“Mad Dog” Episode 1 Review And Recap

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Who else was excited about “Mad Dog” premiere? I know I was!

“Mad Dog” has an interesting cast and a great plot line to go with.

“Mad Dog” went up against “While You Were Asleep” and “Hospital Ship” and rated a good 5.5% for its first episode.

This is way better than any of us I believe had anticipated. It took over the timeslot previously occupied by “Manhole.” “Manhole” ended in last place with 1.8%.

In a way, “Mad Dog” is under a lot of pressure, so far so good! The ratings aren’t half bad considering the fact that its going up against two giant dramas with popular leads.

But does the drama live up to expectations? In a short answer. YES!

The drama is what I had expected it to be, a team of investigators who use ‘illegal’ ways to catch some very very bad people who exploit poor good people.

That is exactly what “Mad Dog” is, and Woo Doo Hwan’s character captured my heart, I was in love with his character even before I saw the first episode, his good looks alone are enough.

In case you didn’t already know, I am in love with Woo Doo Hwan. Its probably my 50th time falling in love with a Korean actor that doesn’t know I exist, that’s okay! I am okay! (not really!)

His looks alone are… how can I explain without typing in some weird incomprehensible words that only true fangirls would understand?

I went in not knowing that Woo Doo Hwan was not going to be initially working with the “Mad Dog” team which was a pleasant surprise.

Instead, he’s your quirky office worker who’s hiding more underneath.

The team features the deadly boss played by Yoo Ji Tae, who as always puts on an amazing performance. He’s a pro and chooses good script, so duh!


Everyone else on the team is in character, they’re immersed and I like it. I liked the CGI scene, it was nicely done and had the quality of a movie, I appreciate the effort exerted by the production team.

You have your typical computer genius that’s also a socially awkward individual. Your kick ass female lead and your supportive male lead that isn’t the brightest but is good with his hands and has a kind heart opposite to the exterior.

The drama reminds me of OCN’s “30 Task Force” a lot, it has a similar storyline to it. “30 Task Force” was very enjoyable back in 2016, “Mad Dog” is equally enjoyable.

The savvy male lead that often clashes with the other superior (often older) male lead (who also had a dark or sad past). Its all there, I’m checking everything off my list.

This drama is still very enjoyable, there isn’t wasn’t a moment I was peeking at the clock, which is nice for a change. I was invested in the drama to understand the twist and the backstab that was about to take place.

Kim Min Joon is far too entertaining and talented to be ignored. He does bad in order to get what he wants. He is always a step ahead of everyone else around him, similar to Seo In Guk’s character in “30 Task Force”.

I liked the scene when they tried to prove him wrong and failed miserably at it; instead they started bringing in older cases of the architect to ‘somehow’ convince him that he’s guilty.

The final reveal was very interesting to witness; I wanted to see how talented and savvy our lead man truly was.

Woo Doo Hwan must win an award for any of his dramas this year. He is an excellent actor not only that but an actor who can completely steal the spotlight from all those around him.

I’ve seen it happen in “Save Me,” he stole the spotlight from Taecyeon, and he’s doing the same thing again with Yoo Ji Tae. Its gonna be a fun ride with the crew to witness the ups and downs they have to go through in order to reach a middle ground.

I bet Min Joon is going to give everyone a hard time, I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to see more of the cases they’ll handle and the corruption they’ll unravel with each episode.


I am going to be honest with you here, “Mad Dog” is more than capable of picking up a fight with While You Were Asleep” and “Hospital Ship.”

I am just praying that the 2nd episodes ratings picks up. This is also a good drama. The weakest plot of the 3 has been and will always be of “Hospital Ship,” but since Koreans can be very unpredictable and their taste differs from ours, I am trying to be not too optimistic about the ratings outcome of the 2nd episode.

You can keep up with all the news of “Mad Dog,” and its ratings progress by clicking here.

The drama is entertaining and fun to watch. It does have many similarities to “30 Task Force,” but its far too early to deem it an exact copy, the writers are doing a good job so far.

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“Hey look! even the bad guy of the first episode is the same!

There is one nit-pick I would like to address but its not regarding its plot.

I don’t like Hwa Young… As a person I find her aura quite annoying, there is something clearly wrong about her.

I was first introduced to her back in 2014, in her debut project, “Ex-girlfriend Club,” she is a good actress and can pull off the slightly sexy slutty image quiet well, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like her!

Fast forward to 2017 I found out she was a member of T-ara and read about the whole controversy. As a kdrama watcher and reviewer, I can’t be like “of.. I hate this girl… so I hate this drama…”

I know I must get past this and I am trying, but her mere appearance annoys the shit out of me. I didn’t like her before I knew of the mess she caused, still not fond of her after everything that happened.

Regardless, she is a good actress whether I like it or not. I respect her talent, and will continue to watch the drama despite the fact that she has a lot of scenes in them…

Its just a thought I wanted to share, unrelated to the drama directly, but its also something that’s always bugged me ever since she started showing up in kdramas I watch.

So what did you guys think of “Mad Dog” premiere? Did you like it? Did it live up to your expectations?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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