“May I Help You?” Episode 16 Recap- Finale And Ending Explained

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“May I Help You?” has ended its run last night, here is a recap of its finale episode [episode 16].

“May I Help You?” Episode 16 Recap

The episode begins with Dong Joo speaking on the phone to her father, she asks him to quit and that they should live together again. He hangs up the phone and lets his employer know.

However, a flower pot falls from an aerial ladder truck platform and he jumps in to help a pregnant woman blocking it from hitting her, he dies on the spot.

Dong Joo does not take the news very well. She cries a lot. A lot of her friends and family are by her side helping her out during such difficult time. She decides to be the person who sees off her father in that room.

She speaks to him and cries a lot begging him not to leave, he comforts her with words and tells her to be strong, he also expresses his love for her and how happy she’s born this special and he got the chance to see her one last time.

The story of her father makes headlines and people praise him a lot. Many send their condolences.

The first half of the finale focuses on saying goodbye to him. After the funeral and burial, she comes by the house and also cries remembering the happy memories. Vincent and Priest Michael drop by to be there for her. Tae Hee is also there for her comforting her every step of the way.

On another day, one person calls Vincent saying he had seen his project and would like to invest in it, he ends up cutting his hair and wearing a suit to secure the meeting. He ends up opening a company with the name they had been using.

Dong Joo ends up working at a different part of the funeral service but she finds it a bit boring.

Tae Hee goes back to the hospital and resumes his work as a doctor.

Im Il-Seob also indirectly admits his feelings to Yoon So-Ra who was about to ask him out on a date.

Seo Hae-An gets arrested for drunk driving and trying to conceal the crime, he will spend time in jail and has to pay for damages caused to the family.

Dong Joo meets Im Il-Seob at her job and tells him its boring so he suggests she goes back to doing what she’s always done.

Through narration by Priest Michael we discover that Dong Joo oversaw the funerals of the people who were involved in the fire that happened on the day she was born, from everyone who contributed a bit to help people escape the fire. Its also then revealed that Tae Hee had been with her mother at the time of the fire.

All of the stories of the drama ties in with the last episode as its revealed how each one is connected to Dong Joo and Tae Hee.

What did you think of “May I Help You?” ending? Did you like it?

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