Netflix’s “Sweet Home 2” Ending Explained- When Is Season 3 Releasing?

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Netflix has unveiled the 2nd season of its popular drama “Sweet Home” earlier today, let us recap the finale and explain the ending!

“Sweet Home 2” episode 8 recap

Chief Ji takes Seung Wan somewhere and dupes him, she ends up dumping him because she knows he’s showing symptoms.

Meanwhile, one of the soldiers asks for Tak In-Hwan, Tak In-Hwan can tell someone messed with the electricity. He finds a ring there, so he goes to question Chief Ji, they also get her daughter. Chief Ji acts like she doesn’t know anything about it selling out her daughter, her daughter gets taken away.

Dr. Lim is still resting with the centipede and talking to it while everything is collapsing.

Sergeant Kim and his fellow solider are still searching for their friend, they stumble upon a kid and rescue her, they ask if she’s seen a soldier like them so she takes them to the place where he’s held captive.

Yi-Kyung is dying of monoxide poisoning, she doesn’t have much time left and they cannot save her. They decide to just let her die. Hyun Su asks Eun-Yu how everyone has been and she reveals almost all of them have died including Ji-Su.

Eun-Yu asks him about her brother, he says when he seen him, he was fine and he didn’t notice anything strange. Hyun Su then goes to get Yi-Kyung’s daughter because her mother’s dying.

After resisting a bit, she comes along.

She sees her mother as she’s taking her last breathe, she says she’s sorry. Shortly after, she leaves the room and tells Hyun Su her mother is fine. The mother is now turning into a monster because of her, half of her is a monster and the other half is resisting that. She begins turning into something black and gets into a scuffle with Hyun Su.

Hyun Su sees her past memories and visions, he ends up tossing her away as he cries. He killed her because she’s turning into a monster.

Chan-Young says goodbye to Eun-Yu who tells him she’s staying by Hyun Su’s side. He now has to go back to his base. He envies her ability to just accept things, they shake hands and part ways.

Seargent Kim and his soldier find Yong Seok. The other one stays by his side while Seargent Kim questions the little girl and asks her to open the door, she says this is where people who show symptoms stay, he knows something is up, so he asks to be taken to the other survivors. She leads the way. They come across a sinister man who asks whats going on. Seargent Kim tells him he’ll take the soldiers, leave and act like nothing happened, he says he cannot allow that. Seargent Kim shoots him and the guy asks the little girl to hold him down, she’s also a monster.

Meanwhile, Sang-Wook returns to Dr. Lim and he follows him, curious about his identity. He leads him to the place where MH-1 test subject is. Dr. Lim asks who he is and

Hyun Su wakes up after losing consciousness, Eun-Yu notices its not the Hyun Su she knows. She asks where he is, he tells her he’s tired and he can’t have him die on him. she asks for him back, he says ‘would you be okay with a weak Hyun Su?’ she says yes.

He gets close and in her face, she asks him with a shaken voice ‘what are you doing?’ he stares at her and asks back, ‘what should we do?’

Back at where Dr. Lim and Sang-Wook are, Sang-Wook aims at the test subject and destroys the vessel he’s in. the water gushes out and the test subject falls to the ground. Dr. Lim is shaken. Sang-Wook says, ‘I really wanted to show you this, what did you call me? Test subject one? Or your friend Sang Won. I was worried you’d be dead.’ He shows his face as Dr. Lim is heavily breathing and shocked.

Back at where the green apartments used to be, the embryo spits out another person, the person walks out naked among monster who do not dare to touch him. turns out, its Eun-Hyeok. HE’S ALIVE.  

The end.

“Sweet Home 2” ending explained- Frequently asked questions

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