Netflix’s “The Bequeathed” Ending Explained

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Netflix has unveiled its newest Kdrama, The Bequeathed, let us go over the finale and explain the ending!

The Bequeathed episode 6 recap

The episode begins with Choi Sung-Jun and Park Sang-Min visiting the Village Chief to ask him about the old woman who came to the funeral of Yoon Seo-Ha’s uncle. He points them to her house. The police show up there and find shrines and more scary objects, its an unlivable situation.

Meanwhile, the old woman, Myung Hee, has kidnapped Yoon Seo-Ha and is about to kill her, when she wakes up she’s shocked. Myung Hee explains she’s her aunt and that Kim Young-Ho is her son, Seo-Ha is hella confused at first until she realizes it was incest.

Her father and his sister, Myung Hee, had romantic relations and it led to the birth of Kim Young-Ho. When we see flashbacks from the past, we find out how hard Myung Hee’s father tried to get rid of her by marrying her off but it didn’t work and how the brother, who is Seo-Ha’s father, refused to let Myung Hee kill herself and promised to protect her.

Myung Hee claims the love they had for each other was pure. Seo-Ha calls her crazy.

Meanwhile, Mr. choi kidnapped Young-Ho and he wants to burn him alive, at the same time, Seo Ha tells the aunt her son is in danger, thus, she makes Seo Ha call Mr. Choi and ask him where he is. The panicked mother takes Seo Ha hostage to that place.

Police were also investigating Seo Ha and discover she is not in her car and something is up. Choi Sung-Jun tries to call her but the aunt rejects the call, he then sends a threatening message and she answers the phone. He pretends to be one of the guys who kidnapped her son and she receives the address again. Police soon follows.  

The old man who is burying the bodies tells him he must burn both together or it’ll take more days for their bodies to fully become ashes. Thus, they wait for Seo Ha’s arrival, once both the women arrives, Seo Ha is struck by her head and left there. The kidnappers bring her there and burry both of them inside the furnace.

The mother, who has the rifle, then sees this and burns their car and begins shooting at them. Situation escalates when police arrives and the kidnappers decide to just burn the three of them inside the building.

Young Ho and Seo Ha are trapped and the mother begins helplessly trying to free them, Seo Ha escapes barely and sees the mother struggling to pull her son out, she then helps her pull him out and they drag him out of the burning building.

Police sirens surround the place and Park Sang-Min gets shot in his legs again while pursuing Mr. Choi who now has the rifle. He’s then surrounded and surrenders.

Choi Sung-Jun sees his partner shot, he tells him his legs now are like this because Mr. Choi shot him so he should go and save the women. He goes there and sees the aunt noticed how everything just came crashing down and she’ll be caught for the murders, so she runs back into the burning building and dies while her son watches her crying.

A while later

Seo Ha now has a studio, she opened a new one. One day, Choi Sung-Jun shows up and gives her a slightly burned picture of her father, her aunt and their son. He also reveals he’s quit the force. When he asks about what she plans on doing with the burial ground, she says she is not selling it after all of that and how its been passed down through generations. She also reveals she’s not keeping in touch with her half brother but not avoiding him either.

Choi Sung-Jun goes to prison to visit his son, he asks about how he’s been doing and tells him he’s quit and will come by often.

Seo Ha goes to the burial site where her father and her aunts will be buried, when one man is burying Myung hee’s remains, he asks how they’re related, she says, ‘they’re family.’

Seo Ha looks on from the site as the men finish the job.

The end.

The Bequeathed ending explained- FAQ

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