“Melting Me Softly” Episode 16 Recap – Did Ji Chang Wook And Won Jin Ah Get Their Happy Ending?

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tvN drama “Melting Me Softly” has aired its last episode on November 17. Due to the cliffhanger on episode 15, many fans had been wondering if the cast did get their happy ending.

This is a quick short recap of “Melting Me Softly” final episode, episode 16.

Due to the guilt he feels, Ma Dong Chan decides to move into Ko Mi Ran family home and stay there until Ko Mi Ran wakes up.

The doctors concluded that since they froze a person with hypothermia, they have to re-start everything.

Before leaving overseas, Na Ha Young ask the reporter to keep the hotline open because they haven’t been able to catch the culprit yet.

Hwang Byeong Sim calls his ex-wife and asks for her help. He was suspended from the University for pursuing a female student with personal intentions, he keeps insisting he’s innocent and that he was chasing after Ko Mi Ran, he asks her to tell them that she’s not a student but she refuses to help him out.

Police officer Baek Young Tak gets a phone call, he is told Terry Kim has been found and will be captured. He quickly runs out to capture him. Meanwhile, Professor Hwang moves out of Ko Mi Ran’s home to a place closer to the lab so he can focus on the task ahead of him.

-three years later-

Three years have passed and Ko Mi Ran still hasn’t woken up yet. Ma Dong Chan is still staying at her parents’ house and has grown accustomed to being around them.

Na Ha Young also gets back from the US and finds out that President Kim Hong Seok of TBO has been dismissed. He’s been dismissed because of the low viewership ratings of the channel programs.

Hwang Byeong Sim had opened a psychological counseling center but his business is not doing well because he’s not cut for it, he has an altercation with a client while counseling them.

After three years, Hwang Ji Hoon has been to the military and came back.

Son Hyun Ki was placed in the programming and tech team; he was also stripped from his chief title.

Jeon Su Kyeong settled her alimony with her ex Baek Young Tak and they’re having a goodbye lunch. It seems that he has feelings for her again, Ma Dong Chan also seems to be trying to push for them to get back together, however, Jeon Su Kyeong is against that idea.

Ko Mi Ran’s mother realizes that they might be burdening Ma Dong Chan because he’s staying with them, she tries to convince him to leave but he assures her he’s fine and wants to stay with them.

Ma Dong Chan old brother is preparing for his thesis, he also started composing, they’re working on their new home they plan to move into after construction is done.

The doctors tell Ma Dong Chan that Ko Mi Ran has to go under surgery even after she wakes up and it’ll depend on whether her body can withstand the battle ahead of it.

Ma Dong Chan sees Na Ha Young after she returns, he welcomes her back and she comments that he was offered the chief position but denied it. They wish each other the best of luck.

Ma Dong Chan tells Ko Mi Ran’s parents about the hurdle ahead of them, they agree to wake her up and have her undergo the surgery. The surgery goes well and now they have to wait for her and see if she can wake up. She shows responses but its taking a while to see if her body can withstand it.

Ma Dong Chan continues to feel guilt, Ko Mi Ran’s parents once again try to make him leave the house after seeing how much he’s suffering but he refuses again. He drops by the hospital whenever he can to see if she wakes up.

Not too long after that, Ma Dong Chan gets the feeling that she’s getting better, he drives to the hospital and alerts the doctors, when they arrive they finally notice that her body temperature has risen and went back to normal, it’s a good hint because it means she’s recovering well.

Its Christmas time, Ma Dong Chan is in Jeju island working on a project with his team when her parents get the call, Ko Mi Ran has finally woke up. They rush to her side and alert Ma Dong Chan who rushes to her side too. They meet under the snow, talk about how much they missed each other and hug.

It’s been some time, Ko Mi Ran gets back to work and receives a promotion but is being scolded by Ma Dong Chan for her poor proposal, he tells her to pick up the slack unless she wants to get demoted.

He later apologizes to her in the rest area telling her that he should be strict with her in front of others. She tells him she needs a change due to the drastic changes she went through, he agrees.

Ko Mi Ran then pays a visit to Ma Dong Chan’s family house, she surprises them and says she doesn’t want to get married right away, she wants to go abroad and study and get her masters, she tells him it’ll take her five years, he frets about it and refuses to let her go saying he waited for her for so long and wants to get married.

When he drives her back home, he hands her a couple of books of diaries he wrote while she was frozen, she reads them and gets emotional. The next day she tells him she decided to stay, she doesn’t want to stay apart from him any longer.

Ma Dong Chan tells her that he doesn’t mind it and doesn’t want to restrict her, he tells her to follow her dreams. He gets a message from his niece; she suggested they open a YouTube channel together while they’re abroad.

They decide to do it, they leave TBO and travel abroad to the US, they open their own YouTube channel that found great success. They lived a happily ever after.

What do you think of “Melting Me Softly” ending? Do you like it?

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