“Marry My Husband” Ending Explained- Finale Recap And Review

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The hit drama “Marry My Husband” has come to an end, let us take a look at the finale and explain the ending! 

“Marry My Husband” episode 16 recap 

 Yu Ra is called in for prosecution but she gets out as soon as her assistant comes in. She’s upset for being held and for people crossing the line. 

At the parking lot, she meets Chairman Yoo who tells her to stop what she’s doing, and then go to Africa, she refuses and tells him off. When she gets out, she’s confronted by Ji Hyeok who brings out Su Min’s parents who get arrested and are willing to rat her out. She gets arrested again.

Ju Ran is recovering from surgery and she’s surrounded by her loved ones, she thanks Ji Won again for giving her a 2nd chance. She also has now the chance to even claim parenteral rights in the divorce. 

At the company, Eun Ho comes to see Hee Yeon and he can tell she’s distant, she says its true and she touches his ear, she then holds his hands and confesses she likes him. 

At a dinner later, Eun Ho, Hee Yeon, Ji Won and Ji Hyeok as well as Ju Ran and MR. Lee are all gathered to celebrate her well being and have a good time. 

Su Min buys a thinner and goes to Ji Won’s place to set it on fire, but Ji Won caught it on tape and she confesses to murdering Min Han as well, she then tackles Su Min and police shows up, it turns out they set this up knowing she’ll be there to finish her off. 

After that, Ji Hyeok takes a shower and the heart tattoo goes away. He tells Ji Won about it. In the meantime, Yu Ra is told she’s now on a travel ban and must leave the country, she fires her assistant and takes the car, she drives recklessly and ends up dying in a car crash taking Ji Hyeok’s fate. 

Things are now great at work and even Mr. Kim apologizes to Ji Won for poaching her project.

On another day, Ji Won takes Ji Hyeok to the same place they first met and slept on that grass together. She proposed to him, he walksa way and then comes back with flowers and a ring, he proposed back to her. 

Su Min is in denial in jail and continues to tell people how Ji Won is not a good friend but she is to her. She dreams of Min Hwan and loses her mind when she finds out that Ji Won is getting married to him. 

The couple marry in a beautiful ceremony and Hee Yeon catches the bouquet. 

In 2016

Ji Won launches a foundation to help artists and such, carrying out her duties now as the wife of a chaebol. Later, they have boys twin, and raise them the best they can.

Then, they also have a daughter. On the date in April of 2023, they take the kids to their grandpa and Hee Yeon and visit the art gallery where the artist they helped shine. Ji Won cries happy tears saying she’s happy right now. 

The two are holding hands tightly. 

The end.

“Marry My Husband” ending explained- FAQ

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