“Mr. Queen” Ending Explained- Episode 20 Recap And Review

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tvN’s “Mr. Queen” has concluded its run after 20 episodes. The hit tvN drama is one of the network’s most successful projects to date.

All of us were both excited and anxious about “Mr. Queen” ending since some Korean historical dramas can have sad endings, but fear not, “Mr. Queen” has ended on a happy note and I am here to share a quick recap and my thoughts on it as well.

Note: the below recap is the highlighted recap, not the detailed recap.

The quick recap


Jwa Geun searches through a cart but our couple turns out to be in another one, and they safely exit it. The couple kiss before they begin their takedown. The king walks in to his room and finds his eunuch cleaning it up. Both the king and queen change their outfits and swing into action taking down the guards.

Meanwhile, the new child King is bowing in the coronation room. Jwa Geun, the Grandmother Queen, and a couple other people are there watching. As they attempt to complete it, they find out that the royal stamp has been stolen; the queen had previously met Kim Hwan before and told him to steal it to delay the ceremony from getting completed.

Jwa Geun is alerted that things are going bad outside so he leaves with his sword. The queen and the king walk their way to the huge hall but the assassin Jwa Geun planted is there to shoot the king, the queen sees him and blocks the shot, after she gets shot, the assassin shoots the king too, they both fall to the ground. Meanwhile, the king two friends have escaped the prison and hunt down the assassin, they kill him.


The queen is in severe pain, she sees the king besides her but begins to sense that she’s going back, Bong Hwan wakes up at the hospital and immediately flees police, he runs to a bookstore to see if the history has changed and if the king survived.


Back to Joseon

So Yong is back into her body and immediately gets up to check on Cheoljong, turns out both had bullet proof vests and its what helped them survive. Jwa Geun walks outside and attempts to kill the king, So Yong stabs him and the king gets up. They have a heated battle and the king ends up the winner, but instead of killing him, he spares his life so he could pay for his crimes and live in humiliation.


Cheoljong goes to check on So Yong, she says she’s ok and he must hurry and go to the hall. He goes there all bloodied and dirty, he slams the stamp and tells the little kid to step out.

After the ordeal is over, Cheoljong goes to see So Yong, she lost some blood and the doctor tells him that if they can’t stop the bleeding she’ll die and that tonight is crucial, Cheoljong cries about not being able to do anything for her.

The next day, she wakes up, she is ok and has survived the worst, her baby is also okay. Meanwhile, Grand Queen Dowager is upset about how everything’s over. Her maid runs in to tell her the king has ordered to put her in the west building, she screams and asks how dare her do that. She is also barred from leaving her room.


The queen enters her room with grace. The two have an intense dialogue and the queen tells her she has banned her to the west building and now she’s the one in charge of the internal affairs, So Yong adds that her reign is over and change is here, Grand Queen Dowager vents in frustration saying that she can’t erase such long history.

Meanwhile, guards are sent to Queen Dowager’s room she will be punished for spreading false rumors about the queen and the king, she will also be banned to the west building. She denies it, but the maid who helped her out turns on her and rats on her.


Meanwhile, at the politics room, the politicians who plotted against the king are sentenced to become slaves, they attempt to deny it but get lectured by the king on their sins and the wrongdoings they committed. Later, they walk the shameful road while the people throw garbage at them, Jwa Geun receives poop water to his face.


So Yong visits Byong In’s tomb. She recalls what he’s said to her before his death, she cries her eyes out.


At the palace

So Yong is more pregnant, she is standing at the lake and see the carved message Bong Hwan left, she asks whether he’s ok. Later, her father greets her and she finds out that his life was spared when the coup happened; the people protected his house because he had donated to them upon her instructions. So Yong tells him to do only good deeds from now on and they laugh.

At the kitchen

The chef is cooking, court lady choi shows up, she asks what he’s making, he explains he’s making ramen, she wants to join him. He holds her and tells her, ‘it’ll be done soon.’


Royal guard Hong is working in his office when he gets interrupted by Hwan who reveals the king offered him a position and he wants to become an ambassador, he puts on weird glasses. He sees the king come in and comes to the conclusion that he must be a woman; he still doesn’t realize Cheoljong is the king.

At the market

Yang Pyung is waiting for Hwa Jin in the street; they have a chat and hint at things going to become rosy with them.

In the future


Bong Hwan is almost in tears finding out that everything has went well with the queen and the king; he’s interrupted by the police. As he runs away, he finds out that they’re protecting him.

Apparently, his past fall incident circumstances has changed. During the day his ordeal happened, he was about to make out with a woman, he talks about fixing CCTV since someone keeps messing with them.

Later, when he’s confronted by Mr. Han, he is scolding him for releasing the CCTV and incriminating him, they end up throwing him to the lake.


In the bookstore, Bong Hwan looks up the king and queen names and find out they’re regarded as some of the best to have ever ruled and they contributed a lot to South Korea.

Later, Mr. Han and his assistant are both arrested. Bong Hwan is wearing a suit talking about justice and how there will always be good people to counter the evil.

In the Joseon era


The queen says she will allow the court maids to get married if they’re over 18 and no one under 10 can join the palace anymore. She then talks about wanting to see the king, they miss each other, they meet at the lake and happily hug.

the end

So there you have it guys, what did you think of “Mr. Queen” ending? did you like it?

The review


I am not gonna lie, I was afraid we weren’t going to see Bong Hwan at the end, but I am happy we did.

I think “Mr. Queen” ending was a well-crafted one; there was a good balance between what remained interesting and what needed to be resolved. I’d say it’s one of the cutest historical dramas endings I’ve ever seen.

The time slip part and how Bong Hwan returned but the future world wasn’t even remotely explained aside from how his fate changed, it’s hard to explain on the writer’s part and I honestly wasn’t expecting a logical explanation.

It’s the premise used to make this historical drama interesting so I won’t dwell on what it meant or begin to ask too many questions. I understand it’s a plot device and I appreciate the thought above all, this wouldn’t be my conclusion had it been a time slip drama for real that focused on going between the back and the present.


Although… I do have one question…. Will the king continue to love the queen the same? What he fell in love with was her unique character which is no longer there, that would’ve been interesting to explore but I also understand how they wrapped it up.

I’ve seen mostly happy comments from fans and I agree with the way it ended. Some talked about how much they would’ve loved to see Bong Hwan say goodbye to everyone but as you may already know what brings him back was a near death experience, so it wasn’t like the screenwriters could time the death to the reunion of everyone. I am glad they didn’t force it.

“Mr. Queen” was a unique historical drama in the sense that it stuck to its humorous part for as long as it could, sometimes the humor overstayed its welcome, but for the most part, “Mr. Queen” was lots of fun and had solid gags.

I still have issues with the run time of “Mr. Queen” and I’ll discuss it more in details in my review of the drama [it will posted later to the blog], but even if the drama went on for too long, it was still unique and fun. For those who were invested in it, it was probably worth every minute of their time.

Everyone has done an amazing job in “Mr. Queen.” I would like to thank the cast and crew of the fun drama, they’ve done so well and I am so happy for them.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I liked that it ended happily in that no one else we loved died, but I feel the same as you do – what Cheoljong fell in love with was the feisty and unpredictable qualities of his queen. In every scene I replay in my mind where he clearly becomes more intrigued, it’s always the antics of BH that draw him to him/her. Even though Bamboo Forest tried to set up the premise that they loved each other before the possession, all I got was a feeling of familiarity between the two. I get they tried to have the queen pick up some of BH’s habits, but the king touching the Queen’s Dictionary and asking excitedly at the end if she had another surprise in store for him made me think that he will always miss the queen he loved so much. Lastly, I thought it was a bit of a jip that BH did all the grunt work in straightening out SY’s life that she so casually threw away while she hid (her words and so aptly chosen) and came out only at the end. Now CJ and SY will go on to have a run-of-the-mill relationship with no more “uh oh” moments and verbal sparring. I console myself with the fact that in this part of CJ’s life as king, it’s what’s needed. The fires of youth tamped down as he deals with the politics – So Yong being a better partner for his endeavors as she’s more practical and diplomatic. A slightly better ending than Scarlet Heart Ryeo. ML didn’t end up with the true love of his life, but at least he didn’t marry his sister…so there’s that. LOL

  2. I thought the swearing was a clever way to show us that the queen retained (and enjoyed) some of the habits she learned from BH. They also mentioned that she had changed from the way she was before the wedding, so I think there is enough BH left in the queen’s personality to give the king a run for his money! My question is–will she remember how to cook?
    I thoroughly enjoyed this drama, one of the best I’ve seen, and they kept us guessing until the very end and gave me the happy ending I needed, so all’s well in Joseon. Thank you, show!

  3. Hi!

    I was thinking that maybe So Yong and Bong Hwan did swap briefly and Bong Hwan only turned the footage in because So Yong’s righteousness ruled over his body. I also believe that Secretary Han pushed BH (and BH went into a vegetative state), around the same time that the Grand Queen exorcised SY (and the SY went into a vegetative state also). When SY gained consciousness, both SY and BH’s spirit lived in SY’s body. This is why the romance blossomed in SY’s family house.
    This also explains:
    – how SY and his father had the same simultaneous speaking moment as the one in the last episode
    – why BH kept saying that SY’s body kept betraying him
    – how SY retained some of BH’s traits (and hopefully his cooking skills too)

    Thus, it was really just SY who loved king CJ and BH only felt a sense of responsibility for the people at the palace because of the injustice he wanted to eradicate the family he found in CJ, Hong Yeon, and Lady Choi that he wanted to protect.

  4. What bothers me the most is the episode where the king said that when he had nightmares, it felt like he was from the future and he needs to change something… I kept thinking who was the old man that looks like a king which appeared in his nightmares

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