“Missing: The Other Side 2” Ending Explained- Is Season 3 Coming Soon?

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Missing: The Other Side 2” has ended its run today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Did they find Captain Kang’s body? Who killed her?

We find out that Ms. Kang was killed by her ship-mate Jong yoon who came to police to admit to killing her because of insurance money. He had gotten into gambling and thought killing her would resolve his issues.

He said his wife began seeing her and having hallucinations so he came to confess and get the death sentence. She gets told that she was killed. She cries her eyes out.

Did Il Yong wake up from the coma?

Yes, he managed to wake up but Mr. Noh found him and forced him to admit where the drugs were, so they took him there, he almost gets killed.

Our team takes them down and police show up, he escapes narrowly. He begins to remember things bit by bit and moves in with them for a little while before turning himself in.

Did il Yong go to jail? Why?

Yes, he ended up turning himself in along with the ring that had evidence of Mr. Noh’s crimes, since he worked for organized crimes, he could not get off with a suspended sentence.

He is serving jail time.

Did Mr. Noh go to jail?

The police end up catching him trying to escape via the airport. He gets arrested and while being transported to jail, he breaks out and escapes on foot to a dangerous area.

Was Jung Young-Jin’s body found? Who killed him?

Yes, it was. He ends up revealing his son killed him. The police go to his house searching for a specific notebook with his father’s blood, they find it on a library shelf and after they peel the shelf, they find a refrigerator with his father’s body. He’s arrested and Jung Young-Jin is freed.

Why can Kim Wook And Pan Seok see missing dead people still?

Its hinted that the reason is the pleas of the missing people. Pan Seok sees his daughter in a dream and talks to her. He is still happy to help the squad find missing people.

Kim Wook also dreams of the amusement park again and of that merry-go-round. He asks il Yong about it visiting him in jail but he doesn’t provide an answer.

The screenwriter basically says its a combination of their own will and the pleas of the missing people to be found, its also hinted that Jong A can now see them too.

why didn’t Captain Kang disappear despite the team finding her body?

Ms. Kang’s body was desecrated since Jong yoon’s wife found her leg stuck in a net and disregarded it to the sea, so technically, not all of her body was found. Its presumed that this is the reason why Ms. Kang never managed to leave despite them theoretically finding her body.

Missing: The Other Side 2 ending- frequently asked questions

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