Netflix’s “D.P. 2” Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review

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Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated 2nd season of the hit “D.P.” Let us talk about the drama’s ending and its finale.

Netflix’s “D.P. 2” episode 6 recap

Park Sung Woo brings in An Jun Ho to the man in charge, he checks the USB he destroyed and finds out that its not the same one. He hid the original one in another USB and hid it somewhere else.

After that, the entire team is put under investigation and their quarters are being searched.

Ho Yeol then arranges a meeting with Ku Ja Woon, he threatens him with a recording of one of his bad deeds and forces him to cancel Jun Ho’s arrest warrant.

In a vehicle, Jun Ho is being transported but he asked Park Sung woo if he’s been handcuffed before, he then breaks them off, strangles him, and escapes the car.

Park Beom Gu meets with Shin Woo Suk sister and she confirms Jun Ho was the person who gave the lighter to her brother that he used to commit suicide.

Ho Yeol then is called and is asked to search for Jun Ho who now escaped, the situation changed and he’s in danger, his safety is first so he must be retrieved.

At the court, Seo Eun faces Ku Ja-Woon who tells her she’ll lose and she better be prepared for the consequences of her actions, he also says he’s made sure her defendant cannot speak, he gets dragged away from her apologizing.

Then, her husband Ku Ja-Woon decides to testify. In the court, they go back and forth arguing about whose responsibility is the death of one solider who didn’t get help immediately.

Meanwhile, Ho Yeol catches up to Jun Ho but Park Sung woo is also there, he beats the living crap out of him, he agitates him even more saying he’s doing this because he feels guilty about the death of their solider. Jun ho also apologizes but Park Sung woo is having none of it.

Then, Ho Yeol takes him out. He scolds Jun Ho for what he did. Jun Ho says he doesn’t have the USB and they also get into a fight.

Eventually, Ho Yeol tells Jun Ho that Park Beom-Gu will take the fall.

We get a flashback that says Park Beom-Gu and Shin Woo-Suk’s sister agreed to use them to distract the army and retrieve the USB alone. Park Beom-Gu shows up at the court and hands in the USB. Its accepted as evidence.

The court rules that they accepted the plaintiff claim to compensation against the state, however, in regards to other cases as more evidence is needed, the ruling is delayed. Basically, it’s a tie.

Park Beom-Gu is arrested at the scene for leaking classified documents. Jun Ho and Ho Yeol meet him outside and cry seeing him in handcuffs. Jun Ho feels especially bad for what happened and how he took the blame.

Some time later

Park Beom-Gu is in prison. Jun Ho, Lim Ji-Seob and Ho Yeol visit him. we find out that Lim Ji-Seob got reinstated to his position too. When Lim Ji-Seob and Park Beom-Gu are left to talk, Lim Ji-Seob thanks him and tells him he’s learned a lot from him.

Jun Ho and Ho Yeol are at a bus station, they are about to say goodbye as Ho Yeol is now discharged, but Jun Ho wants to see him, Ho Yeol doesn’t want that and rejects the notion of meeting up with people he met from the military.

As they part ways, Jun Ho calls him Hyung, and Ho Yeol says, ‘see you later.’

Jun Ho takes the bus back home, on his way, he sees Hwang Jang-Soo [cameo by Shin Seung-Ho], Hwang Jang-Soo is floored.

Jun Ho has a lot on his mind as he travels back to his base.

The epilogue

Jun Ho returned to his base, he then is greeted by Cho Suk-Bong, turns out his bullet injury only scratched his head, he has a huge scar now but he’s fine, he recovered from his coma, he says hi.

Jun Ho looks at him and he’s about to choke in tears, he says hi back too.

The end.

Netflix’s “D.P. 2” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Did Netflix’s “D.P. 2” have a happy ending?

Not really, it’s a bittersweet ending. Park Beom-Gu takes the fall for Jun Ho and is jailed for leaking classified documents. Jun Ho is unsure about his future and is still sad, but he does begin to feel a bit better when he sees Cho Suk-Bong is doing fine and out of the hospital.

How does Netflix’s “D.P. 2” end?

The finale scene of the drama shows Jun Ho traveling back to his base in a bus. He says he met many people in the military, will they remember him? will he remember them? He wonders that.

Why was Park Beom-Gu arrested?

 He was the one who handed the USB with the classified documents that exposes the military corruption to the court, thus, he’s in serious trouble and will likely serve jail time for this, he took the fall for Jun Ho who deserted and decided to expose it all.

Is “D.P.2” season 3 coming soon?

Judging by the ending of “D.P.2,” some fans believe the drama is hinting at a 3rd season. As of this writing, Netflix has not yet confirmed or denied this.

Netflix’s “D.P. 2” episode 6- initial thoughts

Wow! Oh Wow! In short, another amazing drama, but there is more to it.

This season feels a bit more disjointed in certain areas, as if we’re missing some additional context, I think one more episode would’ve taken care of that. Its just too interesting to just end with 6 episodes, I think one more would have sufficed.

In terms of performances, everyone was just simply amazing. I don’t know where to begin with the praising. I loved everyone and I loved the cameo appearances by many of the 1st season.

Was it worth the wait?

I’d say but a somber yes.

I think some people might feel frustrated with D.P. 2 ending, I know I am, but I can’t complain much because it makes a lot of sense…. It resembles reality and you can’t really argue with the ending.

It’s a somber ending but governments usually do not tolerate people who leak classified documents even if it’s the best thing you could do to the people. You will be punished, and sometimes, severely for that.

The idea of Jun Ho being the final deserter in this season was chef kiss, simply the best plot twist.

The speech Lim Ji-Seob gave about the government role in all of this brought tears to my eyes. He’s so right for this, the government wants you to serve it and the people, but the moment you retaliate against horrible injustice, suddenly, it’s a YOU problem and they’re not liable for putting you in this situation, facilitating bullying and hazing, and you just have to take it. And you can’t complain.

Guess what? When people are pushed to their limits, they can do horrible things… who would’ve thought.

Again, that does not justify Na Joong-Seok’s crimes but I can see why he’d be pushed to this situation.

And what hurts is you know, you know that it can’t fixed, you can’t have that ‘nice’ ending because the entire body of the military is at fault and soldiers will continue to bully and do worse to the newer soldiers, an overhaul of the entire system and an intense re-evaluation is needed for this to end. But who would want to take it this far? Its like punching water at this point.

Its hopeless.

I liked the ending in terms of writing, but I did not feel happy watching the events unfold, it was a stressful intense experience watching this 2nd season.

Man, I could lose my sh*t if I keep writing.

This hints at a possible 3rd season and I think it might get there, I just hope we don’t wait for too long.

Have you guys seen “D.P. 2” ending yet? Did you like or not?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Bullying and corruption are the plagues of our times. They costs so much in energy, resources, time, opportunity a d human wellbeing that they seriously hinder our development and prosperity.

    It is world wide, in all cultures and countries and is detrime tal to all of us.

    I am hoping for Season 3 of this wonderful, thought-provoking series. I don’t know Korean so I read English subtitles. I would love to visit The Republic of Korea sometime. I am learning the Hanguel alphabet now.

    Australian Fan of KDrama.

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