“My Demon” Ending Explained- Did Gu Won Return To Do Hee?

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SBS’s drama “My Demon” has wrapped up its run earlier today, let us take a look at the finale and explain the ending! was it a happy one?

Let us find out!

“My Demon” episode 16 recap

The episodes begins with Gu Won sacrificing himself for Do Hee, when she wakes up covered in blood, she sees him disappear before her eyes, she cries helplessly but he’s gone.

Noh Suk-Min is arrested by police and Do Hee shuts off because of Gu Won’s disappearance. Its around Christmas time and DO Hee is hospitalized because she’s not taking care of herself after his death, she goes down to the lobby to see people signing carols and such.

After walking alone in the streets without shoes, the next day she decides to go back to work and dresses up. She goes to the place where they had met in the past and wishes for him to return, suddenly, the waves stop, and it’s a repeat of what happened. He shows up before her again, she asks if she’s in hell or dreaming but he says its neither, he returned.


Gu Won goes to see Noh Suk-Nyeo who explains to him that she lost their bet they had made. She says miracles happened and since she lost the bet they had made despite the fact he didn’t trust her much, she agreed to bring him back to her.

Despite Christmas being over, the couple decorates the tree and Do Hee asks Gu Won to talk about the plan he made with her father. He explains as they were heading to the hospital, her mother was about to give birth, the father tried to do his best to get her somewhere but everything was chaos, suddenly, Gu Won shows up and offers him a deal.

He didn’t tell her the truth because he didn’t want to confuse her and he believes he made her miserable, she disagrees with him and says he’s her happiness too. The couple kiss.

when Noh Su-Ahn finds out that Do Hee might become the CEO, she panics and goes with her kids to appeal to her and apologize, Do Hee does not budge and she goes away. Do Hee then goes to visit Suk-Min in prison, she tells him Gu Won is back and he only destroyed himself, he is agitated and begins to scream.

When he goes back to his cell, he sees his mother before him and screams for her to stop showing up.

Kim Se-Ra decides to move away and Jin Ga-Young also is leaving for the Uk, but as she stops by a place she knows a young girl abused by her father comes along. She helps her and goes to the police station with her. She decides not to leave as she has unfinished business here.

Do Hee meets with Kim Se-Ra who decided to open a center for child victims of domestic violence and won’t overlook it anymore. Secretary Shin Da-Jeong then makes the announcement to her team that she’s dating Park Bok-Gyu.

4 months later

Gu Won is working hard and only signing with horrible people these days. In the meantime, Ju Seok-Hoon was appointed the CEO of Mirae Group, Do Hee didn’t want it handed to her by Madam Ju.

Do Hee is told the death sentence for Suk-Min will be upheld and he won’t leave jail, and she’s also told that Madam Ju had cancer in its late stages around the time she pestered her to get married.

Do Hee and Gu Won are living happily but always bicker and fight, despite them fighting Gu Won is unable to let go and always makes up with her. Do Hee goes to work and after the work day is over, she tells everyone to go home.

Do Hee rushes to Gu Won who is waiting for her at a park and says in voice over, ‘we’re each other’s destroyers and saviors.’ the couple kisses.

the end.

“My Demon” ending explained- FAQ

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