this drama actually is like that of Encounter. And i stopped watching at ep 14. But hey, we cant put all the blame on hye kyo’s acting since she’s been in the industry for quite sometime. Her acting style is extremes. Full house she’se quirky and jolly the next she’s flat lined dying in the winter kdrama. i hope she’l dip into other genres nextime.

  9. I like Song Hye Kyo second to Son Ye Jin. Pretty and a good actress. I was discussing with friends of how boring the drama was and we stopped watching after the 4th episode.. Maybe I am too old fashioned or maybe I am just plain old. But why does Song Hye Kyo loves to pair with much, much younger men ? Then she turns around and acts stiff and cold which really magnifies the age difference. Too bad they are two good looking people but the the difference in age is too big that I could not imagine them kissing or just being lovey-lovey. It grosses me out. Like a mother kissing her son.

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